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A Tale Of 3 Hoaxes: HIV = AIDS, 9/11 'Islamic Terror' Attack, 2020 COVID Economic Collapse

complete explanation references on the non-existent (single) disease named by the CDC, "AIDS" and how it is *not* 'caused' by the retrovirus HIV (aka HTLV-III) :

9/11, you already know the story.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/topic/911investigation/ "Arabs" attacked the United States so that American citizens could surrender liberties to the still-in-effect USA Patriot Act. Further, to illegally invade and militarily occupy 2 separate countries whose residents had no national or ethnic correlation whatsoever to "19 hijackers".

COVID / SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic : the CDC and U.S. government collaborate to insist helped along by an AIDS-era scam vet, Dr. Anthony Fauci that we must shut down the U.S. and global economy in order for the privately owned Federal Reserve to completely take over the planet with infusions of typed-on-computer-screen fiat currency (in the form of U.S. dollars) that will somehow keep the economic ultra-bubbles of Financialization from collapsing onto themselves. Final results of this latest experiment remain to be tallied' currently in progress.
Any questions ?

Plandemic The Movie (May 2020) 06.May.2020 13:06


Dr. Judy Mikovits