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True Account of Monday 23 Battle
. . . after the march turned south on 10th it wound up on the west lawn of Capitol Park where it had begun, the marchers began sitting in the shade under the trees. it was pretty hot. The crowd seethed with resentment at the overwhelming police state show of force along the parade route. It was clear to me that nothing was over. suddenly i saw a few black bloc anarchists bolt from the capital steps and sprint south towards N Street. this sudden action instantly stampeded the resentful crowd, and in seconds 100's of demonstrators were sprinting across the lawn for the N street side of the park. i dropped my bike and ran for it.


Sleeping Bag Givaway in Front of City Hall
/icon/2002/10/229126.jpgMembers of Crossroads, a homeless people's organization located in downtown Portland, distributed dozens of sleeping bags to people experiencing homelessness in front of City Hall on Wednesday morning as part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness about the needs of Portland's homeless and the city's anti-camping ordinance. About 100 persons attended the event for the chance to pick up a needed sleeping bag.

After this was "agenda item" was over, city council went on to other business.... On the "consent agenda" a pay raise for the mayor and city council was voted in. The mayor currently makes over $100,000 a year, and the city council members each make around $85,000. This means that the raise for vera will be over $2000 a year, and around $1600 for council people.

Street Car Expansion, costing at least 74 million was also passed.


MUTUAL AID 25.06.2003 23:47
We need help! What happened on the ill fated NW Rage bus....
The NW Rage bus from Portland to Sacto broke down mid way and the organizers and riders of the bus must pay large sums of money for the mini vans that we had to rent to transport 40 dedicated activists from here to the protest...
To do so we are organizing a benifit show....


LOCAL HAPPENINGS 25.06.2003 23:40
Some Local Portland Events This Week

Thursday June 26 Bush's Faith Based Travelling Roadshow (Code Pink says registration is FREE!)

June 27th-July 2nd - CASCADIA SUMMER Women's/ Trans Action Camp Calling all people born and raised as women - or identifying as women - to get back to their ecological roots and come into their political power. The world's ecology - our ultimate community - is being cut down. We will teach you the skills that helped save Eagle Creek, and we invite you to bring causes, skills, and passions of your own.(503)241-4879

Fri. June 27th- EUGENE 7 to 9 p.m. Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee free public forum

June 27th & 28th -PDX the Portland Oregon Social Information Xchange This is your chance to meet other geeks who are involved with social activism and for activists to learn computer skills for free. organize@posix2003.org



June 20-29 - BLUE MOUNTAINS Wilderness Week of Events in Eastern Washington & the Kettle Range Rendezvous

BARK updates: - MT. HOOD

  • Friday, June 27 - 8 a.m. Roadless Area Threatened: Salmonberry 5 to be Auctioned!
  • Art Show "Groundtruth" June 10-29, Oregon College of Art & Craft (the # 20 line stops right at the front door of the school. The gallery is open daily, from 10am to 5pm.
  • Canvass for Bark: Earn Money Saving Our Forests!
  • Networkable Computer Needed, Right Away!

Mon. June 30th-PDX 7pm-9pm, Community Action Forum on Loss of Rights under the Patriot Act First Unitarian Church, 12th and SW Salmon. The first hour includes a panel of expert speakers including ACLU representative from Eugene, where a resolution against the Patriot Act was passed. The second hour will be a dicussion with interested elected officials and community members about possible actions. There will be child care and separate children's discussion groups. There is a $1-$5 donation, no one turned away. For more info: 503-274-2720

Wed July 2 Mutual Aid Benefit for the Break The Chains Conference in August. Indy Video Collective movies 7-8:30, followed by 3 bands. pdxaca@ziplip.com

Thursday July 3 Pdx Universal Health Care March noon from Terry Shrunk Plaza, concluding at Se. Smith's office, (World Trade Center) where his staff will receive petitions asking for national health care.



Activists bid farewell to Sacramento Police
Despite the fact that both the WTO Conference and its attendant protests are winding down and folks are all going home, police helicopters continue to fly over the Mobilization Welcome Center every few minutes. In response, a group of young people arranged themselves into this "Circle A" shape in the parking lot to send a farewell message to the police. We'd like to think we cracked a smile up in that agitating machine. See ya later, Sacto PD!


PRISONER SUPPORT 25.06.2003 16:44
Statement From Red Red
Many of you may know Red Red, she is a portland activist that is currently incarcerated in Sacto on felony charges related to the WTO protest!

This is a statement by Red Red, 6/24/03 (as transcribed by the Sac Legal Collective) "I want to say thank you so very much to the people who came out today in solidarity during my court appearance. When my lawyer Doug told me about people chanting, "Free Red Red," my heart swelled and you all should know that you shut down Sacramento county jail for two hours. We were locked down and no ones court case was able to be heard. I was in a cell with five women who might get their freedom because time ran out on their arraignment. They send their love.

My charges were also dropped. Unfortunately, the Sacramento police are determined to nail me and I was re-arrested before I even left my cell. The courts have nothing but the pigs want blood. But with the support of my comrades and lawyers they will only get a headache."


PRISONER SUPPORT 25.06.2003 15:33
Public Statement From Lindsay Parme- Jailed Animal Activist and Grand Jury Resistor
Lindsay Parme, a California animal rights activist, has been imprisoned since her arrest by FBI agents on June 12, 2003. Lindsay was arrested for defying a New Jersey judge's order to appear before a Grand Jury--currently one of at least six Grand Juries investigating the animal rights movement.


BIKE TRAGEDY 25.06.2003 12:28
Drunk driver kills two (so far) cyclists on 39th & Belmont
i found orion on the sidewalk about 10 feet from my driveway. i bike a lot on belmont and i'm also 27. i bet orion and friends were just out enjoying the semi-warm summer night. it's usually so peaceful to bike in this neighborhood at night. i can relate to some of this experience. belmont is a wide street where i live... plenty of room for bikes and cars. there's no sense in the horible thing.

it was orion friend's screaming that woke me up... the driver somehow missed hitting him... and i bet he (the friend) saw the whole thing unfold. the tone in his voice was so f*cking sad. i can't imagine his anguish right now.

i can tell you that orion was unconscious almost immediately. another neighbor reported felling a pulse but i can't confirm this, i didn't check myself... but within 30 seconds of the collision orion was gone. i really wish we would tried to communicate with him more, but it happened so fast... and he just wasn't responding to anything.

i know a girl was hit and killed also, and another girl [ Caroline Julia Buchalter ] had bad injuries... i wasn't close to them, but from actions of the EMTs i believe the first girl died immediately also.

orion and friend (i don't know her name)[Angela Leazenby] died in front of the immortal piano company. i hope this has an immortal impact on the biking community in portland, the city traffic planners, the bars who serve booze, and the drivers who carelessly wheeled two tons of steal to haul their fat asses around town.

Press Conference meeting at 3:45 today, wednesday to address "Building a bike presence at the BTA press conference to address cyclists' deaths in SE." It is going to be held at the Bicycle Repair Collective, 4438 SE Belmont St, Portland


VANDANA SHIVA 25.06.2003 12:15
Vandana Shiva on Community Television
Vandana Shiva was an opening Keynote Speaker for the 21st annual Public Interest Environmental Land, Air and Water Conference in Eugene in March of 2003. A lively, informative and entertaining presentation. She spoke for about an hour before a packed house covering many issues, including the patenting of some of the ancient foodstuffs of India.
This program will replay twice on all three Portland Cable Access |channels: channel 22, channel 23, and channel 11, starting tonight, wednesday June 25th. An audio file of this presentation can also be found at: http://www.philosopherseed.org/tv_individual.htm


Sacramento Ministerial: Call the City Manager to Complain About Police Misconduct
The City Manager is responsible for the police. Consider calling to complain about police misconduct that you have heard about or experienced for the benefit of residents and people that have been arrested or assaulted.


COMMUNITY BUILDING 25.06.2003 11:47
ANARCHIST GARDEN AND GLEANING collective- victory garden work party -campout this weekend
Come learn permaculural gardening in a valley in a forest with some anarchists. this weekend.

"so we actually made it out to the mahonia land trust today (sunday), horah! The five of us that came got a nice tour of farmer John's garden/CSA farm which included an overview of how the land trust functions, sights of chickens roosting in fruit trees, pigmi goats for "aggritainment", and even some legal info about the use of composting toilets. We then squared away the apx. 10x20 foot area that will be the home of agg's first winter garden! The first work party has been scheduled for next saturday & sunday (june 28 & 29). The plan is to have motor vehicals depart from both the Back to Back cafe (SE 22nd & Division) and the Star E Rose cafe (NE 26th & Alberta) at 3pm on saturday, and bicyclist leave sometime from south west pdx. We will begin working that afternoon, camp out for the night (fire, food, drums, fun), and continuing work sunday.

By that point we hope to have the space converted into plantable garden beds, trails made, and even have a few things planted." Mark your calendars, and your friends! more soon..."



Sacramento - Lockdown at UC-Davis to protest GE Tree Research
<img src=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/267010.jpg" align="right" class="imageright">
Lockdown at UC Davis Life sciences building to bring attention to GE tree programs. Activists have been charged with felonies and are refusing to give their names.

At about 2:30pm on Tuesday (6/24) forest activists stormed the Life Sciences building at UC Davis where research is conducted on GE trees. Their goal? To bring attention to the Genetically Engineered tree programs taking place at the campus. The five demands are:
1. End to research on GE trees at UC Davis.
2. Full disclosure and acknowledgment of hazards of GE trees.
3. End of Corporate funded Bio-research at University of California
4. Cancel plans to build new Bio-Weapons lab at UC Davis.
5. Full public discussion and full public envolvement in all discussions about potentially hazardous research.

The lockdown occurred in the 4-story stairwell where a sculpture of DNA hangs through the middle if the stairwell. Two activists repelled with climbing equipment from the top of the stairwell and hung next to the sculpture, then u-locked themselves to each other and attached themselves to the sculpture. Another activist u-locked to the railing next to them.


Sacramento WTO Mobilization, Day 4: In defense of food, trees, and each other

Fewer people were protesting in Sacramento on June 24 than on the previous three days, and the police were more demanding, but energy was still high, and solidarity was stronger. The first action of the day was a creative, if somewhat quixotic, convergence on the Convention Center, where WTO delegates were meeting. Protesters danced, sang, decorated the sidewalks, and briefly took the streets. Police struck brutally, splitting the crowd and squeezing it between horses and motorcycles. Eventually, people moved on to the jail to show solidarity for an imprisoned comrade. At least two were arrested en route. Food Not Bombs served at this lively rally, where the protester-to-police ration was 1-to-1+. Afterwards, the crowd was escorted back to the Welcome Center along a police-chosen route from which no one was allowed to stray. Elsewhere, black bloc kids were harrassed but still had fun. Police also seized plastic noisemakers and indymedia flyers from a ten-year old boy (with an IMC press pass) and refused to give them back.


FOREST DEFENSE IN B.C. 25.06.2003 05:51
Two women arrested blockading logging in Walbran Valley
Three grandmothers are blockading Weyerhaeuser's logging trucks today, protesting the company's liquidation of the Upper Walbran Valley's ancient rainforests and the BC government's drive to privatize our public lands through its so-called "Working Forest" initiative.

For more info on forest defense campaigns in B.C. Canada: [ Forest Action Network | Women in The Woods (direct action) |The Walbran Valley (forest monitoring) | BC Pathways (south Vancouver Island forest preservation)]

Also check out www.cascadiasummer.org


Collaboration between portland and biotech imc's
In an effort to promote the biotech imc some important new functionality has been added to portland indymedia. All posts to portland indymedia in either the genetic engineering topic or the sacramento ministerial action will automatically be reposted on the biotech imc site. Expect posts to be transferred within 15-45 minutes (should be much closer to 15 minutes except under heavy posting traffic).


tusedays's breaking news from sacramento on biotechimc.org
This article will be updated to contain an archive of breaking news from sacramento posted to http://www.biotechimc.org for events beginning on tuesday, june 24th (day 4 of actions). Previous archives of breaking news can be found here: day 3 (monday), day 2 (sunday).


HOMELESSNESS 24.06.2003 14:02
Sleeping Bag Giveaway to Protest Anti-camping Ordinance
Members of crossroads, a homeless people's organization, will be distributing sleeping bags to people experiencing homelessness in front of City Hall. This is part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness about Portland's Anti-camping Ordinance.


RESISTANCE AND LOVE 24.06.2003 09:17
Beauty and fear mark Day 3 in Sacramento
Day 3 of the WTO Mobilization in Sacramento was a day filled with beauty and fear, marked by high energy, resistance, and police brutality and intimidation. Activists released from jail that morning from direct action the night before told their stories [ 1 | 2 ] and a call went out for solidarity with those still jailed [ 1 | 2 ]. Cops were everywhere.


Late Night Police Harassment in Sacramento
Monday, June 23, 2003 - Sacramento, CA - At about 11:30pm we received a call saying there was a group of kids being harassed and detained by cops at 10th St and J. Four of us drove over and witnessed the activity with still and video cameras. There were six cops. Officer Justus was in charge.


monday's breaking news from sacramento on biotechimc.org
This article will be updated to contain an archive of breaking news from sacramento posted to http://www.biotechimc.org for events beginning on monday, june 23rd.


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