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Helpful Hint, To All The Body Armor Procurers/Distributors On Behalf Of Anarchy Warriors

5.56mm ammunition (the type used in AR-15 rifles, the most common semiautomatic rifle used by both civilians and law enforcement across America)
goes right through the vests and armor you're now obtaining like a knife through warm butter.

most commonly/cheaply available and widely used ammunition for these rifles is called 5.56 mm Ball, or M193. Its bullet has a weight of 55 grains.

a variant of the 5.56mm cartridges also commonly used in these rifles, known as M855 or "Green tip" has a lead core, copper jacketed 62-grain bullet with a steel penetrator tip; i.e. this type of ammunition has enhanced armor piercing capability designed for penetration of thin personal body armor, or of combat helmets.

Either one of ^these will instantly defeat the body armor discussed as though it didn't exist / wasn't even there.

( in Kenosha, Wisconsin 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself at close range against 3 violent felons with an AR-15 pattern rifle using that ammunition. 2 of those felons are dead, one survives with a permanently maimed arm. )