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America Descends Into Fascism: Trump's SS Blitzkrieg On Democracy

Federal Gestapo troops with no identification rain terror on pandemic stricken cities
The sight of those overweight jack-booted extras from a Steven Segal flop firing automatic rifles (yes- plastic bullets can KILL) brings to mind only one thing: The invasions of Eastern Europe by Nazi troops jacked up on government speed, brainwashed and possessed by implanted demons courtesy of the devils running the Homeland Security Wermacht. Trump wants to instigate violence just so he can make campaign TV ads out of it all and prove to voters that things are out of hand thanks to Democrats. These social misfits are literally trying to beat people to death. They gassed and beat the freakin' Wall Of Moms ferChrissakes. They beat a Navy veteran who just wanted to ask a question with a baseball bat sized "night stick" unmercifully. It's gone viral. Their motto seems to be "No Lives Matter". This is what fascism looks like. It's the complete corporate dominance of every aspect of daily life. From war to peace. Solely blaming Trump and the GOP for the virus resurgence doesn't put the blame where it really belongs. There are currently a dozen automotive TV ads that implore the public to get back outside and have an awesome summer doing all the great summer stuff in your new Mazda/Toyota/Chevy/Ford/Tesla etc. Most of the actors have no masks either. Let's not forget Applebee's and dozens of other reheated food emporiums beseeching the viewer to "get back out and have some fun!". Freaking DISNEYLAND is open! Trump and his asshole buddies in the Senate are just the Greek Chorus for Wall Street's unending, overwhelming push to reopen the economy come hell or high water. The billionaires that control the whole sorry mess only see the American people as slaves on their plantation. Virus? What virus? Give them some Molasses. The deaths of millions (we'll get there yet) mean nothing to the cold blooded racist maniacs planning our dark future. Everything about these Federal forces being deployed in Portland, Chicago, and God only knows where else is completely ILLEGAL under The Constitution. Posse Comitatus and all that. This isn't Chile under Pinochet. That may be the next step- mass detention in stadiums. Firing squads in the wings? Don't laugh. These clowns WANT to shoot us. If you live in a city with a Democratic mayor, don't be shocked when these goose-stepping perverts start assaulting your neighborhood. Is Trump trying to initiate a Civil War? He seems to be on this path in order to alarm his base just enough to squeak by in November. To him it's just theater- a deadly ploy to paint a picture alarming enough to motivate his crazy following and hopefully convince the wavering that Biden will just bring more chaos and rioting if sworn in. Trump & Co. are already setting the stage for not leaving office even if Biden does win. "Illegal Voters" is the battle cry here. They're trying to say now that 3 million voted illegally in 2016. For Clinton of course. Just happens to be the margin she actually won by too. What a "coincidence". Of course it's a bald faced lie. Like everything else that comes out of their crooked little mouths. They'll have to "drag him out" of the White House with those same troops. Funny how all the far right militia types have nothing to say about the domestic "Red Dawn" being foisted upon America by the redheaded porn-billed wonder. Those same jack-booted thugs you are always complaining about take a knee to none other that your "hero" Trump. Those insane troops will turn upon you guys too in the end. Think Trump really cares about FREEDOM and the CONSTITUTION? Those aren't the dreaded United Nations troops out there shooting kids and gassing mothers. The problem with staging a fake civil war is that it can easily lead into a REAL WAR. Which is pretty much what happened in 1861.

Thanks rAT 27.Jul.2020 01:43


From what I know, the powers that be are trying to stir up civil war. The purpose is to "divide and conquer." Trump and the people who back him want him to be a dictator. To achieve that you have to wreck the country both through spreading a pandemic and also through stirring up conflict and division. If people end up fighting against each other instead of our rich, corporate overlords, the rich get away scott-free with any and all of their crimes against us. Conflict also gives them a free pass sneak in horrific, self serving legislation while we are distracted by the symptoms of the problems instead of the source of the problems. The police merely carry out the will of those people. Even some police are in on their plans. However, the police are the attack dogs of the fascist state. Right now no one is focused at all on the root problem, the people at the top- and that's a problem, that's a huge problem.

Everyone, not just Republicans are being duped into furthering conflict which is undermining the stability of the 99%. Funny how, of all the issues on the news now, the one thing which isn't talked about is the root problem, the rich and corporations. So right now they are sitting pretty while we duke it out in the streets. I'm 100 percent sure that is exactly the point.

We have billionaires getting richer than ever, while people in this country are dying. I fully expect these people are moving in for the kill now, to finally take every last thing away from us. No one, not Fox, not CNN, not any corporate media outlet is discussing that problem. No surprise there. Instead, we are being given some prepackaged corporate media suggested revolution which naturally fails to address the main cause of our problems which is rich assholes depriving everyone and using the police in that effort to deprive. We forget it is the rich who now possess the majority of the inherited profits of slavery. Again, the worst racists, the rich, aren't mentioned at all in the media and are given a free pass to pay us shit wages and rob us.

I know I won't be popular here for saying it, but I think the plan all along was to instigate a riot, have this lead to defunding the comparatively tame local police forces with a new Trump SS goon squad. I'm not saying municipal police were ever put on as tight of a leash as they should have been, but we still could compel individual city police forces to behave far more than we ever could with a lawless, SS-style Trump directed federal level goon squad. I think we are seeing the beginning of the American secret police. I fully expect we manipulated down this path by those sick, lying manipulative bastards.

The reason why I think this? Read who was instigating rioting in Minneapolis:  https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/blog/george-floyd-death-minneapolis-protests-live-updates-n1217886/ncrd1219396#blogHeader
It sure wasn't antifa! It never was antifa. Of course, Trump would do the old switch-a-roo and blame the people he hates for instigating something they had no part in. That's how psychopaths like Trump work. They blame their victims for their own misdeeds.
Here's more about weird things about the riots:

And yes, both Democrats and not just Republicans are being manipulated. Of course, you could never have an oligarchy ran by a rich 1% if the oligarchy wasn't good at manipulating people.

The civil rights movement of the 1960s had an actual plan. MLK's activism encouraged empathy and unity. Others like Malcolm X and the Black Panthers were militant, but they too had good plans. Then they killed MLK. Next, they killed Mark Clark and Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers. When the Panthers fell, the CIA created street gangs, starting with the Crips to make sure that these now heavily armed black men would take their anger and their weapons out on their own people. It's worked like a charm. Now so many black men are dying in ghettos people having been calling it the "The Silent Genocide." Then during the 1980s, as we saw with Iran-Contra, our own government was distributing crack into the inner cities. Since black people are typically robbed of fair pay and every opportunity, they went along with it. The war on drugs won't go away because everyone, especially the government, is raking in profits from it. It's also a way they can kill black men without getting their own hands bloody. Drugs would be cheap if they were legal because essentially gangs have to climb so many hurdles to sell illegal drugs. If drugs were cheap, then all the bad actors in the situation, especially our government, would be deprived of their beloved cash.

Long story short, this nightmare we are in has been contrived, no doubt, by the usual culprits. This would be the class or group of people who sit at the top pushing all of us around like chess pawns. The painful truth is that the only way to win the game is to not play it. Use your head instead of your fists, or at least consider how what you do could bite you in the ass later on.

We are in the mess we are in because we don't understand the problem and don't understand just how sick, evil and manipulative the people in power really are. We will therefore never win unless we approach things intelligently. We also have to be willing to look at the scary, ugly truth about how bad people can be and how fragile our democracy truly is. We could easily lose our democracy entirely right now. We are headed in that direction. Your mind is your best weapon so use it.

And if Obama were still in office things would be different how? 04.Aug.2020 09:22


Do you ever stop with this Trump hysteria? If Hillary had been elected, if Obama were still in office this would all still be going on, President's do have a certain degree of power but they must execute the agenda of the Fed, the Big Banks and the globalists. The extension of federal power and contraction of state power has been a long struggle in the US and the Covid crisis and the staged unrest is functioning as a cover to assert total social and financial control over the world. A mere President can do nothing to stop it and if he tries, he'll be driven out of office or possibly even assassinated. Trump has actually done more to resist the globalists than Obama ever did, or Hillary would have, they actually believe, ideologically, that globalism is a righteous cause. Trump has revealed his misgivings but understands he can do nothing to stop it and his role of President is to act as a facilitator to the agenda, and has been doing that quite well.

Doesn't mean he's a good guy, he's an arrogant classist fuck and I never liked him, still hate him but kind of enjoy the way he often goes off script. He's not a smooth professional polished politician but a businessman who is used to speaking his mind and often sticks his foot in his mouth. At least you see something real in him, even if it's mostly kind of unpleasant, and not just a crafted fašade.

If you check Trumps record he has actually been surprisingly progressive with many bills he has signed, he even signed the Stigler act, after Congress had voted it down twice, which eliminated the blood quantum requirement to own reservation land for Native Americans. A monumental and historic act for Native Americans, as important as the establishment of the reservation system, but media has ignored it. It establishes a legal and legislative precedent to eliminate the blood quantum requirement for all tribes which means that native land will no longer revert to the federal government and natives can pass it to their descendants regardless of blood quantum. It's not a move that favors the oil and mineral extraction industry and contradicts the narrative that Trump is completely in their pocket, I think he did it because he felt it was the right thing to do.

pee-wee 07.Aug.2020 10:40


If PEE-WEE HERMAN were President things would be different now.

you're finally catching on rAt 12.Aug.2020 17:43


I didn't think it was possible but I think you've finally made a breakthrough here rAt. Yes, exactly, if Pee Wee were Pres,it would all be the same. Don't forget to follow the money and the trail leads right back, as always, to the Fed, the treasury, the multinational banks and the billionaire boys club. But the godlike power to create wealth with the stroke of a pen makes the Fed the biggest baddest player on the board so if you want to focus your ire on somebody then look behind the curtain at the shadow players, not the distractions they set in front of you.