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Cheney Visit Jan 13 2004

On January 13th 2004 Vice pResident Dick Cheney will be in Portland to drum up support in the swing state of Oregon. This will also undoubtedly cause a strain on the city of Portland for "free speech zones" and police "protection".

This will be yet another event where people will be excluded becasue of class related issues. The invitations to this event are $1000 just to be there and $10,000 to have your picture taken with Dick, reinforcing that this government is for the people (with money).

There are grassroots organizing attempts being made to disrupt this visit. It is still unclear where Cheney will be or what time he will be arriving. If you would like to help cover this event with Indymedia please contact us to get involved!

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DICK'S VISIT 22-Jan-2004 00:30

Dick Cheney (barely) Visits Portland--Video File

cheneysign From the open publishing newswire: On January 13, 2003, Dick Cheney struck Portland a glancing blow and made off with close to half a million dollars. Those attending the event to protest the policies of the Bush adminstration were crowded in to a small "protest zone," barely within shouting distance to the Embassy Suite Hotel where Dick was fleecing his constituency.

All who attended were peaceful, though legitimately angered over the diminishment of their right to voice their grievences to an elected official and the ludicrous show of force by local law enforcement. And too, the corporate media were not herded into the same area, but were outside the "zone," enjoying freedom of movement and access to interviews with the protesters through the chain link fence.

What is Dick Cheney so afraid of?

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CHENEY VISIT 14-Jan-2004 07:20

Vice President Slithers into Portland for a Few Bucks

From the open publishing newswire: i went to the cheney thing at the airport. rode the max from pioneer square. froze my ass off like everybody else.

it was interesting to see the police riding the max line. about 8 multnomah county sheriffs, wearing their new, military style fatigues boarded the train car in east portland. throughout the day the cops were alternately shaking down people they thought were protestors for their tickets and then telling people directions to their pen. it seemed like a capitalistic 2004 version of 1937 germany. ('papers, please...')

i MUCH prefer a protest like the august 22, 2002 visit, where bush, the republican fat cats, and the police were the ones in the pen. that left the entire city for us to do our thing. that was our day. we may not get another one just like it.

meanwhile, cheney, who is so respected that they won't even let him in TOWN, relies on a phalanx of police state muscle to shield him from his admirers from the moment he arrives until the moment he leaves.

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DOWN WITH DICK! 13-Jan-2004 07:58

Cheney Demo Plans

King of Clubs Cheney From the open publishing newswire: Sorry it hasn't been up till now. But here's the info for the BIG demo tommorrow.

12:30pm- Dance Against Dick! Meet at Pioneer Square. Bring your favorite costume, your favorite instrument, or your boombox and your favorite music. This is going to be a marching dance party to show our disapproval of Dick's visit to Portland and our solidarity to each other. We'll have lots of fun and dancing, as well as a DICK CHENEY PINATA, with prizes for the young and old. We want this to be fun for everyone (except for Dick of course), so please be respectful to everyone.

3:00 pm- Dirty Dancing Against Dick Meet in the South Park Blocks. Same as the 12:30 march, only without the immediate marching or the pinata. It has also been rumored that there will be a second march leaving the South Park Blocks at 4:30 as well.

There is also a protest going on at the Embassy Suites at the air port at 4:30pm which is, I believe, going to be organized by Greenpeace. However, it has seemed to us that it would be less practical to go to Dick Cheney's location to protest. All this will accomplish is to assure that we will efficiently be swept into "free speech" area's, which, as we all know, is simply a chain link fence protected by threat of violent police retaliation. Hope to see you all there. It'll be fun

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CHILD LABOR 11-Jan-2004 23:32

The Daily Poetry Movement - The Slaughter of Innocents

From the open publishing newswire: The Daily Poetry Movement author: Migratory Bird Jan. 11, 1912 Bread and Roses Strike begins in Lawrence , Mass, textile mills. Read the 19th century poems Bread and Roses, Child Labor, The Slaughter of Innocents, The Slave Children of Our Free Land, and take a virtual museum tour of sweatshops, then follow the links to read about modern sweatshops and how to get involved. When Cheyney comes to town they are going to protecting sweatshop goons like Niketown and Gap. But you still have chalk. Let downtown blaze with poetry!

Child Labor
No fledgling feeds the fatherbird,
No chicken feeds the hen,
No kitten mouses for the cat --
This glory is for men.

We are the wisest, strongest race:
Long may our praise be sung --
The only animal alive
That lives upon its young!

In Los Angeles, nearly 70% of immigrant garment workers receive below minimum wage. In several Central American countries, women workers are often forced to undergo pregnancy testing or take contraception. In many Asian countries, workers making shoes are exposed to dangerous chemicals. Sweatshops also exist in other manufacturing industries, such as toys, electronics and agriculture. www.corpwatch.org/


RESIDENTIAL VISIT 09-Jan-2004 14:08

Cheney Rally at the Embassy Suites- Airport

From the open publishing newswire: Vice President Cheney is coming to town on Tuesday, January 13th for a fundraising dinner at Embassy Suites - Airport. Come join us in telling Mr. Cheney that there is a better way! Oregon is a leader in renewable energy and the Bush administration should be looking to Oregon as an example instead of investing in dirty power.

At this point it is unclear as to where exactly we will be rallying the day of the event. Most likely - for security purposes - there will be a free-speech zone sectioned off somewhere for protesters. As details become available, we will pass them your way.

  • WHAT: Rally for Clean Energy
  • WHEN: Tuesday, January 13th
  • TIME: 4:30pm-7:00pm
  • WHERE: Embassy Suites Hotel - Portland Airport
    7900 Northeast 82nd Ave.
    Portland, OR 97220

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J13 CHENEY VISIT | 9/11 INVESTIGATION 06-Jan-2004 12:28

FLYERS to pass out for Cheney's Portland visit -- Bush and Cheney complicity on 9/11

From the open publishing newswire: should be easy to print two-sided, black and white. Should make quite a statement to show any of the skeptics how evil these people are, and how we can certainly disagree on politics, though how we are all on the same side against them because they want to institute a depoliticized totalitarian police state and relegate democracy to the dumpster. Make paper airplanes and launch them out of the damnable unConstitutional 'free speech zones.' Drop them from planes, drop them from windows, get the message out that none of these internationalist corporate fascists are wanted. [ Flyers ]

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WE ARE LITTLE BEIRUT 13-Dec-2003 04:44

Dick Cheney Visiting Portland

cheney's true self comes out From the open publishing newswire: To all of you who haven't heard, Dick Cheney is coming to P-Town on January 13th. It isn't confermed where or when he will be here but that doesn't mean its too early to start planning protests. I strongly urge all of you involved with any organization, club, chruch, political party, etc. who organized previous protests to get to work. Let's show Dick that he isn't welcome.

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