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Stock Market During Shutdown = ABSOLUTE PROOF "Strong Economy" Is A Total LIE.

The economy of the United States is at a standstill.

Zero velocity of money. Zero productivity. 20 million unemployed persons receiving government benefit payments. NO ONE IS WORKING, or driving automobiles, or flying in aircraft.
Crude oil prices have collapsed, and a massive glut (which has existed for more than 1 year prior to the virus pandemic) of oil supply will take many months to evaporate even if the overall U.S. economy returns to regular operational status.

Yet amid all of this, Wall Street's stock market (artificially propped up by fiat currency Federal Reserve buyouts, bailouts and stimulus / overnight repo) continues to rise?

How is this possible, if the United States since 2016 and even prior to that year has "the greatest economy ever"?
You, reading these words, need to comprehend how this is possible. Amid official rhetoric of "greatest economy ever".

Consider what the meaning of government-furnished economic statistics, along with presidential declarations of "strong economy", actually are.

Think long and hard about it.

Yawn 22.Apr.2020 21:29


Yes. The economy must get going now! People must go out to work to make rich corporations richer! We must help Trump and his minions and make sure everyone gets infected! That's the point, isn't it, asshole? You fuckers want to kill us all.

"You fuckers" / "Yawn" Hey SLOMO! 23.Apr.2020 00:10


you're EATING THE SAME PLATE OF SHIT we all are.

Come back here in 6 months and try the internet tough guy schtick

"People must go out to work" / "We must help Trump"

you think this is all/just about the United States?
entire global economy is in the crapper. Global oil glut (not just the U.S.)

Pull your head out of your TEAM SPORTS POLITICS-SocialMediaAddledInternetSoundbite ass for a microsecond
oh wait
you can't

lol Yawn/heyslomo has been *TRIGGERED*

"heyslomo get back to work" Here's another snarky one to suck on 23.Apr.2020 02:38


Taken from an internet forum discussion, right now, concerning the global Oil glut / production / distribution shutdown :


[QUOTE]" ... You seriously underestimate the sense of duty, not to the employer, but to the people they feed. Or maybe all the utility operators and medical workers should also stay home because loyalty to their job is "stupid". Obviously not all, but there are plenty of people who have shit jobs that keep showing up for work because they know they're needed. I'm still showing up for service calls to food places because I like my family to be able to eat and I'm not a selfish cunt or a doom squad cheerleader hiding out in a bunker collecting an unemployment check. I've seen food manufacturers doing temp checks at the front door on literally everyone coming in. Somehow I doubt that was being done in these places. The plants closing down completely is probably more from government pressure and fear of being sued than anything else.

Maybe the karens and doomers should stop telling the people keeping you lights on, your water running, your toilets flushing, your pantry full, and your grandma alive that it's retarded to leave your house for anything other than to go stand in the bread lines."

Facebook (corp media) blocks protests at states' request 23.Apr.2020 08:18


Facebook is blocking anti-quarantine protesters from using the site to organize in-person gatherings that violate states' stay-at-home orders a move that had brought an immediate backlash from conservatives including President Donald Trump's eldest son.

The spokesperson said Facebook had been instructed by those state governments that the events are prohibited under the lockdown and social distancing orders that authorities have issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier Monday, a spokesperson said that "events that defy government's guidance on social distancing aren't allowed on Facebook" and had been removed following guidance from individual states.

heyslomo - make sure everyone gets infected! 23.Apr.2020 08:42


"da virus" ought to be least of anyone's worries at this point
loss of livelihood
loss of livelihood

If they're not his voters, let em die! 26.Apr.2020 12:19