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Eyewitness: "He was standing. Passively observing. There is no excuse for this." Is this what's in store for witnesses to fascism now? The FBI has been asking detainees if they have any anti-fascist sentiments!

Last night I went to downtown Austin to photograph and observe the protests. Towards the end of the night I joined up with a peaceful group at the APD headquarters. I was standing about 40 feet from the line, when out of nowhere Austin PD shot a young man standing next to me in the back of the head. He fell to the ground immediately and was unresponsive. A small group of people rushed him over to a medic station under the overpass. We were fired upon the entire time. There was no warning or order to disperse. There was also no behavior that could have remotely justified this shooting. Eventually he was taken away in an ambulance, along with one of the medics who had tried to assist. (also shot)

There are conflicting reports on if he survived or not. There was a lot of blood, and the medic working on him while we kept the crowds back couldn't find a pulse.

I've been searching all day for any info in this situation, and there is nothing being reported in any of the MSM outlets.
He was standing. Passively observing. There is no excuse for this.

He's alive, fighting for his life. His name is Justin Howell.
 link to www.thebatt.com

Check local media 04.Jun.2020 08:09

Mike Novack

There are so many such stories at the moment, I'm not sure we can fault national media for not featuring a particular one of them. That's asking why they chose to feature different stories, and that may be more a matter of which gets to them first, for which they have better video quicker, etc. If you didn't see them covering police misconduct stores from elsewhere, your objection would make more sense.

NOW -- I'd have to go back and recheck (Austin media), but last I saw he was still alive. The police explanation is "bad shooting" (aiming for somebody else). Not impossible, but then how to explain all the shooting at the medic types trying to carry him off. THAT can't be bad aiming.