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Nobody care about indymedia anymore because they no longer support the streets.

The Youth Liberation Front is badass!
I support the Youth Liberation Front! They are the most radical organization right now in the streets of Portland supporting the mobilizations that are going on. They should be on the front of Portland Indymedia right now! Journalists should be trying to get there story what happened to the radicals that used to be here? The biggest and most radical uprising is happening in this country and city and nothing on those who are leading it. Here is a pretty good article on them  https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2020/06/who-is-the-pnw-youth-liberation-front-at-the-center-of-recent-portland-protests.html

Why must we rely on corporate news to cover them? The Youth Liberation Front is using mostly Facebook and Twitter to organize if Portland Indymedia was relevant at all anymore they would use that. Support the resistance in the streets Portland!

BTW I asked them if they knew about Portland Indymedia and not one of them did.


Thats a strech - No Info = No Posts 05.Jun.2020 08:10


This is the only article I see posted to indymedia on the Youth Liberation Front!
Report some news first
Tell the readers whats going on, rather than just diss the indy website
Nothing will be reported here --> using this first hand news source tactic --> until you write it up

I do see one (1) link to a corporate news story about the Youth Liberation Front.
That corporate news re-post with only the text: "hahahahaha" attached, is in the compost bin.

Regarding "the Youth Liberation Front is using mostly Facebook and Twitter to organize if Portland Indymedia was relevant at all anymore they would use that"
Portland indymedia is not using capitalist-corporate controlled social media outlets that cooperate with the state / police. They also sell information and data mine users information and IPs. Here at Indymedia none of that happens.

Wanna see Youth Liberation Front information posted here, get them to write up something, post some pictures or a video, it probably would make the front page.

Agree with workerbee3 05.Jun.2020 11:35

alza miento

Right, I saw that "hahaha" post. There was also another which is also gone, don't see it. Might have gone to compost as well.

May be the same person posting them. Confusing as to why they were posted as they were. I think that if it is the same person, this site is going to see incoming posts that will attempt to discredit your effort here.

what do you think Indymedia is anyway? 17.Jun.2020 11:19


i guess you don't understand. Articles are written by anyone on here. It doesn't have staff writers! IF YOU WANT SOMETHING PUBLISHED, THEN WRITE IT ! that is how indymedia works.
If this is a Youth organization, OF COURSE they have no familiarity here! they only know thier cell phones and that's it.
Get one of them to write a story with pic if you think it's so important.Surely they can publish it or can't they? It's not nearly as essential as it used to be, for organizing , they just use thier networking on phones, twitter, etc i assume.