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My Friend, The Lone Vet passed away 10/12/20

Portland activist The Lone Vet passed away in his sleep on Monday morning
Rest in Power

Joe Walsh, long time front-line activist and agitator for justice passed away early in the morning to a peaceful place.

I video-recorded many of The Lone Vets protests and public appearances, unfortunately for the documenting his actions, the last five years I haven't been filming much and thus there is a gap in Joe's recent concerns and his public protests.

The Lone Vet welcomed anybody to join in his Individuals For Justice campaigns, who wanted to fight for justice by using their own words to add to their personal message to the issue at hand.

Many times it would be "just him" and his sign.... many other times there were dozens or more who stood together with Joe in solidarity for justice .

Joe worked tirelessly for the ending homelessness and helping the houseless and to Stop the Sweeps. Joe worked tirelessly to get the Police horses off the streets, which finally did happen in Joe's lifetime. For about 1 year he protested every week at Sen. Blumenhour's Portland office, to pressure for the Impeachment of Bush.

There was a favorite phrase he used a lot that I will always remember; it was when he referred to the Portland City Council as "The 5 Shits".

homepage: homepage: http://www.individualsforjustice.com

torture protest 12 17 09 w/ The Lone Vet 13.Oct.2020 15:53

Joe Anybody


--> 3,000 dollar reward offer <--

Filmed on 12.17.2009 outside Pioneer Courthouse, in Portland Oregon.

This is where the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals holds court for this region. Judge ByBee sits on the 9th.

Judge ByBee thinks torture and abuses done to prisoners in US custody is fine.
So each week at noon a handful of individuals for justice stand in public to bring attention to the Torture memo Judge. The group is sponsoring a 3,000 dollar reward for the arrest of this judge.

 https://youtu.be/7sZyjn_08gU (9 min video)

Lone Vet was one of the Greats! 15.Oct.2020 10:08

Jody Paulson

I've been posting on Portland Indymedia for around 20 years now. Lone Vet was a real firecracker! He kept it real and was a great contributing writer and activist. My heart goes out to his friends and family. Rest in peace and power, Lone Vet!!!

Good old US of A 19.Oct.2020 08:49

Joe Walsh, aka "Lone Vet"

This is one of my favorite writings of his. Unfortunately, much is still relevant today.