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antifa is *NOT* anti-capitalist or revolutionary!

antifa is *NOT* anti-capitalist or revolutionary!
antifa is *NOT* anti-capitalist or revolutionary!

True 05.Sep.2020 05:40

Mike Novack

But why SHOULD it be?

That is, assuming that it's only unifying principle is opposition to fascism.

Capitalism is not directly connected to fascism, can exist in a non-fascist context. And being on the side of revolution or trying to preserve the existing system depends on the context. It might be fascism which is trying to change the society by revolution and the anti-fascists resisting that. Imagine you were in Germany in 1930.

Now your getting it 05.Sep.2020 10:31

No Kidding

Slowly the learning curve flattens!

just so not being misunderstood 06.Sep.2020 12:53

Mike Novack

Because the last comment seems to indicate that possibility.

I was NOT saying that there weren't likely anti-capitalists or revolutionaries among them. There almost certainly are. But I was saying that neither of those things is a requirement for being anti-fascist. So likewise probably many of the antifa persuasion are neither.

Presenting things like "anti-capitlaist" as if it were necessarily anti-fascist is problematical. True, many "socialist" factions will consider a socialist fascism or fascist socialism impossible. But then many of them consider the other "socialist" factions to be reactionaries or at least dupes of the capitalists. It might be true that INTERNATIONAL socialism is incompatible with fascism, but I see no contradictions otherwise. << we could look at the history of Nazism in Germany and the two major coups/purges in that history and the left-right positions (in the economic sense) of those pushed out/killed >> FASCISM isn't about who owns the means of production.