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Riots, Looting, Siege Of Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct Station Now In Progress



national corporate mass is not covering these events

Target store in nearby vicinity of police station looted

Murder of George Floyd (by Minneapolis Police officers) :  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2020/05/438561.shtml
watch the livestream

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xjy1_Jszy5U

HUH? 27.May.2020 18:38

Mike Novack

"national corporate mass is not covering these events"

That's funny, I have no trouble finding video coverage NBC or CBS. Or for that matter, even on Fox (I was just checking out this claim "not on national corporate media")

Claim of no coverage is false 27.May.2020 18:59


I was flipping channels and saw significant coverage on MSNBC, CNN, CNN and Fox News as well as local Portland News.

What coverage? Just "fires / riot in Mpls" ? 27.May.2020 23:21


the riots are NOT Being covered on Corporate Mass Media.

corporate mass media reporters are NOT present on the scene right now, 2 AM as the National Guard arrives on the scene in north minneapolis which is on fire, 1) occupied apartment building, 2) construction site on fire, 3) Police Station destroyed.


Don't come on here with "video coverage NBC or CBS CNN" and "MSNBC, CNN, CNN and Fox News as well as local Portland News"
without evidence and links, to the pathetic capsule description stories and 30-second "there's something happening in Mpls"

Corporate media SOUNDBITES / 30-second spots "burning bldg in Mpls"?

give us a break.


the **ONLY** Coverage in existence is Live Streams - 27.May.2020 23:28


Corporate Mass Media is *NOT* on scene, they had their news helicopters over the area briefly this afternoon but are **NOT** on scene and are relying on second-hand eyewitness accounts and vague generalized reports and distillations of official communication between City of Mpls, State of MN, police, FBI and National Guard.

NONE of ^THAT is ***COVERAGE***. They are ***NOT*** on scene, REPORTING WHAT IS GOING DOWN.

only the Live Streamers who are actually there with cellular devices are showing/reporting what is actually happening.
No corporate media cameras are now present. No corporate media reporters are present.

National Guard has now deployed, 2 A.M. and is in north Minneapolis with small arms and helicopters.
answer: nowhere.

screenshot of CNN'S Home Page ***RIGHT NOW***. 27.May.2020 23:39


"Protests continue"
"George Floyd remembered as 'gentle giant'"
"Arrest witness: cop knew what he was doing"

*huge* headline about "COVID 19 Second Peak", rest of the page filled with their typical corporate propaganda blah blah blah

^NONE OF THAT IS REPORTAGE OF WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW in Minneapolis. Entire Lake St. / Hiawatha area is on fire.

National Guard in process of fully occupying north Minneapolis because Minneapolis Police are incapable of handling that entire part of the city.
CNN's Home Page 11:30 PM PST 05-27-2020
CNN's Home Page 11:30 PM PST 05-27-2020

let's see U find and corroborate with CorpMedia direct URLs, the following: 27.May.2020 23:56


1. Construction site on fire RIGHT NOW with *no fire personnel* putting it out; just burning uncontrolled

2. National Guard landing on site with helicopters and small arms equipped

3. Pawn shop owners lined along their Lake Street businesses, armed with pistols, rifles and shotguns

4. Occupied apartment building, 2801 E Lake Street, located about 800 feet from the 3rd Precinct police building, is on fire.

5. Storefronts on fire, with occupied residential apartments above them, no fire department personnel anywhere near these

6. Auto Zone auto parts store burned to the ground, full of toxic and flammmable petrochemicals

Daily Mail UK (a 'tabloid' that occasionally reports usefully on stories Shunned by U.S.-based corporate mass media) has posted pictures of and reported on the Looting in the past 24 hrs

but no detailed or substantial reports, or photographs, or video recordings, from U.S. corporate mass media sources about these protest or the looting

'CBS Minnesota' reporting on 3rd Precinct station, two hours ago: 28.May.2020 00:16



Late Wednesday night, protesters set several fires, including inside of an AutoZone store by the precinct building, located near the intersection of Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue. The St. Paul Police Department sent about 40 officers to help protect Minneapolis Firefighters as they worked.

oh and finally, U.S. corp media *not* reporting Derek Chauvin's home 28.May.2020 00:27


protests at the home (where he was prevented from obtaining Uber-delivered food) of Minneapolis Police Officer and Murderer Derek Chauvin, only reported on by, ^^see above, Daily Mail UK...... not a peep from CNN corporate media about protesters who show up at the home of a cop-murderer calling him out. (They had plenty of time though for one random example to report on protesters at home of FoxNews' Tucker Carlson and similar garbage, ginned up for social media consumption)

Construction site (totally on fire, burning down) *CRANE* is collapsing 28.May.2020 00:28


Giant construction crane in middle of construction site is about to *TOPPLE OVER* onto residential housing -

where is corporate mass media?


~ 3:25 AM Mpls time, shots fired *at* Precinct building 28.May.2020 01:29


police respond with CS gas and flashbang grenades

crowd surrounding Precinct building scatters, runs for cover

large building fire across street from 3rd Precinct beginning to die down

protesters have dispersed to other locations

~ 5:15 AM Mpls time, Minnesota State Patrol robocops + snipers 28.May.2020 03:21


camouflage uniform clad snipers are positioned on roof of the police station (possibly ?? National Guard, or special unit police/State Patrol) - they have been up there for more than an hour

robocops echelon lined up in front of the station (as the MPD had been earlier), STATE PATROL across their vest armor

Misunderstanding? 28.May.2020 07:09

Mike Novack

You are not seeing reporting resources of the major corporate media outlets deployed and think that means no coverage.

We are telling you that coverage IS appearing on major corporate national media. I will add that also international (BBC and CBC)

This is a misunderstanding of how news/pictures get out when something is happening somewhere. Initially they will all be from LOCAL sources/affiliates plus "stringers" and "free lancers" who happen to be near the scene. The major corporate outlets will not initially HAVE any resources nearby. Nor will they begin sending in resources until/unless there is some indication that whatever it is will be persisting for a while. It would be futile for them to send out teams most of the time because would all be over by the time they arrived and set up.

This is how free lance journalists make their living, ever hoping they will be nearby some major event giving them a salable "scoop". But you will not likely be able to recognize these people working the event. They won't be decked out identifying themselves as being with this or that media outlet. It is the same with the "stringers", who although on retainer/contract with some outlet, won't be wearing corporate "gear". Seeing these people, you are likely to think just one of the crowd who just happens to be taking pictures, etc. and or talking to people. Not recognizing them as journalists on the job.

Corporate mass media's most-reported U.S. story all day yesterday- 28.May.2020 11:50


--> 'Trump's Handling of COVID-19'
( see previously posted Screen shot of CNN's home page )

^ THAT is the story which was propogated across ALL NATIONAL CORPORATE MASS MEDIA OUTLETS yesterday, ALL DAY LONG.

"We are telling you that coverage IS appearing on major corporate national media"
"major corporate outlets will not initially HAVE any resources nearby"
"nor will they begin sending in resources until/unless there is some indication that whatever it is will be persisting for a while"

^ —ABSOLUTE BULL***T. Story about the police murder had already broken 2 days prior (and even that was downplayed). Corporate media *DOES NOT COVER* police brutality in America, unless (under the current presidential adminstration) there is some possibility that coverage of it can somehow be 'spun' against the Trump administration. Even as, the Trump administration *yesterday* pledged FBI and Department of Justice investigation into the Floyd murder.

burning and rioting in one of America's largest population cities, police violence against citizens, massive turnout of citizens in thousands in the streets, is not worthy of coverage by corporate mass media.

Aerial footage of burning Minneapolis from last night 28.May.2020 11:59


But it had broken 28.May.2020 12:09

Mike Novack

I do not know how YOU access mass media. For all I know, you are talking about television. I don't know about that because we don't watch television.

The story about him being killed WAS out there on the internet mass media outlets right away. And stories about the protest demos was out there too.

You perhaps need to be clearer about what you are objecting to. Story not being the lead headline? I will refer you to the old chestnut about news. "Dog bites man is not news; man bites dog is NEWS". To get top billing a story has to be NEWS as opposed to news. Sad to say, in America, cops kill black man is news but not NEWS. Happens all too frequently to be NEWS.

RE: "stories about the protest demos was out there too" 28.May.2020 12:49


it was NOT "out there", in regard to reaction to the police murder story it should HAVE BEEN THE TOP UNITED STATES NEWS STORY,

but was eclipsed by "Trump's response to COVID-19"

not going over / re-hashing this again : See ^^^above posts

this is precisely where U.S. corporate media's Anti-Trump delusion shows 28.May.2020 13:05


they couldn't spin the George Floyd murder-by-cop as an Anti-Trump story, so they stuck with the current consensus:
"Trump's response to COVID-19"

( just look at all the FAKED DEBUNKED attempts at social media FAKED pictures of the killer cop Chauvin 1) at a Trump rally, 2) fraudster Jonathan Lee Riches posing to Look-Alike-Chauvin with a 'White People' MAGA hat <---BOTH OF WHICH ARE TOTALLY DEBUNKED AND FAKE.... so those social media smear attempts didn't work...... furthermore the Trump administration already strongly authorized the FBI/DOJ thorough investigation of Minneapolis Police and its 4 murdering officers SO THERE IS NOTHING FOR THE U.S. CORPORATE MASS MEDIA TO **BENEFIT FROM** in coverage of either the George Floyd murder *or* the resulting riots. )

Corporate mass media *still* has a bone in its throat about how he defeated their (and the rest of Political-Financial-MilitaryIndustrial Elite's) Chosen Candidate Hillary Clinton, and now that the Mueller Report / "Russia Russia Russia" has vanished they have nothing left.

They *must* continue adhering vainly to "Trump's response to COVID-19", continuing to ask ridiculous irrelevant questions about 'how many ventilators' at every press conference etc.

further to U.S. corporate mass media's after-fact coverage, this A.M. 28.May.2020 14:10


Fox News reports it as 'rioting and looting' as their top story.

CNN webpage has the story halfway down the page as "heated protests"...

"Fires Erupt" is how CNN puts it. Passive, because it removes the protestors from the equation.

^^ just pointing out a few **EXTREMELY SELECTIVE AND SUBJECTIVE** aspects of corporate mass media's Top Down decisions to portray the sequence of events following Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin's of an unarmed civilian.

yet more U.S. mass media obfuscation, non-coverage this A.M. 28.May.2020 14:46

See Attached

1. NPR = NOTHING AT ALL about Minneapolis / George Floyd murder-by-cop, but plenty of COVID-19, "vaccine" blah blah blah

2. US News = "Minneapolis Is Top City For Parks" <--- YOU HAVE *GOT* TO BE ***KING KIDDING....

3. CNN = note the (^^discussed above) "fires erupt" on CNN's webpage
US News Home Page Thursday A.M. May 28th 2020
US News Home Page Thursday A.M. May 28th 2020
CNN Home Page Thursday A.M. May 28th 2020
CNN Home Page Thursday A.M. May 28th 2020

U.S. corporate mass media obfuscation, non-coverage this A.M. : CBS 28.May.2020 14:55

See Attached

CBS News = "New video shows George Floyd's arrest" ('George Floyd Video' top menu banner), nothing at all about the riots or burning down of Lake/Hiawatha neighborhood in Minneapolis and 24-hour protestor siege of 3rd Precinct police station.

Lol. 'George Floyd' is NOTHING MORE THAN a "video" HE'S NOT EVEN A HUMAN BEING, let alone one who was publicly executed by government lackeys.

just 'watch this video', see the spectacle of "something happening with a police officer and George Floyd (who is nothing more than a de-contextualized subject of an "outrage" of some undefined sort... and nothing what so ever to do with destruction of an entire neighborhood of the city of Minneapolis, siege of a police station, calling in the National Guard - all of which erupted within 48 hours of his public execution.

Nor did the burning, looting, protesting and siege of the Minneapolis police department, calling in State Police armored troops, or the Mayor's request for National Guard assistance make the news for CBS.
CBS News Home Page Thursday A.M. May 28th 2020
CBS News Home Page Thursday A.M. May 28th 2020