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Justice for Aaron and Jacob Steichen

Authorities knew Jacob Steichen was gravely disabled before he kills his brother. This is not contestable. Spanning 5 weeks and 8 separate calls to authorities, Arcata Police Department admit that a psychiatric emergency is occurring. They make this acknowledgement, yet deliberately and willfully refuse to provide Mr. Steichen treatment until he is arrested for PC187(a) for the death of his brother, Aaron.

Justice for Aaron is Justice for Jacob.

On or about September 20, 2020, Aaron Steichen is stabbed by his brother Jacob. Aaron loses his life in pursuit of his brother's recovery from advanced paranoid schizophrenia. The Steichen family call mandated reporters, and Arcata Police Department, an estimated 8 times spanning a 5 week period. As calls are undoubtedly recorded, as evidenced by the steady beeping tones emitted in intervals of five to ten seconds--it should be explicitly clear based on said recordings that authorities knew of the escalating situation, yet deliberately fail to act.

Authorities can be proven to have knowlege, on several occasions, that Jacob Steichen poses a danger to himself, to others, and is gravely disabled. Authorities make this acknowledgement via telephone, presumably on recorded lines. The fact that authorities acknowledge an emergency, in having affirmed the need for a 51/50, yet deliberately schedule this for six days in the future--this is incomprehensible and egregious. One must wonder, how and why exactly this was allowed to take place. As authorities are repeatedly, deliberately, and blatantly informed of the explicit possibility of suicide or homicide, authorities refuse to provide emergency medical care to a man experiencing confusion and the inability to process reality as the seemingly normal do.

In life, Aaron Steichen was a tattoo artist and muralist most recently working in Oakland, California. He is a former resident of Portland, and has ties to the area through his sister Amberley, his brother Jacob, and a host of friends too numerous to list here. In life, post tragedy, Aaron's work still exists as a living example; it is a proof of a life lived to the fullest extent, attaining and exploiting his highest potential. This proof of life is apparent on countless living individuals, from Modesto, to Oakland, London and Berlin. After his escape to far corners of this world, Aaron is settled with his fiancee Anisha for only five days in Humboldt when the unthinkable happens. He comes to Arcata to help Jacob recover, and brings his attitude of defiance with him. Any person who knew Aaron to the most superficial degree understood, he was a political activist. Most notably, he has never been an ally of police.

Jacob Steichen deserves treatment and help--not a criminal record. This is something more than a tragedy; the fact that authorities can be proven to have nkowledge of this, yet deliberately fail to act, makes this an atrocity. One must hold accountable the authorities who deliberately enabled this to occur. As local reporters print salacious headlines, "Steichen Flips Off the Court," a man in psychosis, represented by a public defender, is unconstitutionally dealt strikes one and two.

Society discards the mentally ill as they are often so misunderstood. As a judge mutes a confused man explaining that he was defending his home from an intruder, the system sends the implicit message that discrimination against someone for their mental disability is permissible, if only one has a reason to justify the sociopathy which comes in imposing a life sentence on somebody in the midst of a medical emergency.

Justice for Jacob is Justice for Aaron.
You can donate to Beverly Steichen's GoFundMe below.

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