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Mar 30 2016 - Stu Sugarman ...a eulogy (35)

I cannot believe nothing is up on this site yet regarding Stu Sugarman. It's been a long time since I've said anything here, and this is not the same site that it was back when I used to be an IMCista. (Alas, not by a long shot.) But Stu did a lot for those of us who built this "organization that isn't am organization," who organized here and reported here and tried to save the world here. He deserves some press.

Nov 05 2007 - Campesino Activist Assassinated in Brazil by Transnational Corporation with Cascadia Ties (9)

A corporate agri-tech giant with its fingers prodding suspiciously around Cascadia has blood on its hands, and you should know about it. Agri-giant Syngenta has secretly tested its genetically modified crops on Oregon farmland, against the will of the majority of Cascadians. This same transnational corporation secretly helped to funnel more than $5 million into an Oregon election to defeat a ballot measure that would have required, for the first time in the nation, that GM crops be labeled before being foisted off on consumers. Bizarrely, Syngenta is also a sustaining member of the "Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation," a pro-industry propaganda generator that seeks to colonize the minds of our children. And now, Syngenta is a corporate killer.

Aug 16 2007 - Solidarity for Non-Cooperating Political Prisoners (11)

As the "anti-terror" furor claimed its predictable victims this year, we watched almost helplessly as scores of our comrades were dragged off the streets, out of their houses, and away from their families. All for the crime of caring enough about the planet to get up off their asses and DO something to slow the spinning destruction. Now, it's time to shake off the helplessness and do what we do best: Stand by each other in solidarity and reawaken the passions that will save this earth from our own kind, if anything will.

Aug 12 2007 - Climate Convergence Report Back (7)

I went down to the NW Climate Convergence with some friends, to give a workshop. Although we could only be there for one day, the convergence is still going strong out in Skamokawa, and will be going on till Tuesday. For more information, see  http://www.climateconvergence.org/west/. Following is a brief report about my own experience there.

Jul 18 2007 - Atlanta Falcoms quarterback participated in dog murders. Tell them to FIRE him. (4)

A friend who knows I live with two beloved pit bulls just sent me this.  http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/law/07/18/vick/index.html?eref=rss_topstories

Normally, I would not fwd on a link to the corporate media like this, but I just can't bring myself to re-write most of the things I just read there. It made me sick to my stomach. And now I am asking you to please do what you can to take a stand against the bloody, awful crime of dog fighting that is spreading among professional shitheads who get paid a lot of money to play ball.

Apr 22 2007 - Protesting Oregon Right to Life conference - report back (1)

The pouring rain didn't stop our voices from being heard yesterday at a spontaneously organized protest aimed at the Oregon Right to Life conference in Wilsonville, OR. Here is some info on what happened and pictures from the rally.

Feb 24 2007 - Watching a Repossession (6)

It's raining outside. Grey strands of water hang from the heavy clouds and drape across the landscape. I'm standing on my front porch, with my neighbor's cat tangled around my legs. I'm glaring across the street at the tow truck driver, who has come to repossess my neighbor's car. He pretends he does not see me.

Dec 21 2006 - Building Bridges ...and chains across them (7)

By now most readers of this site will have seen the post by the "organizer" of an upcoming event, in which potential attendees are warned that said organizer may turn them in to the police state, should they step out of line.

Good God.

Dec 09 2006 - Yes, I brought a Pit Bull (48)

Some time back, I wrote about the prejudices that pit bulls (and those who love them) must endure. ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/10/346856.shtml) This prejudice, like any other, is a dangerous and ignorant thing. Pits are actually being murdered in many places in this country, just because of who they are. It's important to speak out about this, and so I did. I was shocked to find that readers of this site can be as bigoted as anyone when it comes to Rhodie and Romeo, the dogs that I love. So I want to share a story with you. And I'd like it if you'd think about it.

Nov 29 2006 - Brandon Mayfield Vindication: FBI Terrorism is Over the Top (10)

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Mar 30 2016 - (35 comments) -

Stu Sugarman ...a eulogy

I cannot believe nothing is up on this site yet regarding Stu Sugarman. It's been a long time since I've said anything here, and this is not the same site that it was back when I used to be an IMCista. (Alas, not by a long shot.) But Stu did a lot for those of us who built this "organization that isn't am organization," who organized here and reported here and tried to save the world here. He deserves some press.

Are links allowed now? If so, this is his eulogy. (And if not, if you'd like to read it, you'll just need to copy and paste the Urlacher to your browser.)


...I can't choose a topic for this one. Stu was involved in everything. He fit every topic.