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actions & protests | alternative media | police / legal 01-Dec-2009 23:29

Aftermath RNC Riots

From the open publishing newswire: These stories stem from the events that happened at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul, Minnesota. Although these actions took place in the summer of 2008, the repercussions and trials continue. The outcome of the State versus the People of Minnesota is not yet known. The battles fought between independent journalists and police were the catalyst of what it means to be a citizen journalist in America and how mainstream media portrays your message. What happened here and the outcome of the trials are of the utmost social importance.


actions & protests 30-Dec-2008 08:39

Indymedia in the Police State

BY WHAT AUTHORITY? From the open publishing newswire: An interesting thing happened at the Republican National Convention this past September. As police donned riot gear and readied their rubber bullet rifles and tear gas canisters to combat thousands of anti-war/anti-police state protesters, minute-to-minute updates of police brutality and resultant street fighting began to appear online on Indymedia centers across the United States.


actions & protests | alternative media 11-Nov-2008 09:16

Terrorizing Dissent - the RNC 08 documentary

From the open publishing newswire: Glass Bead Collective, Twin Cities Indymedia, and other independent media activists have released a new film, 'Terrorizing Dissent', an expose of events at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Featuring first-person accounts and footage from more than forty cameras on the streets, 'Terrorizing Dissent' focuses on the story of dissent suppressed. People charged with "conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism" speak out against the government's campaign to manipulate media coverage and label civil disobedience and community organizing as terrorism.

'Terrorizing Dissent' shows the results of the $50 million dollars the Department of Homeland Security gave to local authorities for security & a large chunk of which went to weaponize the police & and the $10 million insurance policy contract between the RNC Host Committee and the City of St. Paul, which shattered Minnesota's civil compact between protesters and police.

Portland Anti-imperialists are proud to show Terrorizing Dissent at the Red and Black Cafe (400 SE 12th Ave) on November 11 at 7pm. After the video, stay for Q&A from those who were there


actions & protests 14-Oct-2008 18:17

DNC '68 & RNC '08 Comparison/Contrast

DNC 1968 From the open publishing newswire: The Democratic National Convention of 1968 was a police riot. Forty years ago, the pigs used pepper spray, tear gas, tanks, billy clubs, and arrest against its own citizens. The Republican National Convention was a police riot. The first week of September, 2008, the pigs used pepper spray, tear gas, tanks, billy clubs, percussion and concussion grenades, tasers, and arrest against its own citizens. In 1968, people sleeping in a park were tortured, brutalized, and arrested by the tools of the government for having the gall to gather together to end the war in Vietnam. In 2008, people eating and listening to speakers in a park were tortured, brutalized, and arrested for having the gall to gather together to end the war against the poor here and in other countries. They took to the streets in 1968. We took to the streets in 2008. In both decades, both actions were met with over zealous, egotistical, violent, police retaliation. In both decades, people did what they had to do to defend themselves.
"The Chicago 10"
Local historian and recent arrestees will speak, with a short Q&A session following the movie.
Tuesday, October 14th, 7pm
Red and Black Café, SE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon
This showing is free, but donations will be accepted for those who survived the 2008 RNC protests.


Benefit For Cold Snap Legal & Others 13-Sep-2008 22:18

RNC Benefit at Red & Black Cafe

From the open publishing newswire: We're showing Super Troopers at the Red and Black to benefit Cold Snap Legal Collective, plus our local and international comrades being persecuted by the state for fighting for what they believe in!

When: Sunday September 14th 7PM
Where: Red and Black Cafe, 400 SE 12th

Donations are going to be accepted at the door in the amount of $3-$300987489437984398


police / legal 13-Sep-2008 14:06

Scenes from the RNC - Reportback from Minnesota

From the open publishing newswire: Less than two weeks ago, I spent several evenings in a row listening to people getting tear-gassed, reading reports of torture, viewing scenes of senseless brutality and thinking, "This is America's heartland."

During the RNC in St Paul, Minnesota, the police basically had carte-blanche to enact any terror they saw fit on the public in order to keep them from interfering with the meeting of the powers that be. More than 800 people were arrested during those few days. They and many many more suffered multiple abuses from the police including being tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, tased, beaten, tortured, shot with rubber bullets, attacked with concussion grenades, suppressed and generally harassed. The vast majority of arrests were for such trumped-upped charges as 'Conspiracy to Riot' and other bogus charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.


actions & protests 02-Sep-2008 13:06

Portland Street Medics Arrested at RNC

From the open publishing newswire: A number of Street Medics from Portland were arrested on Monday afternoon (Sep 1st) while tending to injured protesters. All of them belong to one affinity group which has been participating in the actions as a unit of Street Medics acting together.

About half were released by evening, while a few individuals among them are still being held. They have been singled out for "special procedures". Legal support and lawyers are trying to help out with their case as it seems to be a unique situation wherein the Street Medics might be charged with unusual (and outrageous) offenses.

If you have any funds to help with bail money and related expenses for the Street Medics, please email us at: street.medix@portland-or.net Everything you give will go toward enabling us to continue doing much needed Movement work and providing essential community service.

Related:Please Support RNC Arrestees! | Amy Goodman arrested at RNC (she's out now)


27-Aug-2008 14:04

At least four NW activists jailed Monday night / three out on bond

From the open publishing newswire: Three Seattle activists and one Portland activist involved with Team Victory, FNB, SSN, SDS and other projects arrested yesterday at the DNC demonstrations in Denver. They are Marianne, Nicole, Rik (from Seattle) and Scott (from Portland). Charges include interference, failure to disperse, disobeying an officer, as well as other more questionable charges including loitering, begging, and throwing missiles.
Bond set at $530 each and three are out as of 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Please contact 206-600-1473 for more updates


actions & protests | political theory 26-Aug-2008 05:33

DNC protests in Denver - mass arrests

DNC pepperspray From the open publishing newswire: Spoke with a friend in Denver on Sunday afternoon who said that people had been peppersprayed and that things were getting a little more intense. I searched and searched mainstream media and alternative media that day to find news of this... never found a goddamned thing anywhwere... But there is now some coverage of Monday's events at comeuptodenver.org - click on the button that says "new" next to "NEWS" at the top of the site.

Here is their latest press release ... including a somewhat interesting bias against anarchist protesters' right to free assembly and speech here... Also Colorado Indymedia is providing coverage - this press release was reposted to that site as well, - so if anyone wants to comment on this press release, that might be a good place to do so, where it will get more attention. [ Full Press Release ]

Eyewitness Audio Interview on KHOW.com | Democracy Now DNC Coverage 8-26-08 | SDS ongoing coverage

Asheville, NC: Democratic Party Headquarters Trashed in Opposition to Oil Drilling and War

Last night, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, we trashed the Democratic Party Headquarters in Asheville, NC. We dumped several gallons of used motor oil onto their front porch and painted, "No war, No warming, No Drilling" on their walls.

We took this action to express our outrage at the Democrats pandering to the oil companies. Instead of looking for real solutions to global warming, the Democratic party, including the head honcho himself, Barack Obama, is pushing to open up more of our fragile coastal ecosystems to oil drilling. If this plan is allowed to go forward thousands of miles of coastline could be devastated by this toxic industry. All the while, greenhouse gas emissions will escalate, and our Earth's climate will teeter closer to the tipping point.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to fully support the war on terror. While making half hearted gestures about ending the Iraq war, they have remained unabashed supporter of the war in Afghanistan. One recent highlight of this "just" war was the massacre of over 90 civilians at a wedding last week. Democrats, may the ghost of these innocents haunt you for the rest of your lives.

This action was taken in solidarity with all those in the streets of Denver, and people around the world who refuse to be silent.
[ Read More ]

human & civil rights 17-Aug-2008 20:00

U.S. Outta Old Towne-Presents: Protect/Know Your Protest Rights for the D.N.C. & R.N.C.

From the open publishing newswire: Thursday, August 21st, 2008. @ 7:00P.M. Wanna know your rights, protect them, and use them ? Great come on down to Old Town/Chinatown's Neighborhood in N.W. Portland's River District. Training will be at 421 N.W. 3rd, in the U.S. Outta Old Towne Space. We will be covering at least 3-types of Police Interaction, doing some Role Plays, talking about searches & Search Warrants-person/car/house/office/warehouse space. Miranda Rights and how to Invoke them, some Constitutional Rights. Magic Words to use to help keep you safer. Minimum info to give to Law Enforcement- if you choose not to "remain silent". Info about Undercover Officers, Provocateurs, staying safe, what to bring and not bring to a protest.


actions & protests 14-Aug-2008 18:15

CRASH THE RNC: Sector 4 Barricade Building Contest

From the open publishing newswire: Representatives of our corrupt two-party system intend to host self-congratulatory celebrations this summer at the Democratic National Convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. We support demonstrating opposition to their parties by crashing and shutting them down, while having a little fun ourselves.

In alliance with thousands of others nationwide who are collaborating to swarm the RNC on day one, September 1st --
Bay Area Santa Cruz, and other Northern California radicals have banded together as "Unconventional Action (UA) in the Bay" and collectively chosen to adopt SECTOR 4 in downtown St. Paul.



actions & protests 12-Aug-2008 17:25

Come to Denver when the Democrats Meet: Protest August 23-28

rock the boat! From the open publishing newswire: Caravan, carpool, get to denver and protest at the DNC convention!

Only you -not your government- can bring any of this to a halt. The only realistic course is for the people of the U.S. to taking meaningful and independent political action to resist the machinery of war and the fascist direction that has emerged. Come to Denver for a week of protest that includes marching to stand with immigrants under assault and counter-protests to the week of anti-abortion actions of the Christian right. Join in contingents, film showings, street protests, strategy sessions, and more.
Why Go to Denver?



government 05-Jul-2008 14:46

Anarchist Benefit Screening for RNC Convergence Center

From the open publishing newswire: Come hang at Black Rose Books this tuesday at 7:30, enjoy a feature film set amid the anarchist trenches of the Spanish Civil War and help raise money for the RNC Welcoming Committee's convergence center! The Republican National Convention is coming and anti-authoritarian activists in St. Paul like the RNC Welcoming Committee and Twin Cities Indymedia need funds to rent a convergence center. To that end UA Portland is throwing a benefit screening of Libertarias a rad film following the heroic exploits of several anarchist women in the Spanish Civil war.
When: 7:30pm Tuesday 8th July. Where: Black Rose Books, 4038 N. Mississippi Avenue


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