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Suggestion: If (Government / Federal Reserve) Is Printing Money, Eliminate Social Welfare

if we're just going to issue fiat-currency Treasury check 'stimulus' payments,
why not eliminate all the social programs (food stamps/EBT, SNAP, social security, Unemployment Insurance)?

This would cut overhead costs, at least, from the issuer's perspective and save everyone / the entire system money and cost in the big picture/long run.
We can get rid of a lot of government employees as well. Efficiency of 'government' would be increased.

Just print up the money on a computer screen and send it directly to citizens, no overhead needed.

a form of UBI if you must have it stated as such. See below, however :

i.e. the 'social welfare' programs should simply be turned into MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), along with everything else. Since it ALREADY HAS BEEN based on actions of the past 2 months.

Modern Monetary Theory or Modern Money Theory (MMT) or Modern Monetary Theory and Practice (MMTP) is a macroeconomic theory and practice that describes the practical uses of fiat currency in a public monopoly from the issuing authority, normally the government's central bank.

NOT a new concept 29.Apr.2020 05:11

Mike Novack

Nor is it necessarily connected to "printing money"

What do you think the "bread" meant in the expression "bread and circuses"? And some of the classical period Greek city states had this. We even had one of the candidates in the recent campaign proposing something from this "tradition".

Unfortunately, ideology gets in the way of this efficient solution. Rather 99 innocent suffer than 1 undeserving prospers.

The concept, give EVERYBODY (the rich and poor alike) a "citizen's maintenance allowance". Not generous, but enough to get by if careful. Then no "welfare". From taxes/state income, not necessarily "printed money". No "needs test" overhead. Actually, was a figure of Greek/Roman comedy, the rich miser who bothered to stand in line to collect approach >>

But trust me, the ideological push back is SEVERE. Nor is it matter of being from the right. The traditional leftists are just as much opposed. Personally been in a many year struggle in an organization where the issue was aid/subsidy to CHILDREN of members.