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Shadow Gate 2.0 Extended Trailer Deep State Surveillance Contractors Remove Their Websites


streamed version (initial upload)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vezlgBqB2B4

why has the Shadow Gate documentary, which was banned from many platforms across the internet worldwide, also caused many surveillance contractors for the military industrial complex to remove and-or extensively modify their websites?
Shadow Gate 2.0: The Fake News Industrial Complex (Trailer)
newswire article reposts global 17.Sep.2020 03:33 human & civil rights | media criticism
^ brief teaser-trailer for upcoming documentary in the Shadow Gate series expose of government contractor electronic media/data surveillance

Shadow Gate
newswire article reposts global 14.Aug.2020 21:06 corporate dominance | human & civil rights

'Shadowgate' Documentary Filmmaker Indictment Is A Peril To Journalistic Freedom
newswire article commentary united states 18.Aug.2020 08:06 human & civil rights | police / legal