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Antifa-BLM - Government Agent Provocateurs and Crisis Actors

As Confirmed by Media Intelligence Assets both Locally and Nationally.

We've had them in my Town of Sacramento for 5 years hounding around down near the Jail and the District Attorney's Office, with no clear direction, mission or understanding of their protest goals. Obvious, shill crisis actors employed by the State to foment distrust and dissention.

The Capitol of California suspended all protest actions on the Capitol Grounds under the Covid Shutdown, except for BLM which recently held events there as Facilitated by the Sacramento Police Department requesting Permits for the Use by BLM to the California Highway Patrol. (Illegal)

The cozy relationship with Sac PD has long been obvious due to the Choreographed Protest Actions and Compliance and pre-assessed destruction by Insurers to achieve goals of Social Community perception, bolstering the need for increased security restrictions and funding to quell the "False Flag" Events.

Two-Talking Lesson = Very Basic and Straight Forward.


Wondering 26.Jul.2020 18:16


I have heard of this before. How can you prove that crisis actors exist? Seems difficult.