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Violence at the justice center today by a protester/organizer

I witnessed a horrible and cruel attack today in front of the justice center, and it was not by the police, it was by a protester who was terrorizing, screaming, and yelling racism at people.
There was a younger white girl who was probably in her 20s today in the park across the street from the justice center. She had a sign supporting the protest and George Floyd. She was very passionate and very sad and upset.

This protestor/organizer in this picture started yelling at this girl and telling her to leave and shut up because "Her voice did not represent her feelings". She horribly accosted her. This went on for sometime, this woman kept getting up again and again and threatening the girl because she did not like the sound of her voice. The woman in this picture was probably three times the size of the other girl she assaulted.

At one point the girl was on her knees with tears in her eyes and her hands up, but this protester did not care. The protester finally at one point shoved the girl back who fell on her back and then smacked her head on the pavement. After the assault several people finally stepped in to keep the girls from getting seriously injured by this woman.

After this assault the protester kept screaming about knocking the girl out. She showed and had no remorse.

Who is this woman? Her community or whatever organization she belongs to needs to know about her violent, racist, criminal behavior.

Picture of the assailant 30.May.2020 23:44

Right To Speak

Here is a picture and video of the assailant.The girl behind her carrying the sign is the one who was assaulted.