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RIP Joe Walsh, aka Love Vet!

Joe Walsh was a warrior for Justice, Peace and Laughter. Here's a link to one of my favorite postings of his.
I haven't seen much posting from Joe Walsh in quite a while, but he's probably posted and commented on Portland Indymedia hundreds of times. You wouldn't know that using the "search" function on this site, though. I know how many times I've posted and commented here in the years before I got my own blog, and they only mention me on the search function about ten times. Anyway, Joe always showed up to all the protests against the war, he was a truly tireless activist who really made a difference in the world. Here's one of my favorite writings by him:

So much of what he said is sadly still relevant. Gitmo is still open. There are still troops in Afghanistan. May the fighting spirit of Joe Walsh continue to live in those who had the good fortune to know him!

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My Friend, The Lone Vet passed away 10/12/20 28.Oct.2020 14:19

author: Joe Anybody