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UNICORN RIOT LINK 27.May.2020 23:18



and hey pdxindy - where you at? how come you ain't there?

remember the good old days...daze...

Thanks Unicorn, I was first to post George Floyd murder here on newswire 28.May.2020 00:22



but no, unfortunately I am not there right now....
only able to view your stream, and a couple other streams remotely for reportage on this event

RE: "folks still think you're a cop"—Srsly? 28.May.2020 01:55


( No I think *you* are absolutely Gaslighting / Bulls**tting here but anyhoo... I'll take a random stab... )

Lol. I am the *furthest* possible thing from "a cop"-

The Policy Of Policing

Abolish The Police

What if we disarmed the cops?

Don't Get Rid Of Police, "Inner City African Americans" Need Them

Don't Talk to The Police ~ Ever!

anyway (the CuckooForCocoaPuffs whackjob notion that _i_ am "a cop", lulz) goes to show the utter, complete, total Self-Imprisonment Stockholm Syndrome of the so-called 'radical' leftists today who do nothing but navelgaze and conspiracy-theorize about "Invading WNs" and all sorts of other moronic aggrandizing Egotistical scenarios about their supposed relationship to the exterior world, when in fact they are nothing but a Clown Show on corporate social media for imaginary "Good vs. Evil" **rd-jousting Battle Royals, in the fine tradition of WWE.
similar to what we're witnessing right now in Minneapolis (although this one was touched off by an entirely just and righteous cause, the outright murder of Free Citizen by Jack Booted Thugs).

( unless of course ???.... My 'conspiracy theory'..... Lol...... all of this purported "antifascisteaktion" shadowplay is itself, a ruse, designed to distract attention from fighting the *actual* enemy...... )

lol, "a cop"....... ROTFLMAO - Stay Scared!

Cops Are (Still) Cowards — Abolish The Police 28.May.2020 02:02


Cops Are Cowards

The Police Are Still Out of Control. I Should Know. | By FRANK SERPICO

Abolish The Police

Don't Get Rid Of Police, "Inner City African Americans" Need Them

Don't Get Rid Of Police, "Poor People" Need 'Em - It's All They Got

Thank God The Cops Are Gone

Police Brutality, and the Bunk Premise at its Core

The Disappeared: Chicago Police Detain Americans At Abuse-Laden 'Black Site'

Continuous Bad Cop Behavior

"To Serve And Protect" is now — "To Cite And Collect."

Over 100 People Were Killed by Police in March 2015

RE: "your personal blog" — Indymedia belongs to *>YOU<* (not me) 28.May.2020 03:03


( not that you're listening / reading or give a flying **** but just to reiterate the Stone Cold Obvious )

Indymedia is about sharing information, and discussing issues that are not possible to be shared or discussed via Corporate Mass Media venues and platforms.

That's what it has *ALWAYS* been about.

Topics and articles that I happen to post, share/repost here to Portland Indymedia are those which I perhaps think (just the same way in which, for example *>YOU<* might similarly think about something completely different-separate) are worth sharing, discussing, contemplating, engaging with and LEARNING MORE ABOUT.

why is that so difficult to understand, comprehend?

why do you get a Stick Up Your Nose about things which are somehow "not to your taste" or (for the moment anyway, or via sheer hubris or ignorance) might seem 'out of your element'.... or perhaps even 'not relevant' to you? Ideological snobbishness?

why so triggered?

Did you ever stop to consider, that perhaps your own Ideological adherence(s) might be poisoning your own view of the world and your own corresponding ability to effect change in it?

Yes / no?

Moreover, this Ideological bigotry, ossification and senescence has long ago been superseded by the enemy institutional structures which you vainly rail against. By far and a long time ago those institutions turned their back on your kind and don't even care you exist, indeed they relish your continued wheel-spinning-in-place with your tilted windmill ideological-rooted (and increasingly Identity-politics-derailed) 'activities'.

"personal".......... sounds like you took it, too much <---so?

Indymedia still a tactic - Everyone's Doing It Now 04.Jun.2020 00:48


Indymedia hasn't gone anywhere. It is not an organization. It is a tactic. The same tactic that Unicorn Riot is using.

This thing here 06.Jun.2020 21:22


From above comment: "Lol. I am the *furthest* possible thing from "a cop"

No, he's not a cop. He's worse. He's from the group behind the police problem. He's from the group behind the Trump problem. He's playing a game. He's playing you for his game.

if Tupac was alive he'd be fighting the Federal Reserve 06.Jun.2020 22:09


but no one here gives a ***K

they're too busy with "racist", Identity Politics navelgazing ratmaze idiocy

Good luck when Trump gets reelected in November

How long, how many decades /generations will it take for you to understand that Team Sports Pepsi-v.-Coke Identity Politics is not
'The Power Structure' or how it is implemented upon your own Neck?