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PRISONER'S VOICE 30.06.2003 10:21
Bound & Gagged by free

Anarchist and political prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers has been sent to the hole for 120 days due to a letter he sent to the Earth First! Journal.

Bound and Gagged
by Jeffrey Luers, #13797671, OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310.

On June 13, 2003 my cell was rushed by four guards. I was immediately placed in handcuffs and taken to the hole. My offense: I had written a letter to the Earth First! Journal. This 'offense' had been under investigation for 3 weeks as part of a greater confidential investigation of me, I am unsure if this is a ODOC [ed-Oregon Department of Corrections] investigation or a criminal investigation. However, based on the following, I believe it is an investigation into my 'alleged' role in the Earth Liberation Front.


ANTI-OPPRESSION 30.06.2003 10:16
For the past few weeks Iranian students and people from all over Iran have been standing up against the Oppressive Islamic Republic of Iran and demanding democracy and freedom! In a country where protesting is not allowed, this is one of the bravest acts and struggle for freedom. Iran's prosecutor general, Abdolnabi Namazi finally admitted after lying about it that over 4,000 people have been arrested during just ONE MONTH of violent anti-regime, pro-democracy protests.

On SUNDAY JULY 6, 2003 you can join with thousands of other Iranians both in Iran and in exile along with activists all over the world in protest the fourth anniversary of a July 9, 1999 attacks on Tehran University dormitories by pro-clerical militants. This is also the International day of solidarity and support for all students and people of Iran who are CURRENTLY waging to break free from the oppressive government that has been holding them down since 1979.

commentary from iranians apparently posted to iraq imc (where is iraq imc?)

open posting worldwide journal website


POLICE STATE IN SF 30.06.2003 01:30
QUEERS jailed for joining in Pride Parade
Radical queers brought their critique of the corporatization of the gay pride celebration into the parade Sunday afternoon.

Members of gay shame and other radical queers activists choose to protest the Gay Pride parade for substituting queer community building with corporate sponsorship. The pride parade ignores pressing issues facing members of the queer community, such as homelessness. When they joined the parade, the activists' passion for justice contrasted starkly with conservative mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom's contingent behind them.

The activists peacefully joined the parade at 7th and Market Streets to carry a banner that read, "Queer mutiny - not consumer unity." About twenty protestors marched on the parade route for less than 5 minutes. The protestors dispersed when the police asked them to return to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, six activists were arrested before they were able to leave. They are being held at 850 Bryant Street and may face felony charges. For more info contact: 510/219.3450


FOREST DEFENSE 29.06.2003 23:00
Virtual Hike the Hipo Timber Sale
great grandmother hemlock in unit 4 In the autumn of 2002, the U.S. Forest Service sold a 290-acre timber sale of ancient hemlocks to Dodge Lumber. Hipo, located in the White River Watershed of the Barlow District, is part of the Hilynx project and home to some wolverines.


FARMWORKER'S RIGHTS 29.06.2003 12:01
Annual PCUN march in Salem
PCUN, the Farmworkers and Treeplanters Union of the Northwest will be having their annual march in the capitol this Sunday at 12:30pm. PCUN is one of the few unions left that is led by people of color, does community organizing instead of just negotiations, and isn't attached to the AFL-CIO

1:30 -March from Capitol Mall ( looping through downtown Salem)
2:20 -Rally at the Capitol

For more information or to see how you can help call Samuel Dávila at CAUSA at 503/763-1694 or e-mail at davilasam@yahoo.com For questions about transportation from Portland, call Oregon Farmworker Ministries at 503-990-0611


Report from UC-Davis direct action activist
http://biotechimc.org/images/2003/06/1056.jpg Hello supporters and miscreants, much thanks to everyone who has helped out at and since the action at UC Davis on Tuesday. I was one of them hangin' out in Davis ( http://biotechimc.org/or/2003/06/1055.shtml), the one on the left with glasses. This is my first chance to debrief, so I guess I'll sum it up by saying that we've had a lot of good support from people, a lot of people haven't even heard about the Davis action which is sad, but at least it made the front page of the Davis Enterprise. Not sure what other media it made, cept for some TV the next day. Anyhow, we all know that that is not particularly the point, the corporate media coverage. We're all dealing with bullshit felony charges, and four misdemeanors, but we don't expect any of it to stick. [ Read more ]


LIBERATION THEOLOGY 28.06.2003 17:52
Transcendence and the Lord's Supper
"What is common to us ecumenically - faith in God's good creation, orientation in the disadvantaged, the losers as God's beloved children, discipleship of Christ in a difficult and confusing world and the spirit that helps us - all this is infinitely greater and more important than what separates us in our understanding of the Bible, the sacraments and the office. The separation was long overcome for us in the praxis of faith and action. Liberating theology is not only catholic or protestant." Translated from the German


Sat June 28 - 7pm !! Benefit for A22 (Bush Protest) Lawsuit
cops pepperspraying On August 22, pResident Bush visited Portland, Oregon, and was greeted by thousands of protesters. Forest activists kicked off the day of dissent with a tree-sit in the North Park Blocks. The Portland chapter of the Pacific Green Party held a rally on the Waterfront. Hundreds of police, including many in full riot gear, staked out a nine square block area around the Hilton Hotel where Bush was speaking, giving protesters free reign throughout the rest of downtown where they took the streets, blocked intersections, and made a joyful noise.

In the late afternoon, police declared a state of emergency, and threatened to arrest anyone who did not disperse. Very few people heard these announcements and police did not give the crowd time to comply. The police then turned violent, shooting people with rubber bullets and pepper-spraying many others. Children were among the victims of chemical attacks, including a 10 month old baby.

Lovely Beulahland Benefit for Bush protest lawsuit
Saturday, June 28 @ 7:00 pm
Beulahland - NE 28th, between Couch & Davis
$6 - $20 suggested donation
Age: 21 and over

Come to a benefit for the Bush protest lawsuit! Starting at 7pm, the Portland Indymedia Video about the 2002 Bush Protest will be shown, and Alan Graf will talk about the lawsuit he's pressing against the city for police brutality. Then the ever-kickass Digital Knife and Del Toros will play, hopefully followed by Riot Cop if they're not dead or in Sacramento [why would they be in Sacramento? see here: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/sacramento/] All the proceeds from the benefit will be used to hire experts on pepper spray and police brutality, to pay deposition fees, etc, not to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) attorney pressing the case, nor to the volunteer legal team. [ Read More ] [ Portland Indymedia A22 coverage | Pictures of the Benefit | Alan Graf's site ]


June 27th & 28th: Portland Oregon Social Information Xchange
POSIX 2003The Portland Oregon Social Information Xchange (POSIX) is taking place June 27th and 28th. This is your chance to meet other geeks who are involved with social activism and for activists to learn computer skills for free. What is POSIX? What characterizes POSIX 2003 is our wish to live these three days completely self-organized basing ourselves on our needs. POSIX 2003 is a SELF-ORGANIZED event. There are neither organizers nor users, but only participants. POSIX is taking place at Portland State Univserity in Cramer Hall. [ Read More ] [ http://posix2003.org ]

Friday - Room 53: 7:30pm Join us for the opening POSIX. Get the low down on the coming weekend's events. Come share your hopes and visions for POSIX and meet other partisipants of Portland's first social information eXchange.
Saturday - Rooms 53, 158, and 183
10:00am Creating Powerful Communities in the Information Age
12:00pm Hands On Coverting to Open Source, Building Online Community & Distance Learning Systems, Security & Privacy on the Net
2:00pm Hands On Coverting to Open Source, Streaming audio, Community Wireless and Using a Wireless Network
4:00pm Hands On Coverting to Open Source, Get a Gang! Forming a Network of Techs, Security paradigm's for network organisations.
6:00pm Closing Conversation


Call out for Critical Mass arrestee support
If you witnessed any of Friday's Critical Mass arrests or can offer legal support, please help.

I didn't get a chance to thank those of you who watched me being arrested yesterday near 39th and Belmont. Thank you for offering to watch my bike and thank you for keeping me safe. I really wished that this last ride wasn't going to be about police confrontation and arrests. I really feel that something very important is happening in our city, and despite the current grief and anger, we're going to continue to grow and progress.

I was the one holding up the sign that said "Cars kill more Americans each year than the Vietnam War" on one side and "Cars are the #1 killer of on-duty cops" on the other side. According to my citations, I am being charged with ORS 162.247, the crime of "Interfering with a Police Officer" and ORS 814.070, the violation for "Pedestrian Improper Position on Highway."

If you can lend me any support, pro-bono legal contacts or offer to be a witness at my trial, please contact me. If you have to work, perhaps we can arrainge to prepare an affidavit of your testimony.


VENEZUALAN COUP 28.06.2003 09:19
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Film & Discussion Tonight
The Community Language and Culture Bank is proud to present "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," a powerful documentary depicting the Venezuelan coup of 2002. The film will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session featuring Venezuelan speakers.

On April 12th 2002, the world awoke to the news that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had been removed from office and had been replaced by a new interim government. News reports carried stories of the mayhem in Caracas, where 11 people had been killed in what were alleged to have been bloody street battles between Chavez supporters and an opposition march. Viewers all over the world were led to believe that Chavez had ordered the killings, and had subsequently been forced to resign. What had, in fact, taken place was the first Latin American coup of the 21st century, and probably the world's first media coup.

For more information about the film, visit http://www.chavezthefilm.com

Free and Open to the Public
Saturday, June 28 - 5:00 to 7:30 PM
Pacific NW College of Art - 1241 NW Johnson
(503) 223-4464


POLICE STATE 28.06.2003 00:03
Police Try To Clear Peace Camp
At 8 AM Friday morning, Portland Police Sergeant Jacobellis and Officers Dobson and Dean raided the Portland Peace Encampment confiscating many signs and artwork and all other items. In a clear violation of police guidelines, the Police physically restrained one of the demonstrators who was attempting to gather up his personal and Peace Camp possessions, threatened to arrest the Peace Camper for "Being an Asshole." The Police then refused to give the Peace Camp a Property Receipt, also a violation.

Despite these illegal seizures by police, the Portland Peace Encampment continues. They request donations to replace the seized items, in particular, sign making supplies.


CRITICAL MASS 27.06.2003 22:55
Crtitical Memorial
It is important that we feel this tragedy as a community. It is important that we share the sense of loss. It is important that we not forget all the lives affected. This is my message but my hope is that from this communal sharing of our loss and through dialogue we will strengthen and build our community so that we can speak together and gain the social recognition and merit the same social standards for protection as drivers of automobiles read more >>

Today was my first ride with Critical Mass, and what an important ride to be on with the tragedy from this past week and as a fellow cyclist. The ride itself minus the ignorant, uptight, over bearing cops, was awesome, to be riding up Hawthorne and seeing the mass of bicycles riding up hill, then on Belmont from 30th Avenue to 39th we took the entire 9 blocks! YEA bikes.

I was holding sign, that was created by a fellow shifter, stating, "CYCLIST, KILLED HERE, by CAR!" and I felt a sense of community, a sense of grief and a sense of a bunch of GREAT love for the people surrounding me. We held a minute of silence, as I got tears in my eyes... read more >>

critical mass ride by with heavy police presence in air and on land...There's a copter been circling over my house for the last 20 minutes or so. Sitting outside I thought it was odd, figured something was going on to warrant it. After a while, I noticed underneath the copter while sitting outside about 10 people on bikes, maybe 15, ride by with a cop on a motorbike. Then trailing behind was at least 8 cops on bikes. I figured it was critical mass.

This is what our city government has become, it's obviously some twisted game. The beatings, the shootings, chaining protesters to parking meters and macing them in the face. This is completely insane. The sow of a mayor sends her piglets out in mass only to annoy, disrupt, kill and otherwise harm. All while they can't keep drunks from killing people on the streets. read more>>


PRISONER SUPPORT 27.06.2003 19:54
RedRed Update from Sacramento!
As many of you know, RedRed has been charged with a felony for elledgedly breaking a window during the USDA/WTO meeting protests in Sacramento. At court Friday morning she motioned for delay to gather evidence. Her next date is July 2nd. Strangely this window was not broken until Tuesday, 2 days after her arrest for the crime(hmm). Sounds to me like someone in Homeland Security is attempting to save their job and use any means neccessary to justify the amount of money spent on surveilance. Infiltraitors, line taps, marked feds, and cops were everywhere. 7 million was spent just on training. I can just imagine the equipment costs....


PRISONER SUPPORT 27.06.2003 14:18
On Free's Placement in "The Hole"
The following is the report that has been released by the STG Manager at OSP, explaining why political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers has been sent to the Hole. Solidarity with "Free" is needed now more than ever. For more info on "Free" visit www.freefreenow.org or www.breakthechains.net


3 Forest Activists have been charged with felonies in Sac and need your help
<img src=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/267010.jpg
" align="right" class="imageright">Sacramento Anti-GE protests: 3 Forest Activists have been charged with felonies and need your help after a Lockdown at UC-Davis Life Sciences building to bring attention to Genetically Engineered Tree Research!!

During the Sacramento Ministerial protests on June 24, 2003, three comrades locked down inside the Life Sciences Building on the University of California-Davis campus where research on genetically engineered trees takes place. They have been taken into custody and are being charged with Felony Conspiracy, Failure to Disperse, Resisting Arrest, and Disturbing the Peace. All 3 have refused to give their names and are being held on $10,000 bail each at the Yolo County Jail. They are desperately in need of financial assistance and moral support.

For more information, please contact: Cascadia Forest Defenders 541-684-8977;  forestdefenders@tao.ca


27.06.2003 09:23
No Justice in Thessaloniki
U.S. protester from Vermont falsely arrested and beaten in Thessaloniki during E.U. Summit protests. Released on bail, then re-arrested for deporation. On Saturday, June 22, during the protests surrounding the E.U. summit in Thessaloniki, Greece, Jonathan 'Slug' Crowell was arrested while peacefully walking with friends to a Greek Social Forum concert.

Upon arrival at the station, those arreested were forced to walk past a long line of police baying for blood. They formed a gauntlet with police on either side of the arrested. The arrestees were forced to walk through this gauntlet and were kicked and beaten with police batons.


NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE, AS USUAL... 26.06.2003 22:27
Kendra James killers will be "disciplined"
NPR just announced that Portland's fascist police chief Kroker has stated that he will "discipline" the officers who murdered Kendra James.

Apparently, Kroker plans to issue lengthy suspensions to the officers involved in the killing of Kendra James.

....For clarification, that means that the officers will NOT be fired.


CRITICAL MASS 26.06.2003 22:06
Critical Mass, Friday June 27, 5:30 PM, North Park Blocks. Be There!
By: Bicyclists United for Rights to the Road It's Summer! A Great Time to Bicycle in Portland!

/icon/2002/10/229126.jpgCritical Mass is the vanguard of the cyclists' rights movement. Absurdly oppressive and illegal police responses to Critical Mass in the past few months have succeeded in keeping turnout low. If y'all stop coming, the police have won! Within the last week, three cyclists have been murdered by motorists in Portland and a fourth is in the hospital in critical condition. Portland bicyclists--please turn out for this months' ride and show your support for your fallen comrades and your right to ride safely on our public streets! read more>>

COMMENTS: Bike Question for Non-conformists:
Bike Rules? What's the truth? Where can I find a list of laws about what I can and can't do in the city? ~ What's the final word on where the ride starts from? Is it North Park Blocks or the Waterfront? Or are there two rides this time? It seems like we should all be together on this one. read more>>


26.06.2003 13:56
Blumenauer wants to hear from us!
Earl Blumenauer will be holding a brew ha ha this weekend. He thinks he wants to hear from us about Portland Politics...he may run for Mayor...


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