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JBLM Covers Up Abuse and Misconduct By Senior Personnel

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) has repeatedly covered up complaints of abuse and misconduct by senior personnel on the base. There is clear evidence of massive corruption in the JBLM Police, and repeated cover ups of by the JBLM Inspector General's Office.
At the end of December 2020 news reported that a JBLM Colonel Was Accused of Beating Wife Arrested After Standoff With Police. ( http://www.portland.indymedia.org/en/2020/12/439745.shtml)

Now we find out that in February 2020 ( https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/article248329285.html) a military officer had filed a complaint with the JBLM Inspector General (IG) about the Colonel's misconduct and toxic leadership. The JBLM IG dismissed a complaint about the Colonel, stating that the accusations of "toxic leadership" made against Colonel Ray were unsubstantiated.

In June 2020, a similar complaint was filed with the JBLM Police / Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) about the Colonel's conduct, but the Deputy Director of the DES (a former IG Officer himself) refused to allow an investigation into Colonel Ray's conduct to go forward.

Well, it is now clear that the reports about Colonel Ray were not unsubstantiated. It is also very clear that there was a cover up of Colonel Ray's misconduct by the JBLM IG and DES.

This is not the only case of cover ups and misconduct by the JBLM IG and DES. According to public records the JBLM IG also covered up complaints submitted about other senior personnel on JBLM in 2020. The JBLM DES has repeatedly ignored complaints of misconduct by senior personnel and retaliated against individuals who reported misconduct. JBLM Police have even manufactured evidence and submitted perjured testimony against whistle-blowers. Employees who report misconduct have been fired or reassigned.

There is a toxic and abusive leadership environment on JBLM that is becoming worse by the day.