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Violence in majority white cities

A comparison of violence in cities with predominantly white population.
What makes a city "safe" is obviously subjective. Here is a list of crime rate per 1000 people in some US cities.


"facts" can be deceiving 07.Aug.2020 06:27

Mike Novack

You have given a perfect example in this.

LEGALLY the towns in that "white" list are "cities" (their form of government) but for where they are, rather small places. And they are also not typical of their general area.

Would you expect a lot of violent crime from atomic scientists, technicians, engineers, etc. << you do know what the biggest facility/employer in Oak Ridge TN is, yes? >>

Would you expect a lot of local violent crime in a "suburban" place where the median home price is more than million dollars << You might have a lot of burglars coming into Ridgefield CT, not robbers, and the locals would be committing "white collar" crime, not violent crime >>

THAT is the real point here. RICH people might be just as law breaking but more typically "white collar" crime. They might be just as likely to get drunk, but in fancy "cocktail lounges", rarely bar fights. They don;t get into fights with their drug dealers because they have docs willing to write them script. These places don't have low violent crime rates because they are white but because they are rich.

Or should I say, there might be a connection. Why don't you find a small majority Black city where the median house is a million bucks and show us te violent crime rate from there? Can't find one? Wonder why, or rather think about how what happened in the 1920's in places like Tulsa and Rosewood meant we would NOT see any places where well off Blacks lived openly.

Whadevuh 13.Aug.2020 17:30

ralph estrado

Portland has no ghetto. As such, it's easy to be idealistic and out of touch here. This said, there are a slough of problems in cities with actual black people which the people here don't even look at or acknowledge. The first thing is that there is nothing glorious about black people being allowed to use drugs without punishment. The reason is that our own government would much prefer all blacks get addicted to drugs, since it makes them controllable and malleable. Actually, there's nothing glorious about poor whites being allowed to use drugs, too, since it also makes other poor groups easy to control. The poor normally would be the group to revolt first, black or white. In the 1960s, rebellious, anti war college kids were fed drugs so they would forget about the Vietnam War and focus on getting high instead. It worked. In the 1970s, the baby boomers forgot about causes and instead evolved into the Reagan Democrats since their drug use dulled their focus. The point is, if anyone seriously wants to win this, we have to be able to criticize ourselves. We also have to be willing to suffer for our cause, if we ever hope to actually be successful. Denying how the game is played and how we can become dupes for our own demise will ensure our demise. There is no way out of the current mess without self sacrifice and self honesty. If our government is directing our behavior instead of ourselves, we will never be free. The truth is ugly, but the truth is the only way out. If we can get it together we can direct true change. Otherwise, we are being led around by the nose into a situation we won't likely emerge out of. The truth is that we are entering a dark time and we are really kidding ourselves if we choose to think we can continue to be ignorant and self indulgent. Removing racism is really based in restoring economic autonomy to blacks than letting them not get arrested for drugs. All us whites will have to give up our unfairly accrued money to set things straight. Leaving blacks to only get income through selling drugs is in reality, a travesty. They should be able to have wealth and not be compelled to murder each other for drug turf to get it. I recommend anyone here spending time in a real black city to "get" the fact that blacks have been subjugated to live out a homicidal nightmare so whites can keep their wealth and trust funds.

WRONG, 'ralph estrado' 29.Aug.2020 17:41


'ralph estrado' [QUOTE]:
"Removing racism is really based in restoring economic autonomy to blacks"

1) what precisely is "racism"?

2) what is entailed with "removing" (?) it somehow? What does <---that mean?

3) how would it "restore economic autonomy" to black Americans?

I mean, you are *CORRECT* in calling general focus and attention in your comment to the fact that for many urban blacks this is a form of ongoing 'segregation' (aka, ralph estrado-speak

"subjugation to a homicidal nightmare") which limits their economic / educational / other opportunities. *YES*, economic 'autonomy' for black communities needs to be addressed. But you

have not identified __how in the #*CK__ a resultant focus on 'racism' will solve the economic, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL problems which *PERPETUATE* that segregation.


13% of the United States population are African Americans.

5% of the U.S. population are African American males between 15 and 30 years old.

^ That 5% is responsible for 50% of the murders and 65% of robberies in the country.

year 2016

year 2017

year 2018 ( change in reporting criteria? Sharp rise in race: 'Unknown' certain high crime areas, for example New York, do not report race as a component of their submission to the

FBI's data collection system )


You should read this excellent article about homicides in primarily black urban communities :


How the Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives

By failing to talk about the majority of gun murder victims black men politicians and advocates are missing the chance to save lives.

by Lois Beckett, ProPublica
November 24, 2015

Gun control advocates and politicians frequently cite the statistic that more than 30 Americans are murdered with guns every day. What's rarely mentioned is that roughly 15 of the 30 are

black men.

The number of Americans murdered by guns peaked in 1993, then dropped sharply until 2000 for reasons that are still not fully understood. Since then, the number of Americans killed in

gun homicides has remained remarkably consistent, about 11,000 to 12,000 a year.

Another constant: About half of those killed this way are black men, though they make up just 6 percent of the U.S. population. In 2001, when George W. Bush took office, 5,279 black men

were murdered with firearms, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2012, it was 5,947.

These deaths are concentrated in poor, segregated neighborhoods that have little political clout.

Most of these men have criminal records. But it's not drug deals or turf wars that drives most of the shootings.

Instead, the violence often starts with what seems to outsiders like trivial stuff "a fight over a girlfriend, a couple of words, a dispute over a dice game," said Vaughn Crandall, a senior

strategist at the California Partnership for Safe Communities, which did the homicide analysis for Oakland.