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Grandmaster Jay (AFAC) The one shot three hit comedy

This article is about the comedy known as AFAC a supposed Black armed militant group lead and founded by an Ex-politician calling himself Grandmaster Jay
-Ital Iman
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Grandmaster Jay

The one shot three hit comedy

The intel is that one of the older guys had a heat stroke and his gun went off,I saw a video where GMJ could not hit a target with his AR15 in a indoor range the target was large.training a female in his apartment,how can he be the white mans worst nightmare acting like bozo the clown,the talk is soros and gang pushed them out on stage with costume and no script...plain to see he is not hood and not militant, and most def a bad actor-
The Rabbit Hole runs deep. What intelligent person would name his group (Aint Fucking around coalition) AFAC,sounding like they straight out of compton (NWA) The N-word with an attitude.He is not Ice Cube,snoop,nor Dr dre,but very well could be working for CIA ? let's call him snoop dog.
BM= Black militia,BM is also the Acronym for Bowel movement... a pile of defecation all his troops are slipping and sliding over. apparently the AFAC came out of the belly of government black ops. Grandmaster Jay has become Embarrassment to real revolution, instigator. opportunist, outright clown...
51 days prior to July 25,their rally at louisville to cause out the police in the Breonna Taylor murderers to be brought to justice, in the headlines of this day, members of his illusionary cult were wounded by their own gunfire having to be rushed to care by same police department they were protesting against. In retrospect: on June 5th there was a shooting and death in the same area seems to be a black lives matter orchestration. Once a politician, always a politician, always a conman. Grandmaster Jay literally shot himself in the foot, at least three of his 'trained expert soldiers' did: Grandmaster Jay has of late become somewhat of a Gomer Pyle; a clown like figure of the Radical Red pill swallowers. He keeps a straight face no matter his calamities, His actions have become an embarrassment to actual activists/Revolutionaries of the 'Black' liberation struggle. It has been pointed out by white militant factions who has made mockery of GMJ and this is a reflection on the rest of us who would really love to see change and some force stand up to 'big brother'; the fact of his unprofessionalism,untrained troops,which the incident saturday 7/25/2020 wounding of three troops by untrained and careless cadre,which is perfect reflection on the lack of leadership skills of GMJ.this all makes it appear that the black liberation movement is a joke. We have noticed that the greatest asset of GMJ is his gift of rhetoric being basically 'lip service' threats seemly,instigating and bluffing,and his appearance of being this 'bad' man, perfect example of his theatrics is this article in the courier Journal where he again threatens authorities : "Johnson also said the NFAC group plans to stay in Louisville and "build community policing" strategies and improve public safety.(improve public safety when your own troops shooting themself in the foot)
He ended a speech downtown by saying that NAFC is giving Cameron and the Breonna Taylor investigation four weeks from today to "tell the truth." that is a very "or else" statement,should not the average man be locked up or investigated for such threat,this is what let you know he is part of the propaganda machine.
What does he mean by this threat,does he truly believe his words have power.What is found to be dangerous about NFAC and GMJ is the fact that their are naive young black students who are willing to join him, and as he brags he have people willing all across the globe,but these people have no discernment,there are people who believe in Barack Obama,who is a known devil,even unto this day a man who did not write any of his content is their hero (Martin Luther King) The revolution has always been controlled by the hidden hand, just like BLM financed by George sorros for the global agenda, we have reason to believe NFAC is also another Puppet movement lead by an Ex-politician. Truth is: Each time GMJ go into a town he has to get permission,it is all staged,and patrolled by city state and federal police,it is not a revolutionary movement nor military action, it is only theater made possible by a few sincere young people mixed among crisis actors used and pandered by the media to get their desired effect.
Trained soldiers march in step- conditioned troops would not be falling out from heat exhaustion in the middle of Atlanta,there is no uniformity in weaponry , they are all out of shape,they need training...
They don't know what they are doing and that's fact, It is my belief they were designed to appear to look like buffoons,they are duped by their leader, Grand Master Jay who chose a name to blend in with the hip hop genre.
A recruitment scheme .

Ital Iman is a credible,credentialed Journalist and Author
Only independent / Black Journalist to cover Beltway sniper trial 2003
His coverage of the trial was picked up by the washington Post

Is NFAC counter intel 29.Jul.2020 10:34

Ital Iman media23abc@outlook.com

On some platforms Anti NFAC intel etc., has been taken down to me it's proof of The political reach of Grandmaster Jay...

we also reviewed one source revealing Him taking off his shirt of BLM and confessing: ALL LIVES MATTER. escorted by a police officer...

what does this tell us other than he is an Actor of the system he pretends he is against.