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OPB–NPR's Reporting On Murderer Michael Reinoehl's Death In Shootout With Federal Marshals

Oregon Public Radio's reporter described what happened on NPR this morning.

Aaron Danielson (murder victim of Reinoehl) and Patroit Prayer were twice described as "far right"

Reinoehl and Antifa were only described as "racial justice demonstrators"

Danielson's past conviction for a DUI and some firearm charge were noted

Nothing was mentioned about Reinoehl's extensive past criminal record, which just in the past 3 months included multiple separate instances firearm violations
nor was anything said about Reinoehl's use of a semiautomatic rifle to assault federal marshals with dozens of shots fired as they attempted to arrest him as a murder suspect

Category should also be --> 'media criticism' 04.Sep.2020 13:22

for this


Really? 05.Sep.2020 04:58


The jury is still out on if he fired or not.

"jury" : *Really*? — Reinoehl himself admitted murder and to firing the shots. 05.Sep.2020 09:01


Did you even bother to watch his last interview with VICE?

Screen captures of Reinoehl stalking his prey and drawing handgun immediately prior to the murder :
• Here In Portland, BLM+Antifa's First Ever Targeted Assassination.

• VICE Interviews Michael Reinoehl, Newest Member Of The ***k Around And Find Out Club

RE: "if he fired or not" — Ok then 05.Sep.2020 10:44


if Reinoehl 'didn't fire' the gunshots that killed Aaron Danielson,

who-what did?

( Unless of course 'ctrl-z' has a conspiracy theory or other crackpot explanation for Danielson's cause of death in downtown Portland last Sunday from something other than gunshot wounds. Could've been transdimensional alien assassins, amirite? )

We're all ears.