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Governor Kate Wants You to Stay Home

Governor Brown continues to treat Oregonians like the idiots we are.
We keep voting for people like this, but why? Her disdain for people is obvious. Her voting record appalling. We actually believe beaches are dangerous?

No, it's not the BEACH that's dangerous 05.May.2020 04:50

Mike Novack

It's STUPIDITY that's dangerous.

It is probably less dangerous to be in a crowd of people maintaining distance apart in the open air than at the same distance in an enclosed space. THAT is not the problem.

The problem is the idiots who will think no need to maintain distance. Let's see, we have stories of a park ranger shoved into the lake for telling the people "maintain distance". And a store guard shot for telling somebody "put your mask on".

What is YOUR picture of people on the beach? People carefully staying a distance apart? Or beach partying as in normal times?

Arleta Library Cafe, neighborhood brunch favorite, will close permanently 05.May.2020 13:45


 link to www.oregonlive.com

Arleta Library Cafe, neighborhood brunch favorite, will close permanently

Updated 1:12 PM; Today 10:44 AM

- - - - -
Griddle cakes at Arleta Library CafeLizzy Acker | The Oregonian/OregonLive
- - - - -

By Michael Russell | The Oregonian/OregonLive

Arleta Library Bakery & Cafe, the neighborhood breakfast spot once co-owned by mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone, will close permanently, chef-owner Nick Iannarone announced Tuesday.

In a press release, Nick Iannarone said the social distancing required of restaurants seeking to reopen just won't work given the tight quarters at Arleta Library Cafe.

The Mt. Scott neighborhood restaurant, which was not actually a library, opened 15 years ago. Sarah Iannarone co-owned the restaurant until December, 2018, according to her LinkedIn. Sarah and Nick Iannarone divorced in 2019.

The restaurant, which opened in 2005, got a big boost from an early appearance on Guy Fieri's Food Network show, "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" (see below). Over the years, the restaurant remained a critical favorite, getting a shout out for its savory biscuits and gravy The Oregonian's guide to Portland's 40 best brunch spots last year.

BIX & HASH at Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

"This has been a gut-wrenching decision, and one we are forced to make given the uncertainty of COVID-related timelines and the safety measures needed to operate in this challenging environment," Nick Iannarone said in a press release announcing the closure.

Arleta Library Cafe becomes the latest Oregon restaurant to announce a permanent closure due to the coronavirus crisis.

"I will always have fond memories of the cafe," Sarah Iannarone said in a statement. "We started the business as a way to bring great food to parts of our city that many people thought did not deserve it. We were raising our daughter there, loved the community, and valued having a place we could walk to for a good meal. We'd both worked in high-end restaurants our whole careers and thought our working-class neighbors deserved a place they could enjoy and be proud of 'just like downtown,' was our inside joke."

"I've not been involved in restaurant operations for some time but remain a huge fan of the place and know it was a gut-wrenching decision for Nick. My heart goes out to him, our daughter, the long-time staff, and our neighbors who supported it from day one. Not all businesses have a model that can be adapted to the uncertainty of COVID-related timelines and the safety measures needed to operate."


A List of Portland's COVID-19-Related Permanent Restaurant Closures - Eater Portland

Shocking 05.May.2020 18:24


No surprise I suppose that since _ likes telling Black people, LGBTQ people, and other non-white groups how they should act, they now take their expertise in medicine and public health--Where did you study, _? How many journals have published your research, _?--and present it as more gospel. But as usual, it's nonsense.

05.May.2020 14:57 "baby man" post - if not joke-trolling that's srs Derange 06.May.2020 08:41


talking about killing ppl, over a government-instituted shutdown

either (as mentioned) it's a 4chan-esque trollpost or, if a real person, needs to selfeuthanize or seek help immediately.

why would any person on Indymedia *care* what Governor Kate says? 06.May.2020 12:01


makes you wonder who posted this to the Newswire, and why


State of Oregon's 'government' is a joke 06.May.2020 12:04


if we're interested to 'save' this topic thread....

let's have a discussion about the broader efficacy of Oregon's government institutions and officials overall, irrespective of the global pandemic we find ourselves in the midst of.

Gotta say after having lived here for a few decades :

Oregon's 'government' is a joke.

Just Kate? 08.May.2020 16:29


Only "Kate" wants us to stay home? "Kate" is a governor whose job it is to execute the agenda of the people with money and more power than she has, the bangsters, The Fed, The shadow government, The billionaire boys club, the globalists, The Rothschilds...whoever the hell else "they" are. But yes, she wants us to stay home and help "them" gauge just how much people will take before resisting. Right now, there is no meaningful resistance from the sheeple, and I wouldn't be surprised if there never is any, no matter how much they tighten up the screws. Have there ever been more powerful brainwashing tools that what exist now in this modern age? The internet, TV, radio and advanced chemical and psychological techniques of manipulation and control that are unprecedented in the history of civilization.

Right now the Fed, along with the Treasury, are pouring trillions of dollars of fiat money into the world, purchasing debt and forcing uncounted millions into deeper and deeper debt. Focus on that word debt and understand what is really means: Debt = slavery

We will emerge from this Covid crisis with the Fed taking near total control of the national financial and world markets, it will all be on the books of the Fed who can prop up the stock market indefinitely despite the spectre of trillions upon trillions of dollars of debt that we, the taxpayers, are responsible for paying off. How long can this be maintained? Who the hell knows but we're going to find out someday, and it's not going to be pleasant when we do.

Does this mean that Covid is a hoax? I don't know. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, maybe it's worse than they say it is, maybe it's not as bad. We just know that it's emergence right at the time the Fed made it's historical move to convert the world to it's new financial order is not coincidence. So whether it really exists or not doesn't change the fact that is was released as a distraction. So keep watching the birdie folks, don't worry about the man behind the curtain, that's what "they" want.

RE: what "they" want. 08.May.2020 18:53


yes it is a 'move along, nothing to see here' situation.

Problem is most media-Facebook-brainwashed sheep are incapable of becoming alert to it.
(They much prefer Team Sports Politics "root for my home team" Coke vs. Pepsi ideologically-mired tit for tat falderal and **** jousting with imaginary 'enemies' on social media)

Debt based, credit fueled economic system is absolutely unsustainable and promotes slavery to privately owned central banks.

(the word) Credit :
crēdere = to believe
From Latin crēdere, present active infinitive of crēdō ("believe")

Watch documentaries (many of them already reposted on Portland Indymedia) about central banking. You will understand *precisely* what has transpired right now and since September 2019.

absolutely NOTHING to do with 'a virus' and everything to do with the collapse of a fiat currency-inflated bubble that needs re-tuning and adjustment by the global reserve fiat currency (U.S. dollar) privately owned central bank, the Federal Reserve.

p.s. I'm working on a 'playlist' of superbly educational Central Bank documentaries. Will post it to the Newswire with PDX IMC links (for the ones previously posted here).