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CrimethInc.s Analysis of the January 6th Mook-apalooza at the U.S. Capitol

A flawed analysis based on fantasy projections and grandiose posturing won't get us anywhere...
The interpretation of reality asserted by the US anarchist subculture group CrimethInc. is an endless series of self-mythologizing responses to dynamics that are always set into play by others. This can be seen in their deeply flawed analysis of the January 6th Mook-apalooza at the US Capitol:

It's breathtaking that a tiny gaggle of self-marginalizing, invisible to all the world fringe leftists like CrimethInc. can talk about 'civil war' here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see no evidence anywhere that CrimethInc. has ever done anything to assert its/their perspective in the larger world around us other than show up wearing black at an infinite number of easily ignored demos and short-lived riots.

On the other hand, the far right overlaps heavily with the cops/law enforcement, for obvious reasons. And since, unlike you, CrimethInc, they believe in their garbage enough to put time and effort asserting it outside of their immediate social set or subcultural penumbra they've also made some inroads -- who knows how many or how deep -- among enlisted people in the Armed Forces. In some form or another various permutations of the far right have been at this since the 1970's.

It's a testament to the total absence of opposition to capitalism in an ever-more rapidly speeding towards collapse United States -- and the total lack of real-world credibility of the compulsively juvenile and asinine United States anarchist subculture -- that although resistance to the military during the Vietnam War era helped massively mess up the war-fighting ability of our rulers, may have actually had a negative impact on their larger strategy, and in most cases did this with some sort of left-wing or at least nominal left-wing perspectives -- admittedly for the most part third-worldist/Leninoid bullshit -- there has never been any sustained, credible effort to follow up on this in the half-century since by the supposed enemies of capitalism in the United States. What has CrimethInc. been up to on this front? Let me guess...

Ever-more extreme levels of inequality and mass impoverishment are setting the table for a mass movement against the owners and rulers of this social order, against all factions of their now uniformly incompetent political apparatus, and against capitalist social relations themselves. The circumstances here have never been more promising. But there is at present not even the faintest visible public sustained collective action being taken in the United States on this score. We now need something analogous to the real IWW of the early 20th century -- an anti-wage labor social movement of the wage-earning class. Class against class, bare-knuckle collective direct action emerging from the everyday realities we face as working and poor people in commodity society will eclipse and defeat the extreme right more effectively than cluelessly and repetitively meeting these toxic clowns on their chosen terrain. If -- and this is a very big if -- some kind of mass permanent refusal to pay back rent movement, on transparently clear, high profile, implacable terms emerges in the very near future, this might make a very real difference -- an explosive difference, spreading to other aspects of what we endure under the dictatorship of the market.

Is Crimethinc. doing anything with this? Among the high ninety percent of several tens of millions of oppressed, repressed, depressed people who have a powerful immediate stake in this -- in remaining housed, for fuck's sake! -- and who quite obviously have no engagement with or interest in leftists or anarchists, and who will never see me posting this thing right here? Or is CrimethInc. only a tail endlessly wagged by a series of dogs?

PS: Regarding the Jan. 6th Slobber-dämmerung: It appears that Trump has finally maxed out his card as a post-Presidential far-right leader, less by the ineptitude of the Mook-apalooza at the Capitol than by his surprising and ham-fisted denunciation of his loyal followers. Trump has a low reptile cunning but he doesn't have the smarts to play a long game -- even as long as a few days. Trump's infantile attention span makes him an appropriate Citizen Capet for today's fast-declining U.S. Outside of small scale terrorist acts his loyal followers will now most likely be directionless as a large scale political force until another more capable charismatic nullity with a strong pimp hand can step up to bib them and burp them.

Vincent St. John