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What Commissioner Hardesty Said Today

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty probably crossed the line
This is what she said today without offering any proof.

"I want people to know I do not believe that there are any protesters in Portland that are starting fires, that are creating chaos. I absolutely believe that it is police action and they sending saboteurs and provocateurs into peaceful crowds so that they can justify their inhumane treatment of people who are standing up for their right."

he's DEAD ON 22.Jul.2020 21:21


Just L@@K

Nope 23.Jul.2020 16:11


Nope, wrong as usual, Emily. It is the federal thugs who have crossed the line. And it is nothing short of delicious seeing the Trump Administration getting its ass kicked over this, and the snowflakes on the right crying like the little babies they are. White tears with my coffee, please.

"Trump admin. getting its ass kicked over this" how's that crow taste, Garth? 21.Aug.2020 15:04



after 50 days of sustained attack vs. Federal property w/ support of local govt?

is it still the "evil Feds" in "unmarked" vehicles/uniforms, or is the Portland Police Bureau actually enforcing their local jurisdictional responsibility to protect Federal property?

the administration *HASN'T* 'taken the bait'. Trump has repeatedly said at press briefings, that we could "go in to Portland and have it cleared up within an hour".... BUT THEY HAVEN'T DONE THAT, Garth.

i.e. the tactical approach of Governor Brown, Portland Mayor et al. to "draw Trump in" (thusly creating a public relations debacle) *hasn't worked*. Not only that: Local law enforcement has *finally* agreed to begin conducting coordinated arrest sweeps inside the insurgent siege zone around Federal building property.

Three straight months of fireworks, incendiary materials, and arson attempts against a Federal building simply must be responded to by the local / regional government, in some manner.

Also: "snatching people off the streets" = TOTAL B.S.

the people "snatched" by Federal officers WERE ATTEMPTING TO DEMOLISH (using hand tools, hammers, saws) OR START FIRE TO (using fireworks, gasoline, incendiary chemicals) the Federal courthouse at the time of their apprehension. i.e. while they were UP AGAINST THE BUILDING ITSELF USING THE TOOLS / PLANTING THE DEVICES, Federal officers emerged from the building to conduct arrests ADJACENT TO / ON THE BUILDING PREMISES.
nobody was 'snatched' "off the streets".