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Seattle-Based Riot Kitchen Busted In Kenosha, Wisconsin

Wisconsin law enforcement personnel, tipped and assisted by Federal marshals have arrested members of Riot Kitchen soon after they were observed loading gasoline cans into their black-out buses.

Riot Kitchen is a non profit based out of a posh apartment in Bellevue, an upscale suburb of Seattle.

I'm sure they also had weapons 28.Aug.2020 15:30

Mike Novack

Lots of long sharp knives. Things like acetic acid and lauric acid*. I understand their spices are being thoroughly investigated to make sure not controlled substances among them.

And knowing the folks who tend to be found on the boards of corporations, I would not be surprised to find this 501(c)3 based in a reasonably well of neighborhood. Maybe none of the folks who are on the boards of the 501(c)3's that I serve on are rich exactly, but thye atrewn;t poor folk either.

* actually, probably a less expensive cooking oil than coconut oil, but I can't off the top of my head remember which fatty acid the other ones are.

PS -- I do not know the people of THIS kitchen. But I do know the people of two or three other teams that operate radical "field kitchens". NOTE -- this was a SILLY way for the authorities to do it. Usuallly you enlist the Board of Health folks to shut them down because lacking the necessary inspections/permits.

Kenosha PD arrest report black bus and bread truck contents 29.Aug.2020 05:37



gas masks

protective vests

illegal fireworks

suspected controlled substances

article is meant to mislead indy readers 29.Aug.2020 14:55

truth in the details

thanks for the info on the (sic) arrest happening (BUT)

the reason and info by the author is seriously misleading,

the truth-in-details are in comment, posted for this article, by Mike Novack (thanks mike)

the other comment is a whacked police report

"the truth-in-details ", Lol 29.Aug.2020 15:44


Across state lines, Riot Kitchen (based out of a posh apartment in Bellevue, an upscale suburb of Seattle) busted.

Period end.