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Keese Love identified as kicking a white man unconscious (reposting Gateway Pundit)

Portland Police: Man Brutally Beaten, Kicked in the Head by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Thugs Has "Non-Life-Threatening Injuries"  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/portland-police-man-brutally-beaten-kicked-head-antifa-black-lives-matter-thugs-non-life-threatening-injuries/


Odd 18.Aug.2020 06:55


Odd how this article and the video--which at least the Andy Ngo part was not taken by him, but was edited by him--neglects to show the truck driver trying to ram the crowd before crashing his truck. You'd think that would be an important part of the story.

Open Season on Libtards 101 18.Aug.2020 07:34


Its just another version of Reginald Denny back after Rodney King was arrested. You know it. Quit denying it. Your tactics are low, callous, and stupid becoming everything you hate: wicked vampire fucking cops by any other name with similiar uniforms and military hardware. That charming "Keese Love" motherfucking fraudalpha dipshit you just follow like the oppressed soul brother wearing his stupid fucking "SECURITY" flack vests? Does this like goddamn bizarre chimpanzee in a jungle. What a brilliant interracial coalition for African Americnas. A similiar scenario began to unfold just before Garrett Foster was shot dead in Austin. At first I didn't want to talk shit about a dead man defending a total amputee African American, but now I realize these carjacking swarming warfare tactics of these fucking mobs deserve to be crushed. You don't advocate for racial justice or racial harmony at all. You're nihilistic dipshit bonafide Holodomor pushing Communists with all the worst tactics of the worst Nazi fascists imaginable. Version 1.0 Open Season on Libtards

Re: especially the white North American liberals in 2020 representing the coalition of AntiFa-&BLM named organization (NOT the stand alone "Black Lives Matter" Slogan)

who are all de facto little minions of neo-Jonestown expansion pushing the proverbial koolaid via scamdemic despair, martial law, and poison vaccines

For a group that claims:

o to advocate for people of color,

o to be against racist white supremacist cops,

o and wants all whites in America

o to collectively atone for some of white America's historical sins,

They sure seem to love deception, demanding blind obedience answering and emulating




child molesting






group thinking,




Proverbially pale and pallid (far from just skin color)







vampire abominations,

and Overall, the most disgraceful, shameful specimens of mostly white European heritage and some African heritage cocoanut/oreo house negro nihilist freaks ever.

ALL of whom are de facto true traitors against humanitarian Spiritual principles of the United States Constitution In harmony with The Iroquois Confederation

to have ever walked on the Face of the Earth

& to have ever been Born!

They Point their bloody index fingers and decry "homophobe" with 3 fingers back at them projecting their absolute heterosexualphobia against true loving harmonious intimate sex between 1 man and 1 woman as monogamous consenting adult life partners. In terror and fear at the notion a that 1 consenting man and 1 consenting woman is natural ideal and optimal healthy human activity for love and reproduction, while homosexuality is a symptom of coerced trauma in early childhood.

Etc. . . . .

They Point their bloody index fingers "bigot" "misogynist" "nazi" "racist" "fascist" etc. etc. etc. with 3 hypocritical bloody fingers pointing back at them.

I'm at loss for words and I never thought I'd live to witness the so called "progressive" left in America So absolutely regressive and insanely ass backwards amoral and insane.

First of all the worst truly elitist racist whites who truly are racist predators of not just blacks (of all those vulnerable, duped, gullible, and desperate enough to give them power) are all those governors, mayors, and health administrators (which includes some Coco-nuts like mayor BeetleJuice) pushing the scamdemic, the lockdown, the Stazi social distancing bullshit, the masks. Many Black Conservatives and and other Conservative people of color understand this scam mob coalition for exactly what it is: a mindless mob of commies answering to their Nanny & and big daddy agitators and agent provocateurs with also sorts of well tried and tested cointelpro playing them all like a fiddle. The mob rallies and riots like these have only 1 joy: total mindless (fight, flight, or freeze or fawn that they're on "the winning team" addiction to the adrenaline thrill of pointing their hypocritical fingers projecting "racist" "homophobia" . They're useful political idiots being played like absolute f---ing fiddles because even if they get "their way" temporarily. They're going to be used by their fraudalpha assholeLeaders WhiteKnights4psycho-cunts (who are often fraudalpha Karens & Nurse Ratchets exploiting their bad mommy programming) as the ridiculous expendable pussywhipped castrated brats whose job is done (like used toilet paper).

Yuri Brezmenov (a late KGB defector in the 1980's) talks about this happening 4 stage process. In various youtube vids still available in the limited hangout mainstream internet social media was.

That Anti-fa and BLM coalition failing to support and respect Cameroonian-American physician, author, and pastor Stella Gwandiku-Ambe Immanuel

Is a clue they're disingenuous nihilist communist scum,

Because if they can't at least respect some truly full dark skinned black African lady from Africa

who did what she had to earn academic credentials on America's educational system's terms, and play the cult hazed accredited Mainstream Quackery game to earn the M.D. title,

while she now still stands her ground and proclaiming and proving

she saves both BLACK LIVES and Lives of any race ethnicity

with the cooked up manufactured laboratory drug called "Hydroxy ******" (you know what)

that actually works,

HOW MUCH LESS respect DO you suppose this groupthink mob of apeshit hivemind of mindless mayhem bands of looney rioting blackmask uniformed looting morons, all duped political pawns)

Ever care to demand real respect and Ecological environmentalism cultivating biodiverse tried and tested herb gathering and natural remedies of Indigenous People of all Colors in rural autonomous self-reliant nuclear family populations worldwide? For THE LOVE OF GOD! For the Love of TRUE human survival and health?

YOU mob of rioters and your bleeding heart crocodile tears for George Floyd are done for LOVE OF SELF LOATHING THE SCAMDEMIC GENOCIDE! AND YOU ARE GOING TO PAY DEARLY 1 way Or another for your treachery!

You people are a shameful disgrace and the worst hypocrites pushing the fraud scamming medical martial law. You are sick and are disgusting vermin parasites. You're all frauds, you're all fucking hypocrites.

And you are all the most regressive absolute mindless groupthink retarded overgrown children to have disgraced true interracial harmonious integration while retaining true ethnic identity pride, since the rise of Bolsheviks in Russia.

YOU suck, you're all mindless sheeple groupthink useful idiots and pawns of the failed Democratic Party who only produce Candidates far worse than Donald J. Trump (regardless of Trump's alleged lowlife integrity real or imagined)

and you all know it!


New 32-minute video reveals details of PDX violent assaults 21.Aug.2020 00:47

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

"Keese Love was among a group that physically attacked and intimidated at least three people before Haner."


Portland man beaten during downtown protest: What a new 32-minute video reveals

On Wednesday, Drew Hernandez, who runs the YouTube channel "Lives Matter," published a 32-minute video that captures the clearest, most comprehensive picture to date.


Here's a closer look at what it reveals.

Keese Love was among a group that physically attacked and intimidated at least three people before Haner.

The video shows Love, who wears a vest that reads "Security," and two other people confronting a man in the middle of Lownsdale Square during a Black Lives Matter rally outside the Multnomah County Justice Center one block away downtown.

Love and the other two trail the man across Southwest Salmon Street and north along Fourth Avenue. One of them shoves the man to the ground and punches him in front of the 7-Eleven on Fourth Avenue and Taylor Street, where a number of other people are milling about outside.

Soon after, video shows, Love confronts a person later described by police as a transgender woman.

Over the next 15 minutes, several people among the group outside the convenience store take the woman's skateboard and backpack, shove and hit her, and throw liquid on her body.

A group of people, including Love, later surround Haner's white Ford truck while he's sitting behind the wheel on Taylor Street near the northeast corner of Fourth Avenue, according to the video.

A few people in the crowd can be seen punching and tackling another woman, later identified as Tammie Martin, Haner's girlfriend.

It remains unclear why Haner and Martin were outside the 7-Eleven.

Martin told news station FOX 12 on Tuesday that she and Haner were driving in his truck downtown to pick up her car when Haner saw the transgender woman being harassed and got out to help. However, the video shows the truck parked and Haner hanging outside the 7-Eleven at the beginning of the confrontation.

Haner does appear to intervene multiple times as people take the woman's belongings and menace her, according to the video. He can be seen trying to stand between the woman and those targeting her and also tries to comfort the woman.

During the fracas, he is also seen casually talking with other people on the street, smoking cigarettes and drinking from a bottle of Miller High Life.

Haner's intervention alone does not appear to be the reason why he was targeted.

The encounter between the woman outside the 7-Eleven and the group menacing her had died down for a couple of minutes when Haner can be seen moving away from the crowd and getting into his pickup, the video shows. The engine revs loudly, prompting a group of people including Love to approach the truck and confront Haner.

After Martin, Haner's girlfriend, is punched and tackled in the street, some of the people get in front of the truck to stop it from driving away, according to the video. Haner's engine revs again loudly and the truck begins to creep forward. People kick the truck and pull on its doors before Haner finally steps on the gas and speeds away west along Taylor Street.
They were just looking to fight somebody," Martin told FOX 12.

The video, now shot from a distance, appears to show Haner's truck stop twice in the street as it moves west along Taylor. At least one person can be seen grabbing onto the truck as it accelerates. Others from outside the convenience store walk or jog west along Taylor and can be heard shouting at the truck. Finally, the video captures the sound of tires screeching followed by a loud crash.

After the crash, Haner is not pulled from his truck

The video shows Haner standing outside of his truck after it slammed into a tree at the intersection of Taylor Street and Broadway. "I was trying to get out of there with my old lady," Haner can be heard saying as a crowd of people begins to gather around him. "I'm trying to get away from all the bull----. I'm not even tryinrowd light flares and throw them near Haner's truck, the video shows. A couple of people, including Love, tell Haner that he needs to back away from his truck and sit down. Then someone throws him to the ground.

Soon after, Haner can be heard saying: "I ain't trying to hurt no one down there." That's when Love appears to begin punching and kicking Haner in the face. Later, Love can be seen running up from behind Haner and punting him in the head, knocking the man unconscious.

The attack against Haner has since generated international headlines and prompted condemnation from Portland's elected leaders, including Mayor Ted Wheeler, City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

Longtime activists and protest organizers in the city have also decried the violent episode and said the assailants threatened the message behind Black Lives Matter.

"We want the public to know that we're not those folks beating people up and robbing them," Danialle James, a community organizer with the group Moms United for Black Lives told The Portland Mercury. "It's a stain on the movement."

Haner is now home and recovering from multiple injuries, according to Martin and an online crowdfunding campaign set up by his older brother. Some 3,200 people had donated over $115,000 to the GoFundMe fundraiser as of Wednesday afternoon.

Love remains at large.

Garth's pal Keese Love Arrested for Felony Violent Assault, Coercion and Riot 21.Aug.2020 15:13


Garth wrote:
"video [...] neglects to show the truck driver trying to ram the crowd before crashing his truck. You'd think that would be an important part of the story."

hey Garth, what's ^ the "imporatant" part of the 'story' now?


HEY OP 21.Aug.2020 16:41


this sociopathic fuck wad has zero political ideology.

i know him. he is an asshole who has no connection to blm or antifa. he has a history of drug use and sales, burglary and domestic violence. his family has given up on him. he can't string two sentences together let alone be part of any social justice movement. i am so glad that the law caught up to him one again. he beat up the mother of his child. she has nothing to do with him.

and you said "i'm at loss for words and i never thought i'd live to witness the so called "progressive" left in america so absolutely regressive and insanely ass backwards amoral and insane."

you never thought you would live to the see progressive left as regressive and backwards? that's because that's not what you're seeing here my dude. and sad to see you posting here spewing the vitriol of the right who believe that blm should be a designated terrorist organization even as blm portland has denounced him and his sick, vicious act. sad, very sad.

you are pretty funny, though.

RE: "has __ political ideology" and if he did, then 23.Aug.2020 00:36


his kicking a person unconscious and other physical violent acts would have been (somehow...) justified?

_ 01.Sep.2020 20:44


"sociopathic fuck wad has zero political ideology" Boundless irony. 22.Aug.2020 16:20

You should seriously, take a look at the absolute absurdity and irony of ^ such a statement coming from yourself.

BLM has been adopted as the Official Corporate Logo and Policy of Walmart, Nike, Amazon and many other multibillion dollar transnational corporations. Along with the multibillion dollar

corporate mass media and social media platforms which propogate it relentlessly

the "organization" (self-denying as <--such but whatever; they've got Branding) calling themselves Black Lives Matter founded by 3 queer women has successfully pimped itself across and

been WHOLEHEARTEDLY ADOPTED by the corporate capitalist Plutocracy.

who's the "sociopathic fuck wad", now?

"no connection to blm or antifa" Why was he out there, then?
i know him

oh really?

he can't string two sentences together let alone be part of any social justice movement

Yeah well that is reminiscent of some people we all know...

i am so glad that the law caught up to him one again

You (a BLM / antifa supporter ??? ....), 'BOOP' support law and order?
Then why are you opposed to the Mayor of Portland / Governor of Oregon / Federal authorities
protecting a Federal court house which has been UNDER SIEGE FOR 3 STRAIGHT MONTHS
with the local, regional Mayor and Governor ACTIVELY ORDERING THE LAW ENFORCEMENT TO 'ignore' and 'turn the other cheek'
and other destructive acts on a court of Law?

Law and order, yes or no Mr. 'BOOP' ?

who is it, exactly, that ENFORCES the law when it is time for 'The Law' to take effect Mr. 'BOOP' ?

what are your foundational principles for civilized society, in other words.

you never thought you would live to the see progressive left as regressive and backwards? that's because that's not what you're seeing here my dude

How is this not the so-called Left?
Thugs who attack cars with the right-of-way when they block a public street.
was he "not" the progressive left?

This is the naked face of *your* movement, 'BOOP'. Look in a mirror.