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Riot Riot Riot

This is what is going down on the streets of Portland get into the streets!
I have been in the streets of Portland every day since this started and I have been an activist in this city for a while and have never seen anything like this. The cops are now using LRAD sound cannons who knows what tonight's activities will bring get into the streets to find out...


Riots helped Nixon 05.Jun.2020 16:17

just sayin'


everyones being played 07.Jun.2020 00:55

William Bradley

The George Floyd snuff film had the power to unite left and right to bring actual changes to police conduct before the establishment pulled out their race bait brigade to sow divisions. Now you have a violent left that says words are violence and burning down affordable housing and assaulting people for having difference of opinion is a justified reaction. If think thats not gonna guarantee Trump wins again you know nothing of us history. The majority of Americans will not want to defund the police. We could get solid reform of the police but we are letting soros and cointel pro fuck it up yet again...

William Bradley speaks the truth 07.Jun.2020 15:22

just sayin'


I agree with William Bradley 08.Jun.2020 08:21

Jody Paulson

Defund the police? So they can privatize it, and only the rich will be able to afford rent-a-cops?
Who gets hurt here? Use your common sense. The powerful want to divide the people and take away all public accountability.

RE: what will happen to police forces, nationwide 08.Jun.2020 15:07

just sayin'

End result of "defund police" will _not_ be, what many/most might think or envision.

(as Jody Paulson suggests) It could mean privatization, or even Federalization of police/security forces for many localities. No matter how it plays out, "defund police" (...) will only mean more centralized government-corporate meddling in citizens' and communities' affairs.

I'm 100% in favor of ABSOLUTELY GETTING RID OF police but, what's emerged as a corporate-government merger (= Fascism) from the past 2 weeks Minneapolis fiasco, will definitely not be favorable to anyone in Minneapolis or elsewhere in the United States.

The approach is wrong 09.Aug.2020 10:14

Troy Prouty*

protest is one thing.

Destroying property another.

If u want to seek change. You don't do that by creating enemies.

I helped establish indymedia.. and I feel use of violence is only in defense.

This new "movement is b.s"