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20.01.2006 02:27
Anti-WTO Solidarity Video to Show
As the World Trade Organization met in China last month, the People met in the streets. And, as always, the people of Portland came to the streets in solidarity with people all over the world who are fighting the stark oppression wrought by the "New World Order," and specifically, by the WTO. Aside from a large march that wound through the city, there were several exciting break-away actions, including a building occupation at the Cascade Policy Institute, and a boisterous protest against the oppression of animals at Schumacher Furs.

Street videographers captured much of the action on film, and will be showing a piece at the next VFTR entitled, "Which Side Are You On?" If you were there, come and see, and celebrate the action with us. If you were not, come and see what you missed. Either way, see you there.


20.12.2005 17:36
Kong Yee Sai Mau: The Battle of Hong Kong
We have just returned to the house after being in the Hong Kong streets all afternoon and evening in the most intense street battle that we have ever seen. We are taking turns showering the teargas and pepper spray off as we write this up. Farmers, workers, women's organizations, fisher folk, Hong Kong youth, migrants and other movement people from Korea, across Asia and around the world marched on, broke through several police lines to less than a block from the site of the WTO conference center and laid siege to it until we were dispersed with teargas and mass arrests tonight.

We have heard reports that as many as 900 have been arrested or detained and we just got a cell call from an activist still surrounded in the streets who was had been warned that the police will start to use rubber bullets. Riot police have not been seen en masse on the streets of Hong Kong for some 20 years, and this city will never be the same after tonight.


Stop the WTO Negotiations! Save Jobs!

After ten years under the WTO, unemployment has increased everywhere in the world. The quality of present employment has often fallen. Dirty, dangerous and degrading works have become more common. Many of these jobs are precarious. More and more persons are actually forced into the informal, unprotected and unregulated economy from the formal economy, the destroyed livelihoods of small farmers and subsistence agriculture. In transnational businesses, many employees increasingly find themselves in precarious relations to the businesses for which they produce and no longer work. Their relation is determined by accident.



19.12.2005 23:30
The Political Agenda Of Capitalism
I attended the WTO Teach-In Saturday, December 17, 2005, held at the Koinonia House at Portland State University in downtown Portland. Organizers were thrilled with the turn out and the event met or exceeded all expectations.

After a breakfast supplied by the sponsors of the event, attendees were able to choose from a range of three workshops: the Basics of International Trade and Neo Liberalism; Immigrant Rights in a Liberal World; and Labor and the Corporate Agenda. This was the first of three sets of workshops being offered throughout the day, providing our community an opportunity to gather information and participate in discussions on a wide range of topics concerning global and local economics.

Audio Files: Barbara Dudley

Political Agenda Of Capitalism, REAL PLAYER | MP3



NO WTO HONG KONG 17.12.2005 10:08
Mass protests meet WTO in Hong Kong
The 6th Ministerial Conference of the WTO is taking place from December 13th through 18th in Hong Kong. Negotiations have been continuing on key controversial issues such as agriculture, services, and market access for industrial goods and natural resources. The meeting will shape the final agreement of the Doha Development Agenda, which members hope to complete next year.

What is wrong with the WTO?

Conferences, cultural events, mass mobilizations, and direct actions are being planned for the dates between December 11th and 18th. Organizations that are mobilizing to protest the WTO meeting and corporate globalization, and to present alternative proposals, include peasants and small farmers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. Events: A new media and social transformation conference and workshop will take place in early December. Global Exchange will bring a delegation/reality tour to Hong Kong and parts of China in December.

>>> Latest news: (and more from outside and inside the WTO negotiations).

Saturday December 17th:
(i) Pakistan's Commerce Minister and facilitator Humayun Akhtar Khan has stated "no breakdowns or breakthroughs" had occurred during the WTO talks, although with news circulating that no new agreement may be signed, the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) are now preparing for a "celebratory mass action" tomorrow.
(ii) Big protests are expected, reports say people are confronted with a large police presence. The police are using a lot of pepperspray to try and disperse people.
(iii) Hong Kong Police stopped the protest from approaching the conference center. Teargas and rubber-bullets are used. Some of the protesters are injured. 900 people are besieged in Wanchai near the conference center. Some protestors are charging police lines using metal barricades. No-one has been arrested so far.
(iv) It has been reported that hundreds of protesters from South Korean farmers' groups, have managed to brake through police lines, although were prevented from actually getting inside. Fifty riot police rushed inside the building. They are not allowing anyone out. Smoke could be seen rising from an area near the convention center and policemen could be seen preparing to use tear gas. Read article.
(v) Hong Kong has today been the scene of some very serious clashes between protesters and police. Forty-one people are reported to have been injured in the clashes, five of them police.
Latest video's can be seen here (click on 'live cast'). There is also a live stream.

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Video: Protests on the 15th: 1 | 2 | 3 | Protesters enter conference centre [download].
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Audio: G-20 Challenges WTO in Official Meeting | Hong Kong New Media and Social Transformation Conference | WTO and biodiversity: interview with Simone Lovera (Friends of the Earth) | Openings speech by Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO
Radio: People's Radio Hong Kong | Media Culture Action | Real World Radio | Forum de Radios | Another broadcast

Solidarity actions: Paris | Reading | Germany | Portland (US) | New Delhi | Lahore, Pakistan | Online demonstration | New Zealand

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Dispatches from Hong Kong
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Dispatch 5: Celebrating Resistance Art and Culture at the Peoples Camp
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Dispatch 7: "Toxic Hotspot" - Kerala Activist Challenges Industrial Pollution Exacerbated by Intensive Globalisation and WTO
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Dispatch 10: Hong Kongers hunger strike in support of Korean farmers against the WTO
Dispatch 11: Respect the Rights and Dignity of Our People!
Dispatch 12: WTO Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity at Rural Peoples Tribunal
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Dispatch 14: WTO MC6, Hong Kong, Day 4: "We're Hungry. We're Angry."
Dispatch 15: Agricultural Workers of the World Unite!
View more dispatches here.

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15.12.2005 13:56
First 2 days of action against the WTO in Hong Kong
Some really excellent coverage is coming out of hong kong by independent journalists and activists. As many predicted the WTO will likely fail once again due to pressure exerted by activists on the ministerial. There are some truly excellent first-hand reports being written by people engaged in the events. Here are a few that I enjoyed.

Collection of 20 videos from WTO Hong Kong available on indytorrents.org

I packaged up the videos currently available from http://swtop.blogspot.com covering the first couple of days of WTO protests in Hong Kong as well as some of the events before hand. This includes video from the "No WTO : Stop Collusion between Government & Business" Rally, the "Stop WTO! Mourn for the Dealth!" Action, an interview about the police raid of the Indonesian Migrant Worker's Union (IMWU), video of Korean farmers and their shrine to Lee Kyung-hae, activists entering the conference center, and of course video of police violence (riot porn, though pretty tame by US standards).

NO WTO, Teach-in this Saturday in Portland

Please join over 15 local labor, environmental, and community organizations for a teach-in:
Saturday, December 17
10 am-4 pm
Koinonia House (633 SW Montgomery, Portland).


MEDIA ACTIVISM 12.12.2005 02:56
Portlanders critique media coverage of Dec. 10 events

Well, having read here about the demonstrations and other actions about time here, and only here, I proceeded (as an experiment) to check the local "news" broadcasts, to see what their take was on what was/had happened in Stumptown today. Nothing. Absolutely fucking NOTHING happened in Portland today. So, they had to fill the time with a review of Chronicles of Narnia (Again!), and weather. No interest in those protesting, those arrested, or the reasons for such actions. No "in depth" look at the issues surrounding wearing dead animals to highlight your personal shallowness, or World Trade, or Solidarity. Nothing about the woman who was assaulted by a cop, or the others who were arrested for the crime of being in the area. No fuckin news today.

Does anyone here STILL turn to the corporate infotainment tube to learn the truth of what is happening? It will rot your brain.

Oh, and don't bother telling them, THEY KNOW. I spent hours talking with several "reporters," who readilly admit that they come here to get their news, and sometimes they are able to run some of it past their corporate masters.

additional contributions:

  • In Portland, 2000-2500 people march down the streets of downtown against the WTO, the police officers assault someone, and what does the media cover? The lurking "problem" of prostitution in SE Portland. Wow. And someone jumped off the Sellwood bridge after a police chase. How exciting! 2500 people may have marched downtown, people were arrested trying to stand up for labor rights, and...that's more important?
  • I have double-checked for the impression we have of a corporate news black-out. Google News and Yahoo News searches show NOTHING about the Portland anti-WTO demos or any other local demos in the U.S. EXCEPT that Yahoo News search takes me to the Beta Blog search, which lists Indymedia links, mostly Portland Indymedia! (I tried many combinations like "WTO demonstrations San Francisco" and others.)
  • Another prime example of the lack of journalism is the "coverage" given to yesterday's protests downtown. There was NO mention of any of it on the infotainment shows or so-called 'news' stations. I sent the Indy articles to a friend who was shocked to know that all of that was going on in her city and she was clueless. Needless to say, she will be looking on Indy for news from now on.
  • I was requested to check, and if there was any coverage on any of the channels, to record it for those who were able to be the news. There was NO coverage on any "local" channel. Instead, between inane, and insane attempts to hold the commercials together, we had a review of Narnia, couple of "stories" taken from national infotainment during the week, a lot of giggling, and of course, the obligatory dead hero, home from Iraq story.

[ Local "news?" | On local broadcast media & (lack of) coverage ]
portland indymedia dec 10 coverage


12.12.2005 01:46
Police Riot at Schumachers

After the anti-WTO protest had ended, 40 of us went to go to Schumacher Furs. Some of us had previously been there, and we went back to get more people. We were followed by at least twenty cops. As we arrived at Schumachers Furs, many of us were angry. We screamed at the top of our lungs chants against fur. This was all happening while the Schumacher people were laughing inside and trying to take pictures of us. We became nervous when the riot police came. In a split second the police just randomly started attacking us. Great job mayor Potter, you are now making the police system as bad as it was back in the Vera Katz days, something you promised you would change.

Mostly all of us were dressed in black. We were sick of the amount of profiling that happens during protests, so most all of us were also wearing bandannas. The energy in that crowd was unimaginable, we were quite determined. The police laughed and watched us from a distance as we peacefully assembled. Then, all of a sudden, Officer Lee and his cronies interjected with the protest and told us all to clear a path. We did what he said, but that was just not enough for the pig. We asked him why he cared so much about us having a foot in their property, while here you have a much larger issue when the Schumacher people were giving people death threats. They gave us some bullshit answer, but we knew they were there just to protect the rich. [ read more ]

Mesomorphic Pigs Attack Women, Men, and Children in the Name of Profit

Officer Elmore will soon be resurrecting his role as riot porn star for the Videos from the Resistance. Because, in fact, officer Elmore is a mesomorphic asshole who has too many anger issues to allow him to make a living doing anything other than cop or possibly contract worker in Iraq. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.

I attended the demonstration today, in solidarity with workers across the world. While there, I noticed a roving pod of riot police sticking closely to the black bloc. Officers Cox and Ismail seemed to be loaded for bear from the beginning -- cajoling and insulting people in the crowd. (Usually, the cops seem more like robots than human beings. It's unusual to hear so much nasty conversation from them.)

In any event, officers grew increasingly frustrated by their inability to figure out what the bloc was up to. It looked to me like the yellow-and-black pod had some inkling that something was up, and tried desperately to locate the ever-chimerical "Leader" of the bloc. In and out and around the crowd they wove, but the bloc continually shifted and changed and slipped through their fingers. In the end, they completely failed to notice as the bloc melted out of the crowd and went elsewhere. Where, you ask? [ read more ]


PORTLAND SAYS NO TO THE WTO 11.12.2005 01:42
12.10 PDX Human Rights/WTO rally & pics

About 600-1000 unionist, anti-WTO/FTAA, imagrants-rights, and kids, mothers, anarchists, environmentalists, brothers, daughters, liberals, families, anti-capitalists, farm workers, and cops came to downtown Portland to oppose the WTO, support opposition in Hong Kong, march for union rights, decry the capitalist state and the republican federal government, sing, chant, shuffle, and charge a down-town office building. Some organizers read off of large report cards describing the voting record of state representatives to the US congress on issues of right to organize, immigration, the environment, and fair trade.


Speakers and Photogs from Human Rights Day March and Rally
Today, December 10, 2005, Human Rights Day, the Portland community took to the streets, demonstrating an immense solidarity with labor, the environment and human rights. The message was a resounding NO to the World Trade Organization, who will be meeting next week in Hong Kong, and YES to the rights of workers to organize. he crowd, which, in my estimation eventually topped 1000, gathered at the World Trade Center at SW First and Salmon in downtown Portland, enthusiastically listened to some brief speeches and then marched to various predetermined places in the city for more remarks from labor, environment and social justice speakers.


Brief Report, Photos from Today's March
In what may have been the largest labor or global justice protests in Portland in decades, nearly 3,000 people took to the streets today to say No to the WTO and YES to the right to organize! The day started with a brief rally denouncing the WTO and the corporate trade agenda at Gordon Smith's office, with speeches from PCUN's Ramon Ramirez and others. Despite the cold weather, thousands of people gathered for the rally, then the large crowd took to the streets. The march stopped outside the National Labor Relations Board office, where Stewart Acuff, organizing director of the national AFL-CIO, gave a rowsing speech, urging the crowd to support the right to organize unions.


PLDN Updates: [ PLDN one arrest 5th and Clay/ Dec 10th demo | PLDN Permitted march for dec 10th over PROTEST HAS MOVED 2 more arrests | PLDN, 20 in front of Justice Center, 1 more arrest, woman assaulted by police | Update from Portland Legal Defense Network | Update from Portland Legal Defense Network ]

related stories: [ Local "news?" | Mesomorphic Pigs Attack Women, Men, and Children in the Name of Profit | New Content on PDX IMC Web Radio | Seattle Residents March for Human Rights, Against Imperialist Militarism | Police Riot at Schumachers ]


28.11.2005 09:36
info meeting: Volunteers needed for Dec. 10th WTO Protest
Over 30 organizations have come together to organize what we hope will be a massive rally and march in downtown Portland and a comprehensive teach-in about free trade. The Portland mobilization and march also commemorates International Human Rights Day, and will protest the erosion of workers' right to form unions.

Join a coalition of labor, environmental and community to say "No" to the WTO and "Yes" to the right to organize unions. From December 13-18, the World Trade Organization will meet in Hong Kong to implement anti-labor, anti-environmental, and anti-democratic policies. Widespread opposition has derailed these meetings in Seattle, WA in 1999 and in *Cancun, Mexico in 2003.

Two orientation meetings this week to find out more about the issues, what is being planned, and ways to plug in and volunteer.
Wednesday, November 30th 6:30 PM @ AFSCME Council 75, 6025 E. Burnside, Portland
Thursday, December 1st 6:20 PM - *film screening to follow @ the Clinton Street Theater, 522 SE Clinton St.

Come find out about the:

  • Protest on Saturday, December 10th
  • Teach-in on Saturday, December 17th
  • How you can plug in and volunteer
Comment: The positive alternative So-called "free" trade apologists will always try to put you down, saying that we can't just get rid of the WTO. These corrupt idiots think they can put you down just by asking you what your alternative is. Would you just stop international trade overnight, or what? It's like the opposition to Iraq withdrawal. DON'T LET THEM GIVE YOU THAT CRAP! There IS a positive program for global trade, and it's been on the table (although ignored by corporate media as well as by academia) since Seattle! The name of the alternative is the "Global Sustainable Development Resolution". Here's some good background on this issue from Rep.Peter DeFazio's web site



20.11.2005 05:24
29 Local Groups Endorse Dec 10 Human Rights Day Protest - No to the WTO/Yes to the Right to Organize Unions
Momentum is building for what will be a great protest! If your organization wants to sign on, send an email to info@jwjpdx.org

Find/Post an event in your city | Sign the petition | Inform yourself about International Human Rights Day


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