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Protesting Dick Cheney

July 26, 2004: portland indymedia coverage

January 13, 2004: portland indymedia coverage

June 23-24, 2002: portland indymedia coverage

SELECTION 2004 06-Sep-2004 21:11

Kerry Supporters Rally at Cheney's Visit to Pendleton

Over 120 Kerry Supporters Marched at Cheney Visit to Pendleton From the open publishing newswire: Over 120 supporters of John Kerry for President rallied outside the Pendleton Convention Center during VP Cheney and Gordon Smith's visit one day after the RNC. "We wanted to show the world that Eastern Oregon is not solidly in the Republican's pocket," said rally organizer, Benjamin Talley.

Don Butcher, one of the marchers, responded after the rally, "I was deeply moved today by the more than one hundred people showing up to demonstrate that a substantial population in our area demand that we move beyond the politics of militancy, cronyism, monotheism, etc., to an America of vision, wisdom, equality and inclusivity."

As the Cheney meeting ended, many attendees leaving the Convention Center walked across the parking lot to join the Kerry supporters lining the street. The gathering reflected the diversity of Eastern Oregon -- retired folks, young people in dredlocks beating drums, Native Americans in tribal regalia, veterans, working people, professional people, young mothers and their children, and high school students.


human & civil rights | resistance & tactics 04-Aug-2004 23:55

Report: J30 Cheney protest in Yakima

From the open publishing newswire: First, many thanks to Yakima organizers for getting the word out and bringing so many people out to protest Cheney's visit. According to couple of independent accounts, there were over 150 people there (media reports varied from "two dozen" to "over 75"). Cops managed to break us into several smaller groups as they were "sterilizing" the area around the school. I was under impression that Yakima cops didn't themselves know when and where the VP was coming in. That resulted in a lot of confusion and some blatant abuses of our constitutional rights to assemble and voice our opinions. We were pushed around from one city block to another only to be ordered to go back where we came from. Of course, they were probably flexing their muscle as well. This was the biggest day in the life of your average Yakima cop - he was responsible for the safety and security of our entire nation (mad logic).


human & civil rights | police / legal | technology 29-Jul-2004 13:12

New "Less Lethal" Weapon Deployed in PDX

From the open publishing newswire: Budgets are tight in PDX: clinics close and families feel the squeeze from all sides. But, as always, there is money for more weapons systems to defend capital from any potential "bad guys" seeking equality, representation, rights, or other such absurdities.

Ossifer Felts at the Cheney protest was toting a Belgian FN303 "marker" rifle. It's powered by CO2, fires a .68 caliber "paintball" that contains very little paint, about 5% pepperspray, and the toxic heavy metal Bismuth the main ingredient.

This weapon caused damage to facial nerves when used against a union leader in Switzerland who objected verbally as the police beat down her son. Bismuth was imbedded all over the muscle and fat of her face, so close to nerves that it couldn't be safely removed by emergency room physicians. Her doctor called the police, asking what this metal was, and they denied knowledge of this weapon and responded that it must have been something thrown by a demonstrator. So here's the scoop before it happens in PDX. [ read more ]

More Pictures from the Demonstration: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
July 2004 Cheney Protests

government | imperialism & war | resistance & tactics 29-Jul-2004 11:37

Protest Cheney in Yakima (7/30)

Americans Must Follow Course, Cheney Assures From the open publishing newswire: VP Dick Cheney is going to be in Yakima on Friday July 30 at Noon at Eisenhower High School.

If you are unhappy with this Administration's policies at home and abroad meet us at 11:30 am in the East Parking Lot (across from the golf course) at Ike.

Bring a sign, bring a friend, bring your voice! Let George Bush, Dick Cheney and Doc Hastings know that there are Patriots and People of Conscience in Yakima who do not support their policies.

Pictures from the Portland Demonstration: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
July 2004 Cheney Protests


resistance & tactics 27-Jul-2004 17:34

photos of mondays cheney rally

Halliburton Lemonade Stand From the open publishing newswire: the best part of the whole affair was when one protester asked the police to ARREST Dick Cheny, having indicted him for the crimes of perjury to Congress and Manslaughter against Oregon National Guardsmen.

The demonstrator reminded the police of the numerous lies told by "that man", saying that there were no WMD, there were no Chemical weapons on 45 minute standby, there were no unmanned aerial vehicles with bio-weapons, there was no Niger yellow cake uranium, there was no aluminum tubes for ultra-centrifuges and that ther was no al-Q'aida link.

Then an organizer played over the same loudspeaker Martin Luther King's anti-Viatnam speach at the reflecting pond in Washington, D.C.

All of which caused the individual officers in the riot fitted police line all to drop their heads and begin examining their shoes. I only wish that one of them would have had the courage to upuhold the law and protect the citizes by ARRESTING Dick Cheny.

Pictures: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
July 2004 Cheney Protests

DICK CHENEY RETURNS 23-Jul-2004 12:30

The Return of Dick cheney--Monday the 26th at 4PM at the Airport Embassy Suites

From the open publishing newswire: On July 26, 2004, this coming Monday, from 4:30 PM onward, VP Dick Cheney will be in town for a fundraiser and party. You and I are not invited. However, I plan to go to help throw a Peoples' Party as near as we get to Cheney's party located at the Embassy Suites Hotel at 7900 NE 82nd St. I hope you will join me.

You can reach the hotel via Max by going to the Mt. Hood Station and walk about ten minutes to the Hotel. As more information becomes available regarding the exact location of this event, I will post it on this website.

Bring your best art work, musical instruments, posters, flags and your creative and First Amendment self. This event is peaceful. [ read more ]

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economic justice | government | imperialism & war 21-Jul-2004 04:09

Secret Haliburton Contract Disclosed

From the open publishing newswire: Although improperly stamped "SECRET" on February 28th of last year the "Justification and Approval" for a non-competitive contract award to Haliburton's KBR division was recently declassified. Although there is no cap on the dollar value of the contract, a worst case scenario is approximated at 15.7 billion dollars. $16 Billion contract for iraq oil infrastructure support secretly awarded to Haliburton-KBR


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