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#georgefloyd Derek Chauvin charged with 3rd degree murder & manslaughter

But what can happen herein out? Will there be a judge or jury trial? Can he accept or negotiate a deal? A lesser sentence?
After 3 consecutive nights of protests in Minneapolis and others U.S. cities, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested charged with 3rd degree murder & manslaughter for the killing of George Floyd.

What this means in the state of MINN:

(a) Whoever, without intent to effect the death of any person, causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life, is guilty of murder in the third degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 25 years.

In viewing the three videos that recorded the 8 minute torture that lead to George Floyd's death, I would say that it should be obvious that the charges deem appropriate.

But what can happen herein out? Will there be a judge or jury trial? Can he accept or negotiate a deal? A lesser sentence?

Will the utter rage of descendants of slaves again light the night time sky?

And much respect to the teen descendant of slaves, Darnella Frazier, who filmed Chauvin's act of indifference that caused the death of Floyd. Her life and that of the family of George Floyd will never be the same.

George and his murderer worked security together at Minneapolis club 29.May.2020 13:25


Chauvin worked at the El Nuevo Rodeo club on Lake Street, as off-duty police outdoor security for almost the entire 17 years it was open. Floyd worked also there, as a bouncer/indoor security, for a relatively shorter amount of time, and had a prior criminal record in the state of Texas.

Presently, the nature of how much the 2 employees interacted or 'knew' each other is not known.

in the FBI / DOJ / State of Minnesota investigation and prosecution, there may ? be evidence presented that the two men had some connection with each other; or at least that their prior relationship, if any, should be explored in detail.

Additionally, it seems from the videos that have been released that the 3 other MPD officers involved in the murder were somehow ? knowledgable about Floyd and Chauvin being known to each other, and also Floyd being known personally to at least 1 and perhaps all 3 of the other MPD officers, apart from Chauvin himself. Evidenced by their synchronous collaboration in holding Floyd on pavement while Chauvin choked him to death. The deliberateness of behavior of all 4 in this public execution can not be ignored.

For example :

Chauvin may ?, as an active MPD officer and 17-year employee of the El Nuevo Rodeo club, had a 'grudge' against co-worker Floyd due to his felony record

Chauvin may ? have had racist prejudice specifically directed towards Floyd (although other nonwhite security personnel also worked for the club)

They may ? have had mutual disrespect / conflict between each other, of unknown nature

Other 3 cops, in the takedown of Floyd (for what's been reported as passing counterfeit currency) may ? have known in advance what Chauvin planned to do or accomplish in the brutal arrest - i.e. they are direct accomplices


George Floyd, fired officer overlapped security shifts at south Minneapolis club

(Addendum) Most baffling part of entire incident 29.May.2020 14:26


and not just to me, of course... is the *--> persistence of not just Chauvin but his 3 cop accomplices to continue their murderous activity while being closely filmed from multiple angles with bystander cameras, and also deliberately rebuffing all onlookers' attempts to interrupt their behavior for several minutes including a EMT professional who threatened to report them for mishandling their suspect.

This obstinacy points to some sort of 'get the job done' mentality on the part of *all 4* officers *together*, not just Chavin himself with knee on Floyd's neck. (Even if Floyd had survived, could it not have entered any of these 4 cops minds that the extensive video recordings would be widely reported, look extremely bad for their department, and be used against them in court of law? Although sure one can counter-argue "they're cops therefore they don't give a **** anyway"...)

As though they *had* to finish killing him. ( ? ) ... Who knows why it was so specifically important that George Floyd be snuffed out, for all 4 of those officers tasking together in unison. What perhaps did George know, and what did the 4 know about him/what he knew?

Additionally, the 911 call from a local business owner which reportedly had precipitated the MPD dispatch and Floyd's arrest is available as a transcript (at Star Tribune newspaper site). Whoever made that call, didn't speak English well and the transcript is unclear and vague, particularly in describing the suspect's identity and behavior. Very sketchy call, to the cops.

And in that neighborhood, with both Floyd and Chauvin working security at a Lake street club, at least someone here in this mess (including the 911-calling business owner?...) knew or had prior awareness of each other's identity.

Anyway, it seems that George Floyd as the victim of a random cop-stop >> murder (which happened to be extensively filmed by onlookers) seems too simple, cut-&-dried an explanation for what occurred here. Given that the murderer, and victim worked together as security guards at a local club.

Premeditation / backstory / relationship between Floyd and at least 1 of the MPD officers needs to be thoroughly bloodhounded.