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can someone explain the 3-month siege of Portland's federal courthouse building downtown?

Why is it necessary to hold a siege of protesters around that particular building?

what does such a tactic, overall strategy accomplish (apart from ongoing-fluctuating corporate mass media coverage)?

Trying to understand, what the goal, strategy and message is here.
do people think that the federal courthouse building located in downtown Portland is going to disappear somehow, no longer be there?

do they intend/think, their continuous destructive acts ( use of electric drills, industrial fireworks and explosives, fire accelerants ) and materials are going to somehow make the federal courthouse building "go away" ?

also, as of early September 2020, what is the reason or message behind having an ongoing siege of the federal courthouse in downtown Portland?
( yeah I know: defund the police, racism etc. But <-- those are not the reason to hold a siege of the federal building which isn't going to go away. Also, the corporate mass media and most of the U.S. population is well aware of those topics since late May 2020, over 3 months ago - _old_ already-heard-about-and-considered topics. Need more than that, explained about the ongoing federal building siege. )

What is the message that corporate mass media is supposed to deliver to the outside world,
as a result of protesters' violent riot-fomenting actions towards the physical building structure of the federal courthouse in downtown Portland? Especially after it has been going on for almost 4 straight months?

no explanation, then? 17.Sep.2020 17:34


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