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Dr Larry Lopchowski states Covid 19 fake and has been licking 7 11 and Stewart's doors

Dr Larry has been licking doors of stores attempting to become infected.
Dr Larry has licked over 1000 doors and gas pump handles and has been unable to catch Covid

Mike Novack 04.Aug.2020 05:38


What does he imagine THAT negative would prove? We don't know that you can catch COVID-19 that way (into the mouth/digestive system). Viruses can be rather picky about exactly how they get into the body to infect. Yes I know, we are being warned about surfaces, but uncertain how dangerous those are. Touch surface and then eyes maybe.

why not just attend a superspreader event? 10.Aug.2020 08:12


don't know who this doctor is but sounds like satire to me. but how can anybody satirize a media that satirizes itself? we are being treated to headlines claiming that the US has 25% of Covid cases and leads the world in deaths, saw that on the news this morning along with stories about "superspreader" events and kids being infected at school. They sure know how to keep us in fear.
so the good ole usa with 4% of the world pop. has 25% of Covid cases...hmmm that's more than Asia with about half the world's pop. or africa with a billion or so, it's more than India with more than a billion plus 100's of millions living in slums on the edge of survival under conditions that make our homeless look like country clubs.
a little search reveals little info on this phenomena, cnn blames trump for not wearing a mask right away. well, that explains it.
No, we are being lied to about this, not that covid exists, i do think it does, but about infection and death rates, which have been massaged and manipulated in a way to strike the most fear in the people the fed and the globalistds most want to terrify and distract.

Covid is real but being used to cover up a market collapse 24.Aug.2020 06:25


Without the stimulant free money put in the market it would have tanked