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Protesting Dick Cheney

July 26, 2004: portland indymedia coverage

January 13, 2004: portland indymedia coverage

June 23-24, 2002: portland indymedia coverage


Vice pResident Cheney protested, welcomed, in Portland

From the open publishing newswire: Vice pResident Dick Cheney's visit to Portland this weekend and was greeted by protesters and hailed by billionaires, on Sunday and Monday, downtown. Monday morning's event was a fundraising breakfast for Senator Gordon Smith that raised over $500,000.

A participant in Sunday's action described his experience: "My teenage son and I had us some fun Sunday afternoon. We protested Invisible Dick.... Not knowing in advance where Uncle Dick would be, the Coalition and other outsiders like us (more than you might think, by the way) showed up at the North Park Blocks around 3:00 p.m. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon. Lucas (my son) had made up his sign: A picture of a sneering Cheney with the caption, 'Where Is The Invisible Dick?' on one side; the other, a picture (PhotoShopped) of W burning the Constitution with Cheney sneering in the background looking on." [ Read more... ]

Some people were quite thrilled that Cheney was in town, most prominently the Billionaires For Bush, who shared instruction with the arriving guests. "Sir Reginald Beefnostril and Cordelia Hasteharvest, rapidly registering that the assembled right wing supporters might have aspirations beyond their fiscal station, admonished them roundly. 'Those holding the $250 tickets to the fundraiser must use the service entrance!' he cried. Cordelia waved her white glove, laden with a 5 carat diamond, and asserted, 'All $250. ticket holders will be asked to don a rubber apron at the conclusion of the breakfast, and will step into the hotel kitchen to assist with the dishwashing. Those who have paid $10,000 or more will proceed to a private salon for photographs with the Vice President. REMEMBER, you only get the access to government that you've paid for!'" [ Read more... ]

A participant pronounced Monday's demonstration as "pathetic", saying " If we would have stuck to the plan , instead of blindly following a few wanna be leaders, we could have done more than just become the laughing stock of the rich republican scum.... And as for all those who are upset because some folks burned your precious american flag, and the media did not applaude you..... i will have you know the media will never EVER have anything to do with changing this corrupt system . They are not on our side." [ Read more... ]

Plans for the protests came together in part on the indymedia newswire, where in-depth discussions of tactics and details took place: [ "Plans for Cheney visit!" ]

Corporate media accounts: [ Associated Press | KATU | Oregonian | Portland Tribune (with notes) ]

PEACE ACTION 21-Jun-2002 10:24

Friday Peace Rally to Focus on Dick Cheney

From the open publishing newswire: The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, June 21st, at 5:00 p.m., will focus on the upcoming visit to Portland by Dick Cheney, second-in-command of the Bush Administration. "Cheney magnificently represents the Bush Administration's most disgusting qualities," said spokesperson David Zundel. "Enron's Kenneth Lay was energy advisor to Cheney, illustrating the corporate cronyism of the Bush cabinet, and it was Cheney who early on was outspoken in support of Israel's policy of extra-judicial murder of Palestinians in the occupied territories which has been a key factor in escalating the violence of the region." PPRC spokespersons also drew attention to Cheney's former role as head of Halliburton, the Texas-based oil-supply business. "This guy is at the very center of the corruption that drives the Bush Administration and indeed most policy decisions in Washington, D.C.," said Zundel. "We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our opposition to the war-mongering, the attacks on our constitutional rights, and the selling of our democracy to the likes of Enron." The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be joining together with other local organizations to protest Cheney's visit on Sunday and Monday. [ Read More ]

[ The evil Dick Cheney | Plans for Cheney visit! ]

STATE CORRUPTION 16-Jun-2002 10:35

Cheney's Coming to Town!

From the open publishing newswire: A post to the newswire announces that our un-elected and frequently sequestered vice president, Dick Cheney, is coming to Portland. According to the latest information, Cheney will speak at a Young Republicans conference the afternoon of Sunday, June 23rd, and attend a fundraising breakfast for Gordon Smith on the 24th.

Organizers invite all interested activists to a planning meeting this Monday, 7:00 pm, Rm 327, Smith Center (PSU). David Zundel, an organizer of the protest, says: "We will name his crimes. We will name his lies. Come organize." Considering the success of the Bush protest in January, and Portland's reputation as "Little Beirut," organizers are hoping for a large and spirited demo.

Cheney has been receiving more bad publicity lately, even in the barely-alive mainstream press. An editorial in today's Chicago Sun-Times asserts that "Cheney tried to cover up what the administration knew [about 9/11] and when the administration knew it" read more

One anonymous comment on the newswire says: "Nearly six months have past since Bush visited. A lot has happened since then. Revelations of advanced 911 warnings, crooked business at Halburton and Enron, the "coup" attempt in Venezuela and the administration flushing the Bill of Rights down the toilet. Everyone who truly loves this country must be there. 10,000 protesting voices - music for democracy."

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