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SELECTION 2004 02-Nov-2004 16:02

Photos and reports from Multnomah County Elections office in Portland

From the open publishing newswire: 3:49 pm: i really like that we have vote-by-mail here in this part of Cascadia temporarily known as Oregon. i appreciate having lots of time with the ballot to research my choices, discuss them with friends (and otherwise), and fill it out really slowly if i'd like, in the comfort of my own home. But as long as i've lived here, i've never mailed it. i always bike it up to the Multnomah County Elections Office on 10th & Morrison in Portland. i do this for two reasons: a) i want to assure that my ballot arrives safely where it's supposed to go, and b) i enjoy the sense of occasion and excitement of going somewhere in person on sElection Day.

So today i biked up there in the rain with my ballot, and the ballots of my roommates, and i was not disappointed. It was quite a scene up there.

Additional updates & photos: [ 6:35 pm | 6:50 pm | 8:42 pm ]

media criticism 01-Nov-2004 09:44

OPB spreads disinformation about Measure 33

From the open publishing newswire: Colin Fodenvenzil reported on Measure 33 this morning. He talked with supporters and advocates then he interviewed the opposition by talking to head of the Oregon District Attorney's Association (Brad Berry?). The head of the ODAA claimed that if Measure 33 passed, the provisions in the Measure allow sick people to have up to 6Lbs of Marijuana. Then he claimed the federal DEA 6Lbs is enough marijuana for a sick person to smoke 2 joints, 24 hours per day, every day for a year.

Math check = 2 x 24 x 365 = 17,520 joints
Gram check = 28.25 (grams/ounce) x 16 (ounces/LB) x 6 = 2712 grams
2712 grams / 17520 joints = .15 grams / joint or more than 6 joints per gram.


i watched the "stolen honor" video....it made me want to vote for Kerry
I just watched Stolen Honor, and it was ridiculous! If I were an undecided voter, this film would make me want to vote for Kerry. Really old footage of him shows that he at least had a conscience back then! The major premise of the film was that Kerry and others protesting the Vietnam war dragged the war out and made life harder for the servicemen, especially POWs. This is positively absurd. What is better for servicemen than bringing them home to their wives and children?

It goes on to insinuate that POWs were treated even more badly BECAUSE of coverage of war protests.... And that the POWs suffered a brutal blow to their morale from people protesting the war.

oregon elections 31-Oct-2004 12:02

Sign vandalism at the County Elections office

From the open publishing newswire: About 9:30 tonight (saturday oct 30), I saw a man ripping down the large "VOTE HERE" signs from the light poles at the Multnomah County Elections office. He had a stack of 2 or 3 other similar signs, and threw them all into the back of his pickup. I was sitting at the light at SE 11th and Morrison waiting for the light to turn. He pulled away from the curb and stopped at the light at 11th and Belmont where I pulled up behind him.

It was a white Toyota Tundra pickup, license plate YCU 964, with Bush/Cheney stickers and a "I'd rather be RIGHT than Politically Correct" bumpersticker.


alternative media | police / legal 29-Oct-2004 07:22

9 a.m. KBOO interview today with Paul Richmond correcting Tom Potter's record

From the open publishing newswire: Paul Richmond will be talking with Per Fargren on KBOO today, Friday October 29 at 9:00 a.m. PST about Mayoral Candidate Tom Potter's past record, and current campaign. Paul was here in Portland during Potter's reign of terror, and knows the intimate details of how the current militarization of the PPD under Potter's reign, began. He may also share some of the other things he discovered while digging into Portland's inner workings, and exposing them on Cable Access as well as in the publications In Xcess (sp??) and The Portlandian.

This show can be listened to via live-stream by going to www.kboo.fm. Paul can be contacted via email at: paulrichmond_attorney@yahoo.com


OREGON ELECTIONS 27-Oct-2004 17:42

Local community activist Mark Lakeman discusses local election issues/candidates on portland indymedia webradio

From the open publishing newswire: Mark Lakeman, well known for his work in City Repair, who ran for City Commissioner in the Spring primary for Randy Leonard's seat (coming in second), appeared on portland indymedia web radio today to talk about all the local initiatives appearing on the Oregon ballot this cycle. Measures 31-38 were discussed, as well as the Portland Mercury's bizarre (or was it?) endorsement of Francesconi for Mayor.

The results? The group was split on Measures 31-33, but agreed on the following: Yes on 34, No on 35, No on 36, a HUGE No on 37, and No on 38. For Mayor, Potter, and for City Commissioner, Sam Adams.

You can listen to an archive of the show here.


POLITICAL THEORY 25-Oct-2004 12:45

Why I disagree with the post below about not voting

From the open publishing newswire: Sure, let's question the ruling order, but in the mean time, folks should vote against 36, and other harmful ballot measures! I can understand not voting for "representatives" if you don't believe in representative democracy, but what about the more direct democracy of ballot measures, where the people actually do decide on things like putting anti-gay discrimination in the Oregon constitution, or putting caps on punitive damages as the insurance companies would like. Sure, these are not the questions that "proletarian" wants addressed, but they are being put to you.

It's not the best system, but I think folks should at least for (or against) Oregon's ballot measures.

I will try to respect people's decisions to not vote, but I really think it's everyone's duty to at least stand up to discrimination--and one important way to do that right now is by voting against Measure 36. I think I will pretty pissed at folks who talk about "questioning the ruling order" and social justice and self-determination and stuff, but refuse to vote against Measure 36, especially if it passes.

Why I Don't Vote

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government | police / legal 25-Oct-2004 08:45

Potter's Record, Reconsidered

Tom Potter From the open publishing newswire: Mayoral Candidate Tom Potter has positioned himself as a progressive with a vision. Former Portland Police Bureau Chief Tom Potter has cast himself as a populist. He has spoken about his vision for "Community Policing" and how it was lost in recent years to a more militarized model.

The truth is somewhat different. Potter while giving lip service to putting more cops on the street, gave Portland (and much of the Nation) a more militarized model of the police. Under his direction the paramilitary branch of the Portland Police Bureau grew by almost as much as 3000%, and the number of patrol officers shrank in proportion to the population of Portland. Shootings by police were epidemic, and were characterized by unusually large discharges of bullets - the FBI statistics at the time put us at the third highest in the nation.

In addition to this, there was a blatant disregard for the rights of protest. In addition to demonstrations marked by liberal use of sweeps and pepper spray, there were scandals involving illegal infiltration and surveillance of legal peaceful protesters.

NW Laboratory"


government 23-Oct-2004 16:12

Wheelchair Amputee Blocks Entry to Republican Affair, Cops Called

From the open publishing newswire: Ten protesters and 3 children gathered outside a Republican Rossi event this morning at The Academy in Vancouver. Republican Rossi for Governor was billed for 11 a.m. Protesters were called by the Democrat Party to show Chris Gregoire for Governor signs. All did, except mine which read, "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, THINK GREEN PARTY. NO BUll SHit 2004." Although I left the Dems during the 1st 100 days of Clinton's 2nd administration, I got the message probably because I supported D. Kucinich.

A protester read off a list of Rossi's poor record. We visited. One said she voted Green, except for President. I invited her to the Clark County Green Party meetings. After 11:15 a woman came out of the building, and as she did so, she pulled out a Gregoire sign.

I asked her what was happening in there. She said Rossi was speaking at the moment. (The slime slipped in the back/side entrance.) I wanted to see, so I went up to the door. A wheelchair amputee blocked the entrance. I asked him to move twice. Each time there was no response. Then I asked him why he wouldn't move, and he said because I was not a part of "them." I asked him twice if he was a veteran because I cannot understand why a veteran would be Republican. When he again did not answer, I said. "No speech is also freedom of speech. Peace," and walked back to the Dem protesters.



Why we must pass Measure 34

From the open publishing newswire: Measure 34 is critical for the survival of our coastal fisheries and for the continued supply of clean water to 300,000 Oregon Families. Every year, every stream that runs through the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forest is ranked by the Department of Environmental Quality as too warm for the succesful spawning and rearing of wild salmon. Five of Seven of our coastal fisheries have already been reduced to levels that disallow consumption. The number one reason cited by the DEQ for these troubles: the removal of trees and other shade-producing woody vegetation from stream banks.

The current department of forestry plan for these forests leaves only 25-ft no-cut buffer zones along these streams and rivers--less than Washington State and California require on private land--yet the Tillaomok is a public,state forest that is supposed to be managed according to "the greatest permanenent value" of all Oregonians.

These weak protections don't just affect fish, either. Over 300,000 Oregonians, including most of Washington County, recieve their drinking water from the Tillamook State Forest.

Basically, the point of the Measure is to have areas in the forest that are not managed for the purpose of commercial timber production--but instead for other values that Oregonians care deeply about--clean water, salmon habitat, and abundant recreational opportunities.

Yes on 34 Action Page


government 20-Oct-2004 12:22

Observe the Elections Process in SE Portland

From the open publishing newswire: Did you know you can observe the elections process right here in SouthEast Portland? According to mainstream media reports yesterday the Democrats have charged "that Republicans are out to suppress turnout in Oregon, pointing to a nine-page GOP instruction manual that calls on volunteers to show up at ballot drop-off sites at 7:45 p.m. on election night, 15 minutes before the voting deadline, armed with video cameras and cell phones." There could be Republican Election Observers right here is SE Portland at this very minute working to get ballots rejected.

Just show up 1040 SE Morrison St. and tell them you would like to observe the election process.

Repubicans Election Observers in Oregon will use a very strict interpretation of Oregon Election Laws to get as many ballots in Multnomah County Rejected as possible (and thus increase Bush's chances of winning Oregon). They know Multnomah county with it's high population and strong Democratic leaning could cost them Oregon.

They will be down at the Elections Office every day to challenge ballots under ORS 253.700 or 254.415 and making sure elections staff and volunteers strictly follow Oregon election laws. I'm not saying that following the law is a bad thing, just saying that if they are there we should be there too.



Measure 26-64: What effect it will have on People?

From the open publishing newswire: This is so screwed up...im sorry but i am a highschool student...if measure 26-64 were to pass do you know how many kids would be at a loss...at my school alone....like 85% of the kids are enrolled in sports and if it were to pass what would thosse kids have to do...i mean some kids they get up in the morning only so that they can go play that certain sport...also if this measure were to pass we wouldn't have completed our required number of days and therefore would be forced to repeat this year...so if you were a freshman you would come backin the fall as a freshman or a sophomore you would come back as a sophomre...and so on...now i know probably 85-90% of the people in oregon went to high school...yah its fun in all but would you really have wanted to go to go back to high school untill you were like 20 years old....i mean none of us want to be in highschool that long plus there would be no reason for some kids to go to school...


LOCAL ELECTIONS 02-Oct-2004 23:20

My Night at Dignity Village, by Teresa Keane, Pacific Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate

From the open publishing newswire: I spent last night in Dignity Village with Vice Presidential candidate Pat La Marshe. When we arrived, Tim was waiting for us and expressed appreciation that people running for office are interested in homelessness. Dignity Village is an solid example of successful community organizing. The Village members have created representative government that reflects the needs and issues of the community. Some highlights that struck me were: the women in the community are safe and protected; all community members are treated with equality, dignity and respect; the infrastructure is built on recycled products and the people are empowered by their shared determination and success.

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update: [ Keane wins Eastside Democratic Club Endorsement!!! ]

government | human & civil rights 29-Sep-2004 00:52

Recall Secretary of State Bill Bradbury!

From the open publishing newswire: This man's actions against Ralph Nader's ballot campaign, as described in gory detail by Dan Meek recently on Counterpunch, demonstrate a profound contempt for democratic values, regardless of the political motivations that inspired them. Bradbury should be recalled, NOW!


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