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No Resistance To Racist-Fascist Private Central Banks, From Black Lives Matter / Antifa?

wonder why?

too chicken? No guts, no glory?

why don't the most vaunted 'activist' groups of "our time" give a flying **** about the Racist, Fascist takeover of planet Earth by the world's global reserve fiat currency privately owned central bank, the Federal Reserve?

doesn't matter to BLM, Antifa? More important fish to fry?

Antifa and BLM = lazy slobs?

= puppet 'resistance' groups?

what about the May Day (today is 9th May) Hash Tag uprising against corporate global bankers U.S. dollar debt currency Federal Reserve? General Strike? *Anything* at all?

why don't those groups / people with T-shirts, bumper stickers, HASHTAGS of hipster "I'm so woke" BLM/Antifa do anything?
Antifa has jumped the shark into WWE territory

Where Have All The Nazis Gone?
18.Aug.2018 01:20

Oceania is at War with Fascism

Anarchists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter in TOTAL SUPPORT of Federal Reserve Takeover

crickets 09.May.2020 12:07


* * *

chirp chirp .... crickets

how about you? 09.May.2020 12:35


what are you doing besides posting walls of nonsense to indymedia

4 posts back to back of links to your other nonsense posts

you are like an infinite feedback loop of idiocy and conspiracy nonsense

Wasted Space - Waste of Time 09.May.2020 14:49

Feedback Loopy

What a waste of time this article is. Obviously the author doesn't like Antifa or BLM.

Waste of indymedia hard drive space. Who cares about a bunch of opinionated illogical crap?

yes 09.May.2020 18:58


the entirety of underscores presence here is a waste of space

nobody reads the lists of links to his previous rantings that he posts in response to every article or comment, every, anywhere

the absolute most miserable poster this site has ever seen

"miserable" / "how about you" / "conspiracy nonsense "— 10.May.2020 01:59


somehow (on the part of Antifa / Black Lives Matter) I just don't think that kind of feeble ad hominem is going to cut it.

Lol, can you even explain the "opinionated illogical crap" you have just bandwidth-spewed here?

oh right that isn't its purpose to begin with, rather to attempt to distract from the actual issue, which is that the Federal Reserve now OWNS YOUR ASS.

what did you du with yr Trump Bux btw? spent it on a new hoodie? new iPhone for texting yr 'revolutionary' Nazi-assasinating compadres?

absolutely zero sign of BLM or Antifa since Fed Reserve Fascist takeover 10.May.2020 02:00

ok fine, we get it.


waste of space/time, but TRIGGERED enough to Non-respond 10.May.2020 02:04



where is "the left" ? Nowhere. Invisible. Assenting to FASCISM 100%

" underscores " 10.May.2020 02:10


who / which one of you came up with that identifying moniker?

genuinely interested. Let's hear the backstory on it.

i mean, the postings must _somehow_ be interesting or deserving-of-target enough, to be "identified"-by-author in that manner.
Such that attempted derision, ad hominem ad infinitum moronic attempts to distract and derail from the actual topic can be piled on.

Let's hear the story of how you came up with 'underscore'

btw I can assign any 'name' to my postings that I damn well please
author of comment: (required)
(can be anonymous or made up)

"assent" <— What does that word mean? 10.May.2020 02:20


Learn to pronounce
noun: assent

the expression of approval or agreement.
"a loud murmur of assent"

official agreement or sanction.
"the governor has power to withhold his assent from a bill"

seal/stamp of approval
rubber stamp
the go-ahead
the green light
the OK
the thumbs up
the nod

verb: assent; 3rd person present: assents; past tense: assented; past participle: assented; gerund or present participle: assenting

express approval or agreement, typically officially.
""Guest house, then," Frank assented cheerfully"

What does it mean to give assent?
As a verb, assent means to agree or to give in. When used as a verb, it's often followed by the word to. An example of this can be found in Henry James's The Turn of the Screw: "She appeared to assent to this, but still only in silence."Assent can also be used as a noun indicating agreement. Often when it's used as a noun, it indicates a person agreeing or giving permission without using words. Like when you nod in recognition of something another person says.

acquiescence, compliance, rubber stamp, sanction, validation, the go-ahead

there you go 10.May.2020 08:54


talking to yourself again

the reason nobody replies to you is because you are detestable

come on why dont you post a thousand links to your previous posts and finish your schtick

Oh Stop It 10.May.2020 10:10

Listening Larry

This underscore is a babbling loon

Question 11.May.2020 05:26


What happens when you are a white supremacist who believes that everyone who does not ascribe to your white supremacist belief system because the white supremacist labor movement you espouse has for long both ignored and abused people who are not white, straight males for its own gain?

First, of course, you blame everyone else for your white supremacy driving them away. Then you spend all day complaining on the internet, giving yourself the moniker "_".

"white supremacist" - (sigh.....) Ok. Proof? 11.May.2020 13:47


RE: "white supremacy driving them away"

who is "driving away"? Are you attempting to with your drivel-commentary wasting bandwidth here?

even if I was a "white supremacist" (whatever the **** that is...),

how is "fighting white supremacy" going to free the "long both ignored and abused people" (<--What ever the FLYING FU** THAT is supposed to mean...) or any other people from indebted slavery to Financialization, privately owned central banks and the debt based fiat currency system?

is Finanicialization, privately owned central banks and the debt based fiat currency system = "white supremacy" ?

then by definition I'm an "anti-white supremacist"...

RE: "talking to yourself again"

That is all that any leftist Identity politics folk ever do with their navel gazing virtue signaling. They certainly aren't communicating to other human beings. Nobody gives a ***K about irrelevant Identity politics garbage anymore, especially after CoronaEngineered-EconomicCollapse.

RE: "you are detestable"

And of course leftist Identity politics folk are well endeared to everyone. They have a high reputation for both credibility, and likeability. Everyone loves Identity politics, it's by far the best and healthiest way to be brainwashed!

RE: "a thousand links to your previous posts and finish your schtick"

Let's see yours. I mean besides "whites are evil, kill them all and then we win"...

"links", Lol. The information presented is verifiable and vetted (most of it published external to Indymedia's server). But you just vainly attempt to characterize all of it as "links" - Probably because you yourself are part of the Facebook-CIA network.


RE: "babbling loon"

Perfect description of Identity politics brainwashed folk. That's how they're seen by others.

anyway the Financialization / central banking stuff has absolutely NOTHING to do with identity politics, or any other politics.

Because Financialization and debt based fiat currency central banking >> *which OWNS you* << DOESN'T GIVE A FU** ABOUT YOUR POLITICS, Your Skin Color, Your "Wokeness", Your ethnicity, Your gender, or any other identity characteristic of you as an individual or collective/cultural being.


RE: "Oh Stop It "

Yeah Larry, stop. Now. Give us a break from your bandwidth-wasting antics.

Garth : you are an absolutely pathetic shadow of a pseudo-Troll. Time to retire, bud.

"there you go again" <— Who used that language? 11.May.2020 14:16

I wonder

oh yeah... Ronald Reagan did in the October 28, 1980 presidential debate...

why is 10.May.2020 08:54 detestable babbling loon quoting Reagan in his schtick?
why is 10.May.2020 08:54 detestable babbling loon quoting Reagan in his schtick?

Why wonder why? (when by your very words, you know) 12.May.2020 06:01

Mike Novack

Precisely, they have other fish to fry.

Black Lives Matter is concerned with things that are directly. immediately, affecting the lives of Blacks. When you are being gunned down in the streets, when your houses are being broken into by mobs (I'm simply sticking to recent news events) then possible shenanigans at the Central Bank level are too remote to give a damn about.

Central Banks/finance seems to be YOUR fish to fry. Well then go off and try to fry it. It is one thing to try to convince others that your fish is very important, but another to criticize folks who refuse to join you because they think their fish are more important to themselves.

"go off and try to fry it"—You Mike Novack, BLM, Antifa etc. ARE THE FISH. 12.May.2020 10:40

*that* is exactly THE POINT.


what about this simple concept *don't* you comprehend?

RE: "try to convince others"— BLM, Antifa, have "convinced" NO ONE 12.May.2020 10:51


I'm just saying (in addition to their *assent* of private-owned central bank takeover) that BLM and Antifa, along with all forms of Identity Politics, have produced absolutely nothing in terms of a 'movement' for (illusory) "change" and have wasted everyone's time and energy.

( "houses broken in to by mobs" - Wtf are you talking about? A single over-magnified incident BY CORPORATE MASS MEDIA? Of some retard rednecks who would have done this any time in the past 12 years under the Obama administration? You are seriously distracted by that IRRELEVANCE when the private owned fiat currency central bank HAS TAKEN OVER YOUR VERY EXISTENCE? Yeah right when will a "houses taken over by mobs" ever occur in Portland Oregon and when the **** would BLM or Antifa lift a finger to either 1. prevent or 2. do something about, it)

"possible shenanigans at the Central Bank level" - "possible"........ "possible" !??!?

Now willingly offering yourselves up to be sheared by your privately owned fiat currency overlords that provide your Stimulus check(s).

WHILE WE CONTINUE TO WASTE BANDWIDTH HERE AND ELSEWHERE ON Identity Politics THE PRIVATE OWNED CENTRAL BANK TAKEOVER OF THE PLANET CONTINUES APACE. Ignore it and false-equivalence it with Team Sports Identity Politics Bread & Circuses at your own peril.

why are none of these comments about the actual Topic 12.May.2020 15:15


all of the comments are ad hominem attacks against the person who posted the article?
( as though the anonymous poster of this Newswire article could even somehow ?? be discretely / specifically identified as 'Person X' or whatever characteristics 'X' might purportedly have assigned upon them, to begin with................................ )

No discussion of the actual topic, is permitted.

discussion permited, not reqired 12.May.2020 17:49

Mike Novack

You really don't get it. We are not required to find the same things most important. THAT is why I put the situation with Central Banks/Finance as an "if" and used "shenanigans". Not to imply unreal, not to imply not of importance to YOU, but to try to get you to understand that compared to other matters we just don't give a damn. It doesn't matter if real.

I am neither "Black Lives" nor "Antifa", but like them I am concerned with other things than you are. Of what importance is something as social artifact as "money" when the whole ecosystem is collapsing? Sorry, but "money" has no material reality, it is pure social construction. You go ahead and worry about how problems with "money" might exist, how improperly controlled. And by all means, feel free to convince us to care about it also. But stop berating us for not being convinced.

"not reqired[sic]", and none of course given from Troll-Novack 12.May.2020 18:48


Novack QUOTE:
" the situation with Central Banks/Finance as an "if" "

Proof of Novack's TROLL status, and a measure of their utter incoherence and inability to comprehend physical and social reality.

the central bank *IS* the central defining issue of our current time and moment.

You, Novack, would not exist nor would the internet servers taking up this very bandwidth sans fiat currency bailouts from central banks. The global economy would have collapsed decades ago.

- "Of what importance is something as social artifact as "money" when the whole ecosystem is collapsing? "

Novack, you don't get to INTELLECTUALLY NAVEL-GAZE define "money". Rather it is defined by the privately owned central banks which issue the fiat currency note denominations upon which the very oxygen you continue to breathe, depends.

Further, from an "indymedia"/ "activist" perspective if in fact they continue to rely on a Marxist-class based analysis, the content of "money" defines capital.

Novack QUOTE:
" You go ahead and worry about how problems with "money" might exist, how improperly controlled "
" But stop berating us for not being convinced "

Ha ha, lol. You have just verified your own pathetic existence.

We're supposed to believe that Mike Novack exists some where ???? in a Money-Less Ivory Tower?

where exactly are you posting from, Novack?
who pays your rent?
who pays your electric bill?
who pays for your food items?

(never mind who...) Are ^ those costs paid ****WITHOUT MONEY**** Novack?

oh wait all that is free, for Novack?
never transacts using 'money' (which ^ he claims not to care about / is irrelevant...) ?

do you have a bank account, or any financial assets Novack?
you think those assets automatically are translatable into-or-via precious metals, food, electrical energy, fossil fuel?

Barter your way 'money'-less through each living day, do you Novack?

Holy **** do you think *I* care about 'money'?

I don't give a flying **** about money. Couldn't care less about it.

oh and central banks, fiat currency, global FINANCIALIZATION of capital assets is about a hell of a lot more than just 'money', Novack.

in fact, one of the major problems with all of ^ that, and the ensuing problems it causes everyone except for the 0.0001% who continually seem to get bailed out after each collapse is the fact that, particularly since the middle and end of the Cold War era it has been increasingly difficult to define (within either the financial industry or governments) what 'money' actually is........

anyway no one knows what 'money' is anymore thanks to all of the Financialization instruments that have taken over not only currency issuance but every single aspect of capital transactions, holdings and speculative ventures (derivatives, futures, eurodollar deposits et cetera) planetwide.

it goes way, WAY, WA-A-AAAA-YYYY beyond privately owned fiat currency central banks and "monetary policy of a government" alone. They are simply nodes of an insidious pervasive disease network.

I am only concerned with making everyone aware that privately held fiat currency central banks are the enemy of humankind, are the root source cause of **ALL** forms of injustice globally, are the root cause of **ALL** forms of economic imbalances and collapses in the normal exchange of goods and services around the world.

"improperly controlled", LOL!

if everything by Mike Novack's definition is somehow 'properly' (<--?!) controlled then why have this website?

Why even have the internet or bother to communicate with each other as living beings?

**** You moron.

anyway until I start seeing some anti-Fed resistance from Resisteers: 12.May.2020 18:56


'Resisteers' = Antifa, BLM, whoever
so called 'vanguard' of "youth" in "resisting" "Fascism" "Racism" etc.
( like the Musketeers, get it? ............. )

there isn't anything more fascist or racist than privately owned fiat currency-issuing central banks. Especially not right now (when the entire fascist / racist global 'economy', or what's left of it, is fully propped up by central bank fiat currency).

pretty amazing: went from "yr a RAY-cist" to "money don't matter"- 12.May.2020 19:58


1) Don't listen, it/he's RAYYYYYYYCISSSSSSST
2) Don't listen, never mind 'money' doesn't matter / convince us

( ^ can't be both, one is enough - otherwise why bother to bring up the other? ............. )

Anything at all,

to *NOT* discuss the topic at hand. Classic trolling by Disinformation distraction.

this "discussion" ( ... ) thread =100% PROOF that left activism doesn't exist. 12.May.2020 20:06


yeah I don't reallly care about, or am calling attention to, the fact that no reasonable engaged responses to the Topic have been provided.

all I'm pointing out with this specific comment is that there is no such thing as 'activism' anymore.

Not one single leftist wants to or has the will to address the actual problem which is the source of all 'capitalist'-based ills:

privately owned fiat currency issuing central banks, which are currently (under purview of trillions of global-reserve-currency U.S. dollars emanating from the Federal Reserve) buying up global economic assets of all types, from real estate to retirement accounts to debt to food resources to businesses to stocks.

p.s. 'capitalism' no longer exists, particularly since the Financialization boom of the 1980s and later. The real economy, of goods and services that everyday citizens utilize and transact in, is completely disconnected from the Financialized global cosino unreality of the 0.0001% who 'enrich' themselves (totally unconnected to the real economy) with derivatives, futures, options and other speculative instruments via eurodollar deposits, insurance ventures and all manner of disguised 'monetized' assets and transactions: none of which ever even existed prior to a few decades ago.

We don't agree about what "real" means. "exists" means, etc. 13.May.2020 12:02

Mike Novack

"We're supposed to believe that Mike Novack exists some where ???? in a Money-Less Ivory Tower?

where exactly are you posting from, Novack?
who pays your rent?
who pays your electric bill?
who pays for your food items?"

NOT what I was saying (and the latter questions are none of YOUR business)

I live in a society which has a shared belief in "money" and that it exists in a particular form. Were I in a different society/time that might be belief in the value of cowrie shells or agreed shared portion of a large stone disks with a holes in their middle (and that never move/change hands, only agreement on what fraction of which stones belongs to whom. THAT is why I say that money isn't real in a material sense, that is exists only as social convention, beliefs in the heads of humans.

I am anarchist (in the older sense, nothing to do with running around dressed in black). A Marxist would say "you people, collectively take the property away from the capitalists". The Marxist believes in the relation "X "is owned by" "Y" and believes (along with the capitalist) that the capitalists owns the means of production. I would say "stop believing that they own it. It is only by your collective belief that they do so". You might say, "but the capitalist would still insist it was his property". So? How do we regard people who believe in the existence of what all others in the society do not. We treat them as delusional.

My primary concern is that we humans are destroying the ecosystem on which all life, not just ours, depends. If we were on a sinking ship and you wanted all of us address that 1st class passengers got served fancier food than tourist class passengers, if you berated us for ignoring your oh so important concern, for not joining you in tackling this-------- get it, THAT is how I am regarding you.

RE: "My primary concern is that we humans are destroying the ecosystem" 13.May.2020 12:24


ok fine, so you are on board with the (not specifically mentioned therein-->) anthropocentrism pointed out in the recently released Jeff Gibbs film, which has been lambasted from various quarters by the left.

I am in line with you actually. I really in the end don't care what happens to human civilization at large and agree that we have "shared beliefs" which are by definition illusory. Including "money".


if you are going to impute, somehow that the "shared belief" in "money" is what is causing the Financialized destruction of Earth, I counter argue that is not a simple trope of "blaming the belief" and deliberately IGNORING the real world mechanical function :

1) as mentioned, even financial experts can not agree on or define "money", any more

2) most, if not all, people in any culture or nationality are unable to discern or explain how "money" is created or how privately owned central banking absolutely controls and regulates every single aspect of mechanized industrial civilization
Translation: General population at large does not AT ALL have the same concept or idea of "money", which is held by privately owned central banks or their 0.001% partners in crime

3) 'overpopulation', 'growth of fossil fuels' and 'the over-consumptive essential nature of mechanized industrial civilization' are INSUFFICIENT collective definitions, parametrizations or "explanations" to identify either the problems or possible solutions which are presented in this biological situation of uncontrolled homo sapiens growth

4) as individual organisms and collectively as a species/culture, we *MUST* come to terms with and self-regulate the privately owned central bank tyrannical order, if any other aspect of homo sapies' "anthropocentrism", resource exhaustion, or other aspects of planetary domination/subjugation and self-destruction are to be dealt with in the fossil-fueled 'endless growth' paradigm.

Jeff Gibbs, in his film, cautiously avoids direct mention of Deep Ecology, and also the concept of Anthropocentrism by name, when he has a brief discussion with sociologist philosophers about human beings' collective unwillingness to accept death (the work of Albert Camus is tangentially brought up in that discussion in the film). In a biology/physics and epistemology of existence sense, that is the issue which faces homo sapies at this point. How to face or deal with the actual mechanical progression of it (overall species death) is the unanswered question.

But we do have societal and systemic issues which can be altered and can be controlled. As a species it is not required, necessary or even likely that we go to our collective graves each hooked to slavery by the yoke of privately owned central bank ownership. Revolutions do occur in societies and civilizations, sometimes suddenly and in surprising-unexpected proportion.

Lastly, the ridiculous All Star Wrestling poseur actions of irrelevant groups such as Antifa and BLM must be redirected or stopped. Of course they won't, people will continue to utterly waste *everyone's* time and energy with participation in those pointless misdirected antics.

further to "money" concept and endless homo sapiens growth 13.May.2020 12:53


remember Mike if/before you decide to respond to _this_ post FIRST SEE AND REFERENCE THE ONE ^ABOVE----already mentioned/covered


on "money", as mentioned ^above, the private central banks arbitrarily create and define it.

Fiat currency is _completely_ fictional. It has no backing and serves only to increase flows of wealth upwards towards a tiny homo sapiens minority at the top who control the levers of financial-asset application.

Without fiat currency at the behest of a computer keyboard and screen, all the "growth" of the post-1970s era, i.e. subsequent to the 1970s decade TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE (which no one seems to want to admit occurred) would not have either occurred or been possible.

The post-2008 "economy" of planet Earth, is an illusion. It has been sustained by fiat currency bailouts of every single financial and industrial entity, everywhere.

THis is now occurring, in real time in 2020, as I type this. We have no "economy". The Federal Reserve is buying up every single asset (yes including foreign central banks) on planet earth with its fake "money".

Without the creation of all the new money which instantly finds hands for the large net worth asset-holders at the captain controls of Earth's ecological destruction machine, and below whom all Earth ecological destruction sequentially then occurs, there wouldn't be any of it. None of it would happen. These entities would instantly keel over, dead.

Human civilization would then cease to limitlessly expand (which, as noted above, is not *solely* due to fossil-fuel growth.....) Concomitant growth, especially in the past 4 decades, of FINANCIALIZATION must also be considered as industrial output production in the major western civilizations has fallen. Financialization is the last-phase 'evolution' of a dying industrialization and service-oriented high bourgeois civilization which keeps it "growing".

Unrestrained private central bank 'buying up' of the entirety of all economic assets on planet Earth — as they are indeed doing right now — using totally fictional on-a-computer-screen fiat currency, would *NEVER* have been done or have occurred a hundred years ago at the outset of

It is only the private central banks, headed up by the fiat currency central bank the Federal Reserve (which was the model for all other modern central banks currently existing on Earth)

This uncontrolled, beyond-government (<--never mind "representative government" / "citizens vote in a democracy") control aspect of the Fed's actions is what is disturbing. By propping up a Zombie economy (which itself has shifted to services-only in the more developed civilization and no longer actually Produces goods) they perpetuate the ecological razing of the planet; which would be halted if the Financialized, fictional fiat currency was stopped in its tracks and *real exchange* of goods and services along with real price discovery and transaction of assets could even begin to occur.

"money" 2.0 as a form of DEBT enslavement — 13.May.2020 13:08


Unmentioned in the previous 2 posts ^^ above, is that fiat currency is a form of Debt slavery.

Which, as discussed, has been exponentially increased over the past 4 decades. i.e. the printing-issuance of computer-screen fiat currency (mostly from the global reserve currency private central bank, the Federal Reserve, but also the other major central banks) in gigantic numbers to entire economies, industries and civilizations across the planet.

Translation : every human being is vastly more enslaved *now*, in year 2020, than we all were 40 years ago. Due to far more prolific issuance of private central bank owned debt-based fiat currency.

Central banks have only one product: Debt.

this debt enslaves not only individual citizens, but also entire nations and industries.

Hell, I believe (private central bank owned/issued) fiat currency is fake. It's the fakest most pathetic thing ever devised by humanity, in my opinion.
But what happens if I actually put ^ that belief/ideology into every day practice in my own life? What exactly happens, then?

Maybe as an 'anarchist' who says merely "stop believing that they own it" / "stop believing that they [Privately Owned Central Banks] issue it [Debt Based Fiat Currency]",
we are to believe that you are somehow above, beyond, and outside of this system of enslavement?

everyone must participate in this Central Bank Owned system of enslavement, without consent.

And yeah, in the real world from your perspective / what you espouse on here Mike it damn well is my business by what means you transact. ( whether "money" is 'illusory' or not, or you choose to/not "believe" in its existence - never mind the separate topic of 'property ownership'...)



Finally, about "money" (and Karl Marx) — 13.May.2020 13:19


Financialization, i.e. the post-1970s global economy didn't exist in the mid-19th century economy (and concomitant nascent industrialization just emerging at that time a century-and-a-half ago).

Marxism, the economic definitions/ideas of Marx and Engels with regards to capital, means of production etc.
ARE COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to the post-1970s Financialized economic activity, asset transfers and ownership, and service-(NonProduction)based orientation of advanced western economies.

Not to mention fiat currency creation, and the function of 'money' which is not backed even by precious metal any more. Fiat currency **IS** capital, issued by privately held central banks, in the 21st century Financialized economy.

I understood why you brought up Marx and the context in which you meant it : fine for the purpose of illustrating your philisophical point about basic anarchist tenets of ownership etc. Got that, no problem.

But unfortunately Marxism is a pathetic dated relic. No relevance or utility whatsoever to the modern computerized world of Derivatives, Futures, and other financialized assets which destroy entire regions of the Earth and our ecology while fueled by fictional fiat currency (even as industrial Production in advanced western economies is in precipitous decline).

without an understanding of Financialization, anarchism is dead

I suspect we do not shahre a common langauge 15.May.2020 17:40

Mike Novack

"And yeah, in the real world from your perspective / what you espouse on here Mike it damn well is my business by what means you transact. ( whether "money" is 'illusory' or not, or you choose to/not "believe" in its existence - never mind the separate topic of 'property ownership'...)"

No, your questions were NOT about what I espouse (though that's none of your business either). You asked ..
where exactly are you posting from, Novack?
who pays your rent?
who pays your electric bill?
who pays for your food items?"

Similarly there is a language problem if you took what I said about money being a matter of belief as meaning I claiming that money depended on my personal belief (as opposed to the shared beliefs of a society). But I guess that's natural, since you apparently think your personal belief that debt instruments can't be money settles the matter.

Here, this society, hasn't used "real" money (as the "gold bugs" would consider real) during my lifetime, and I suspect I am a lot older than you are.

But in any case, this whole thing was NOT about whether or not that question (whether you are right or wrong about that). It was about your attack on activists spending (apparently in your eyes, wasting) their time on what THEY consider important.

It is risky to respond for somebody else. But were I a Black activist I might say to you "We were just as oppressed when the medium of exchange was pieces of gold. What is or is not used as money is irrelevant to OUR problems." << if I have spoken badly, plese forgive me >>

language vs. "type" of activist / "money being a matter of belief" 16.May.2020 08:21


" you apparently think your personal belief that debt instruments can't be money"

I never ^ said this.

I don't 'care' what money is, You Mike Novack should view the Bill Still series 'The Money Masters' in order to understand what money actually is and where it came from.

Human civilization doesn't require 'money' in order to exist and transact. None of us need to have 'money', to exist either individually, or collectively as a human society.

I'm trying to exhort persons of any color, creed or background to COLLECTIVELY rise up against the CORPORATE OWNED central banks in order to free themselves from debt slavery.

Got a problem with that?

"attack on activists spending (apparently in your eyes, wasting) their time on what THEY consider important"

Nobody CARES what 'Black Lives Matter' and Antifa might-
QUOTE: "consider important"


Identity politics (which has no cognizance whatsoever of CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS and thus inherently serves the 1% ruling elites BY IGNORING CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS) is ***IRRELEVANT*** and is co-destroying the planet with corporate owned central banks, by design.

commitment to marshalling people's energy around IDENTITY POLITICS issues bolsters the imperatives of finance capital globalism and American imperialism.

The Investment theory of party competition is a political theory developed by Thomas Ferguson, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The theory focuses on how business elites, not voters, play the leading part in political systems. The theory offers an alternative to the conventional, voter-focused, Voter Realignment theory and Median voter theorem, which has been criticized by Ferguson and others.


See also

Human life, civilization and planet Earth is threatened by CORPORATE OWNED CENTRAL BANKS which drive the expansion of (the most wasteful, harmful and destructive aspects of) human civilization and its attendant behavior(s).

yeah Mike it's a language problem.
You don't understand money, central banking (what it is doing to planet Earth or your own surroundings), activism, or even language or person-to-person communication itself.

"what I espouse (though that's none of your business either)" 16.May.2020 09:28


yeah whatever Mike.

per usual, you waste everyone's time and bandwidth on navel gazing uberintellectualized minutiae in order to distract from the topic at hand.

RE: "my business" (... ?) as always is that you are a Disinformationalist Troll and will continue call you out as such.

Corporate owned central banks are as much of a threat to humanity and planet earth as intersectionality, self-ideological overdosing, navelgazing pseudo-'anarchism', and identity politics.

(one final clarification) Financialization, rather than private central banks 21.May.2020 16:14


is the bigger _overall_ problem.

But as documented in ^^ previously posted references and documentary films, Financialization of the global economy itself is intimately and substantially-primarily intertwined with the privately owned fiat currency-issuing central banks' role in that process of Financialization. So sure, private central banks are bad. But Financialization of global economics (fueled by fiat currency) is a greater threat to humanity and planet Earth.

Financialization of the world's economy continually takes away from and erodes the Real Economy of goods and services, along with the real wealth and assets of the 99%. Unearned income has become the primary method by which the top elites in the global economy, using debt instruments and debt-note fiat currencies, are creating wealth and increasing GDP (which is less and less comprised of actual goods, while more and more consists of financialized debt instruments).

No one is, or even wants to, produce anything anymore: Including large corporations, who are along with their CEOs far more interested in buying back stock in their own companies and inflating their own established namebrand asset prices, than they are or would be in actual 'capitalist' competition in the market for providing or competing with their products or rival producers.
Financialization-based asset inflation, is what becoming and being 'rich' or a top elite global 'capitalist' is all about today. We're a long, LONG way from the J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller era of actual industry titans who monopolized actual real economic industries that produced real goods and services. It's like a Financialized snake eating itself.

worse still, many aspects of Financialization (including Derivatives, options and other financial instruments) are increasingly conducted with computerized and AI technologies. Further removing these Financialized operations from the control, view and expansive tendencies of even the elites who purportedly 'own' and participate.

we are far beyond the point of being able to make a 'political' change to this system (i.e. bringing in "socialism" etc.)
The system's inherent flaws, being that Financialization is the primary substantial sector of GDP worldwide and actual real economic production having been relegated to the lower tiers of economic quantization, will lead us to a global currency crisis with the flooding of fiat currency U.S. dollars through the global system from the Federal Reserve. (right now, in the United States at least we're pretending that the government can support the people by using a printing press: stimulus checks don't create GDP or real economic product. )

A new global reserve currency will have to arise out of this system, after the dollar's impending collapse, in the next few years. That global currency crisis could have many other political and social repercussions, including total collapse of associated system(s).