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FREE FREE NOW! 13.06.2003 12:00
Eugene human rights commission calls for shorter sentence for anarchist Jeff Luers
Jeff This Saturday in Eugene, Oregon festivities will start at Scobert Park (4th and Blair) at 12PM. We will be acting in solidarity with Free, who is currently serving a 22+ year sentence for an action that physically harmed no one! We will gather, speak, march, and celebrate life in a solidarity parade for Free, after three years of his unjust imprisonment.

<p><img src=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/266331.jpg">


HEALTH/TACTICS 13.06.2003 10:51
Black Cross 1st Aid for Protests training in Eugene on Sunday, June 15th
There will be a Black Cross 1st Aid training (8 hour class) this Sunday, June 15th from 9 AM to 6 PM. The training will occur at Growers' Market, 454 Willamette Street in Eugene, Oregon. All are welcome, especially those going to protest the WTO in Sacramento.


NON-VIOLENCE 13.06.2003 01:54
Portland Peace Encampment Condemns The Jessica Kate Williams Murder
The Portland Peace Encampment condemns the violent murder of Jessica Kate Williams in the strongest possible terms. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Jessica Kate Williams. The Portland Peace Encampment stands for non-violence and conflict resolution through dialog and peaceful means both here in Portland and around the world.

James Daniel Nelson, who is one of the suspects in custody for the murder, has never been a member of the Portland Peace Encampment. He has never "camped" nor even spent the night at the Portland Peace Encampment across from City Hall, as reported in the June 12th edition of The Oregonian.

However, we ask anyone with any information concerning this senseless act to contact the Portland Police Bureau at 503-823-0097. We earnestly hope all the killers of Jessica Kate Williams are caught. Peace must begin here and now.


Justice 4 Janitors March: Friday, June 13, Noon
Justice for Janitors Janitors, some of the most disrespected workforce in the city are organzing in a national push to bring dignity and justice into the workplace. We need you to make the portland event big!

Mark your calendars! WE NEED YOU: Friday, June 13, 12 noon. Terry Shrunk Plaza. Support Portland janitors and their drive for a new master contract and to organize the unorganized. Join hundreds of Janitors and Labor Supporters for an exciting march including banners, puppets and theater.

Give the janitors of Portland an hour of your time this Friday and let the city of Portland know how many of us support the struggle of low-wage workers!


CASCADIA SUMMER 13.06.2003 01:06
Women/Trans Action Camp to come and Rock the Trees
woman by tree In the spirit of Judi Bari, and mother earth, we call all those who identify as women, or who were raised as women, to come and join us. Women, genderqueer, and trans folk have been known as property recently enough to know what it is like to have efforts at being one's self can be cut down. We see a similar objectification occurring to the forest. Seeing the forest as we see it, seeing the system of power serving power as we see it, we prefer to become a community that learns how to stand together to assert our reality until it can't be denied.

The forest industry frames it as a jobs-or-trees choice. Yet, every person who currently works in fishing, farming, and forestry (the US Bureau of Labor Statistics groups them that way) would get about $568,000 per year more than they normally do if the timber sale program just stopped, and the tax dollars went to the workers. Taxpayers, not the industry, give the timber sale program $1.3 billion per year. What if the people currently paid to cut down the forest were given a wage sufficient to feed, clothe, school, and care for their families, and had their retirement taken care of, to boot? Can you imagine how many jobs could be made in forest restoration, a job that would use the loggers' considerable skills, and keep their children within their communities?

Come join us in our continuing oddessy of finding power with, instead of apart from or against, one another.....with each other, with the forest, with the earth! If the people in the timber industries want to treat our lives as of equal value to their own, we'll open a space for them too. Until then - we will work with the willing, and build our strength - together. [ Read More ] [ More information: www.cascadiasummer.org or call CFA at (503) 241-4879 ]


SOCIAL JUSTICE 12.06.2003 18:31
Social Worker Rally - Pictures and Audio from June 12th
Social Workers at the County Bldg On the morning of June 12th Portland social workers rallied and County Comissioners met to finalize the 2003-4 Multnomah county budget. Numerous other articles on Portland Indymedia discussed the background of these issues.

At the rally the social workers and their allies were met with numerous honks of approval from motorists driving down Grand Ave. Local TV and radio stations were there interviewing people too.

During the packed meeting City Comissioners sounded supportive but also balked at the concept that they could put pressure on Salem to restore a larger amount of the cuts taking place. Lonnie Roberts, City Comissioner of District 4 said, "Do you know how hard it is for us to influence Salem?" like three or four times. I would personally like to know if our elected officials can't influence the state legislature, then who exactly can? [


Audio mp3's: Outside | Testimony | KBOO report ] [


Video ]


MOVEMENT POLITICS 12.06.2003 13:45
Discussion: Infiltrators, the black bloc, and Sacramento
We are going to have infiltrators. We are going to have folks spy in meetings. It makes sense for whatever groups your targeting to gather information on how you're going to disrupt them. It doesn't matter whether your violent or non violent either. ...if a group is being effective on practically any level there probably going to be documented and infiltrated...

Now read about the recent anti globalization, anti war, anti capitalist demonstrations happening recently. The g8's, IMF/world bank protests, WTO, etc. They have all recently been attacked by infiltrators in the protests. From entire black blocs that were police in Genoa, from just random people starting useless fights in the crowds, etc. It happens. There are undercover cops in protests. We need to realize this. This isn't bullshit mindless propaganda. People have been documenting this crap for years. And yet we still don't have a decent way of dealing with this... [ Read more ] [ Previous discussion on same topic ]


POLITICS | RACE | PLACE 12.06.2003 10:15
Eugene city council reverses itself on MLK Blvd Name
Signs will go up in 30 days on Eugene's new Martin Luther King Jr.Boulevard after the Eugene City Council reversed itself Wednesday and voted 6-2 to rename Centennial Boulevard after the slain civil rights leader. The remarkable turnaround came just two days after the council rejected an NAACP proposal to rename the boulevard for King and one day after outraged black leaders said they had no intention of participating in a committee charged with considering other ways to honor King.


Social Workers say NO to Budget cuts
County Commissioners meeting
Thursday, June 12

501 SE Hawthorne
Rally at 9 a.m., meeting starts at 9:30

cuts that kill On Thursday June 12th, 2003 at 9:30 am County Commissioners will be meeting to finalize the 2003-4 Multnomah County budget. Commissioners have stated that they strongly support the replacement of $100,000 of previously cut funds back into homeless youth services. Hundreds of workers from all parts of the social service industry, concerned citizens, homeless youth, community leaders, and supporters from the Industrial Workers of the World and Portland Survival will be gathering to participate in the meeting's public forum and to hold a rally to demand adequate funding, no job losses, and restored services. Workers welcome the return of partial funding, but are adamant that the County Commissioners are not taking the crisis seriously enough and that $100,000 is just a drop in the bucket.

Workers will be assembling at 8:30am at the Multnomah County building at 501 SE Hawthorne. [ Read More ] [ Thursday Rally at County Commissioners meeting to protest cuts | PortlandSurvivor.org | Monday Town Hall Meeting Avoids the Real Questions: Funding Biotech seems to take precedence... ]


11.06.2003 19:03
Portland Police Beat, Stun and Pepper-Spray Elderly St. Johns
Portland police respond to complaints from city officials who were attempting to serve a warrant to a St. Johns woman with pepper spray, physical intimidation and assault, and the use of a stun gun. Audio story produced for KBOO Community Radio.


COMMUNITY BUILDING 11.06.2003 18:06
The City Repair Project presents Summer Solstice Revue
city repair

Benefit Concert to resurrect the T-Horse
Friday June 20th, 2003 8:00 PM
Red & Black Cafe (SE 22nd & Division: Portland, OR)
Featuring: Samusson & Tomassi and Debra Giannini

The City Repair Project will present the Summer Solstice Revue at 8pm Friday, June 20th at the Red & Black Café, SE 22nd & Division, Portland. The concert is a benefit to support the City Repair Project's famed T-Horse, a mobile teahouse which has served as a key City Repair focus for several years.

City Repair, known for its work in using physical spaces to create community, is adding an audio dimension to its efforts. The Summer Solstice Revue is a participatory live music event that celebrates the Sun's greatest energy in the cycle of the year. Performing at the event are duo Samusson & Tomassi and Debra Giannini.[ Read More ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 11.06.2003 14:23
Report from the Solo Timber Sale
i went to the Cascadia Forest Alliance's action camp at the Solo timber sale at the end of May. Inspired by Cascadia Summer, i've been getting out to the forest as much as possible. i've been learning a lot about the bioregion and its ecosystems, local timber sales, "forest management", wildlife, and the nature of nature itself. Here are some photos and text from what i saw and felt in the forest.

[ Part 1: Survey & Manage | Part 2: The Meadow ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 11.06.2003 14:22
Oregon auctions off Old-Growth from Elliott State Forest
big big old old tree On Wednesday, June 18, the Oregon Department of Forestry auctions off some of the oldest trees left on state forest lands. The Lone Surprise Timber Sale contains dozens of centuries-old trees critically important to the declining Northern Spotted Owl population in the Elliott State Forest. This is in spite of Governor Kulongoski's campaign pledge not to cut old-growth.

The Lone Surprise timber sale (pictured) contains old-growth trees rarely found on the Elliott because, after the 1868 fire, the remaining old-growth was the first to be logged. Recent studies have found that these few remnant old-growth stands are vitally important to the survival of Owls on the Elliott, and recommends they not be logged. None the less, Roseburg Forest Products (541-679-3311) was seen cruising the sale to prepare a bid price. Why is Oregon Department of Forestry selling this forest to be clearcut when even Governor Kulongoski (503-378-3111) promised not to cut old-growth as a campaign pledge.

On the same day, the Larson Headwaters sale will be sold. ODF has rated this sale as "High Hazard for slope stability". The "probability" of a slope failure to enter a stream is rated as "High" and becoming a channelized debris flow is also rated "High". Downstream, Larson Creek still supports endangered salmon. But a NO tree-buffer (zero feet) will be left on the small tributaries flowing into Larson Creek, in spite of the landslide risk and endangered fish downstream. ODF claims cutting old-growth and clearcutting high-landslide-risk slopes in the Elliott is especially good for school children because the Elliott is "common school fund lands". The auctions on June 18 [occured] at 2:00 p.m. at the Coos District Oregon Department of Forestry, 63612 Fifth Road, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420. 541-267-4136 (voice) and 269-2027 (fax). For more information see umpqua-watersheds.org/local/elliott_state_forest.html [ Read More ] [ http://umpqua-watersheds.org ]


Help us Build a Cob Building
cob project A natural building, made of cob, is going up in N Portland and needs some volunteers to help it along. The building is going to be a garden and tool house for the children at the Trillium Charter School and a message to the community that natural building is an alternative to current building methods. This is not only a chance to help put up another natural building in Portland but also a hands on learning experience in working with cob.

I had never heard of cob until I first moved to Portland and still didn't understand what it really was all about until working with it for the first time on this project. First let me define cob. Cob is a building material made of sand, straw and dirt with high clay content. All materials can be found for free which makes building with it very cost effective. It is mixed on a tarp with a little water and your feet to mash it altogether. Then when ready it is thrown on to the foundation and formed into walls. When dry the cob is just about as hard and sturdy as concrete. The cob is mixed in several batches and is a very hands on process, not to mention dirty. When I helped mix my first batch of cob I thought it to be quite strange. But I had a shocking thought come to me while doing this. I couldn't remember the last time I got my feet really dirty. This was shocking to me because I realized that living in the city could really put you in a sterile environment void of natural experiences. Over all I would say that the cob experience has been by far very educational and a bit of a workout. You use some muscles that don't always get such a workout. Oh and how can I forget that I have had so much fun helping construct this building and getting to know the people involved. The reward will be seeing this project finished and saying, "I helped build that". [ Read More ] [ City Repair Project presents Summer Solstice Revue |City Repair Project | What is COB? ]


BUDGET | ACCOUNTABILITY 11.06.2003 12:23
Town Hall Meeting Avoids the Real Questions
Why are we wasting 200 million dollars of state money on corporate welfare for OHSU when people are dying from lack of social services? On Monday a large crowd of concerned citizens met at Grant High School to discuss the state budget crisis with about a dozen state representatives including House and Senate Democratic Leaders Kate Brown and Deborah Kafoury, Senate Ways and Means Co-Chair Kurt Schrader, Senator Avel Gordly, and Representative Jackie Dingfelder. Everyone seemed to agree that social services need to be funded yet there wasn't much in the way of solutions that address the heart of the problem, the misallocation of money we already have.

Senator Schrader presented some pretty modest figures for how much we need to fund basic health and human services, for maintaining environmental protections, etc. The figure he gave for all human services was about $300 million and for environmental protections $8-13 million. He asked the audience for suggestions on how to come up with the money.

One of the only suggestions offered was a well-intentioned but regressive sales tax being promoted by Senator Gordly to try to salvage life-saving programs. Unfortunately our "representatives" seem to have a blind spot about the massive corporate welfare going to OHSU while people are dying from lack of social service funding. The legislature is currently deciding on the second half of 200 million dollars of the tobacco settlement which is slated to be given to OHSU for their biotech venture "The Oregon Opportunity Plan". Compare this figure, approximately $100 million dollars, to Schrader's figures. According to those figures, that money would provide one third of the needed money for all social services. How many lives could this money save? [ Read More ] [ The Heist - History of the Tobacco Settlement Giveaway | Portland Trib article | Eugene Weekly article on corporate welfare: Boondoggle ]


RESISTANCE 10.06.2003 22:50
psychodub Bush's reelection chief coming to Oregon - June 12-15 to speak at the Western States Republican Leadership Conference being held at the Double Tree Hotel Jantzen Beach, 909 N. Hayden Island Dr. This story is running on the Associated Press' newswire right now. Note Kevin Mannix's talk about 'forest thinning' as one of the issues Bush will be emphasizing when he's campaigning in Oregon. Bush's campaign chief is speaking at a Friday luncheon, a great time to demonstrate at the conference.

On Saturday, Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden and White House Environmental Quality chairman James Connaughton will be speaking about how we need to destroy the national forests to save them, and why the public should be left out of the process as much as possible. Forest activists will be gathering outside the Jantzen Beach Double Tree hotel from 8:30 am to around noon or longer on Saturday to expose the fact that Republican forest policy agenda is being driven solely by the timber industry's desire for subsidized trees from public lands, not concerns about forest health or safety from forest fires. [ Read More ] [ Magical Action to Unbind Lady Liberty at GOP Conference: Friday June 13th ]


Is PGE creating an "astroturf" campaign against public power?
PGE's advertising and PR agency, Gard & Gerber, is behind phony grassroots movement. While that doesn't DEFINITIVELY prove that PGE is behind it, I have a hard time thinking of anyone else with enough money to fork out to a high-powered ad agency to do such a thing.


Katz Recall Against Police Violence Picks Up Steam
recall vera dot org The Recall Vera Katz Committee focuses on escalating police violence and the mayor's codependent defense of it, while a competing right-wing recall claims that "Protesters are allowed to shut down the city when the mayor agrees with their views." Uh-huh.

The Recall Vera Katz Committee is continuing to collect signatures on a recall petition to call attention to escalating police violence in Portland, the mayor's failure to stop it, and the need for structural change within the police department. "I'm totally blown away by how eager most people are to sign this petition," said Marvin Moore, the committee's chief petitioner. "The mayor hasn't listened to our calls, letters, and lawsuits. But a recall election just might get her attention." [ Read More ]


POLICE STATE 10.06.2003 02:29
Portland Peace Encampment Raided: Signs and Art declared "Offensive Littering"
The Portland Police and Homeland Security raided the Portland Peace Encampment Monday evening, June 9th. The Portland Police threatened to cite the demonstrators with yet another ordinance, this time "Offensive Littering" for having signs and artwork on the sidewalk. The demonstrators moved their signs, art, etc. into Terry Schrunk Plaza, which is federal property. Homeland Security declined to cite the demonstrators or confiscate anything as long as the demonstrators agreed that they would "voluntarily" move their material if requested.


SOLIDARITY 09.06.2003 20:30
International News
<li></b><a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/06/265896.shtml" target="_blank">G8 - Lausanne Solidarity Declaration: Black Loves Pink, Pink Loves Black</a> 03 June 2003-- dispelling corporate induced divisiveness...</b> <i>In response to press misinformation.....The iron fist of police brutality is still preventing us from piecing together the entire puzzle of events surrounding the Sunday blockades of the G8. And yet, the usual suspects are at it again. In the past 36 hours, some sections of the entertainment industry (also known as the corporate media) have happily jumped into their usual role: a campaign of disinformation, criminalisation and intimidation. This is happening in direct support of the state terrorism being exercised, as we speak, against thousands of people in Lausanne, Geneva and
Annemasse. We are again confronted with a fine fabric of half truths and
more-than-half lies, posing as the 'neutral' and 'objective' account of the G8
blockades...</i>[ <a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/06/265896.shtml" target="_blank">Read More</a> ]

<b><a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/06/266095.shtml" target="_blank">Worker's Struggle In Costa Rica</a></b> -- <i>Over the last three weeks Costa Rica has become another of the many hot spots in the international class struggle. This little country known in the past as the "Central American Switzerland" is awaking from a long period of lethargy. The recent strikes are another step in the process that started with the struggles against the privatisation of the ICE in April and May 2000.
The strike stated on May 16 and has been going on for 21 days now and during which the Costa Rican workers have held important demonstrations on several occasions. The 15,000 workers of the ICE (Costa Rican Electricity Institute) have called mass demonstrations (with 50,000 taking part on June 4 in the capital, San Josť) and together with the teachers they have forced three ministers to resign. The Government crisis is a proof of the strength of this movement.
If this kind of movement is taking place in Costa Rica, it can happen in any other country. What was considered a haven of peace, democracy and stability has shown that that was only a mask that could not be worn for much longer. There is not a single stable regime in the whole of Latin America. The Marxists have explained this idea for a long time. Now it has been vindicated by the masses of Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador... and now even of little Costa Rica. </i>
The events of the last few weeks show that the tide is moving in favour of millions of workers and youth all across Latin America. A few days ago there was a State of Emergency declared in Peru. The response of the masses was immediate against the repression. The masses were chanting in the streets: "The Argentinazo is coming!" [ <a href=" link to www.marxist.com target="_blank">Spanish Original Version</a>]
<b><a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/06/266110.shtml" target="_blank">Excerpt from report by Democratic Voice of Burma,on June 2, 2003</a></b> -- <i><b>"Suu Kyi 'injured in violent protests'</b>
Members of the National League for Democracy [NLD] inside the country and opposition groups abroad said today that the situation regarding the Friday night [30 May] attack on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her entourage was far more serious than the SPDC [State Peace and Development Council] officially acknowledged and that it is likely that hundreds of people died. A person who has carefully investigated the incident told DVB (<a href=" http://www.dvb.no" target="_blank">Democratic Voice of Burma</a>) that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi herself suffered a head injury and that scores of people appear to have died. Following is what this source said: [<a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/06/266110.shtml" target="_blank"> Read More</a> ]


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