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GOP Uses Pandemic To Eliminate Political Opponents

In the same way that the 911 attacks were used to trash The U.S. Constitution and create a true police state, Trump & his minions have weaponized the Pandemic and aimed it at political "enemies". (Anyone who disagrees with the New Reich)
Hmmmm.. let's see... The government is intercepting planeloads of medical supplies, PPE's and ventilators purchased by the States at up to ten times the normal cost. The FBI is meeting Fed-X planes on the tarmac and commandeering the most needed supplies to fight Covid-19. Why? Why is Trump ignoring the pleas of the governors of the major cities that have overwhelming cases for more testing and gear? Because these metropolises are heavily Democratic areas. NY and NJ and Connecticut are hardcore Dem strongholds. Making sure they suffer heavily and blaming it on the governors 24/7 is the strategy here. They think the populations will blame the local leaders for the debacle that's unfolding instead of pointing the middle finger of fate at Donald the Gangster. And the majority victims somehow appear to be all the people the GOP can't stand to help anyway. Old folks. Old folks with pre-existing conditons. Black people and Latinos. The homeless and below poverty communities. Nursing homes where the virus spreads like wildfire among the people Trump & Minuchin would probably prefer to see dead anyway. Veteran's hospitals are hotbeds too. (and what the f*ck was that Navy aircraft carrier nightmare all about? Trump obviously didn't give a rat's ass about the health and well being of those sailors. And neither did his recently appointed Navy Chief. Trump secretly despises military personnel anyway. Thinks they're all fools deep down for joining up. He dodged the draft for Vietnam SIX TIMES!!!! Yeah- the virus seems to focus on that portion of the population most vulnerable to disease in general. Last week the British Intelligence Service MI-6 announced their solid belief that Covid-19 originated in a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China. It's a designer virus ,made to imitate a common cold or flu at first, giving the victim a false sense that all is normal. By the time you realize something quite different is at work, you are screwed. MI-6 swears it somehow exited the lab either by mistake or someone deliberately stole a sample. Wuhan is actually the site of China's bio=weapons lab. It's not a big secret. The MSM isn't going along with this story for obvious reasons. People are crazed enough right now without introducing WWIII into the picture. (The Chinese sailed an aircraft carrier into debated waters yesterday, claiming in a statement that American military power is "weak" right now. Thousands of drivers with horrible coughs lined up in NJ to get tested for Corona. Waiting in their cars for up to five hours in the rain. Only ONE PERCENT of the population has even been tested, despite the bald-faced lies Trump & Pence spout everyday on live TV. These guys are demonic to say the least. Health workers are dying like flies because the feds refuse to share the gear. "It's OURS" whimpers Kushner as doctors don garbage bags to protect themselves. It's all deliberate too. There's no other rational explanation for the complete failure of the administration to deliver a powerful battle plan to save lives. If Trump likes your governor and your state's voting habits, you will get some assistance. But if your area is opposed to Trump-dom in any conceivable way you are going to suffer. Now Trump claims he has "total control" over a state's right to decide it's own Corona course. "I have TOTAL POWER" he shouted today. What a goddamned nightmare the Trump reign has turned into. And it's getting more deadly by the minute.

Lol, rAT still Team-Sports-Politics Brainwashed by "virus pandemic" - 13.Apr.2020 23:31


did you watch the press conference today?

first off, the politics and "virus" don't matter. It won't kill more than the ALREADY EXISTING CORONAVIRUS FLU VIRUSES (PLURAL)

get the "virus", Democrats and Republicans out of your pea brain.

even Governor Cuomo (along with Governor Newsom) are pleased with the Trump Administration's medical-logistical response.

As if any of the above matters.

after the economic collapse has set in (which it is already).


no, best you, rAT, can do is mimic CNN's "Orange Man Bad" headlines here on Portland Indymedia of all places.

Head for the hospital rAT. Right now. Check yourself into a psych ward, because here in Oregon anyway the hospitals have lots of open space for lack of COVID-19 patients (and Oregon already shipped its spare Ventilators off to New York).

rAT = Pathetic.

All 50 states submitted disaster declarations and Trump approved them. 13.Apr.2020 23:44


No, Federal Reserve takeover doesn't matter :

what matters is rAT regurgitating Corporate Mass Media Trump Derangement Syndrome headlines about "Orange Man Bad", which are total lies anyway because Democrat governors of New York and California directly expressed thanks to the Trump administration

Trump administration is presently operating under U.S. Constitutionally legitimate emergency management authority with 50 state emergency powers granted by the states.

Global emergency, Yes or No rAT?

or is the "virus" just a Chinese conspiracy? Virus doesn't actually exist globally, does it rAT?

virus is a figment of everyone's imagination? Its contagiousness (as a new coronavirus, in contrast to the "old" coronaviruses previously encountered/immunized from in human population, as flu viruses) is just imaginary, yes rAT?

How else is the presidential administration supposed to respond, rAT?

Should it *deny* the application for disaster relief, by the 50 states?

No, it's all about (the bickering that has been promoted 24/7 by Corporate Mass Media) "Democrats" vs. "Republicans" vs. "Orange Man Bad" - at least that's what rAT thinks is 'important' to users of Portland Indymedia.

never mind the 16 million (and soon to be double or triple that) Americans out of work.

never mind the families, people who can't even pay their rent right now because of the state shutdowns.

never mind the Federal Reserve buying up not only the entire stock and bond markets, bailing out foreign central banks, and dollarizing the entire planet Earth with fiat currency -

no, just be concerned about petty post-Mueller report putting-out-own-hair-on-fire-with-a-hammer nonsensical Drivel Du Jour from rAT.

LOL 14.Apr.2020 09:18



Maniacal laugh from Cuckoo-For-Cocoa-Puffs rAT 14.Apr.2020 10:28


yeah dude

why do you even bother posting here? You're beyond irrelevant and mentally deranged. Go pick your nose down at Pioneer Square while giving out free hand jobs, or something (besides ****ming this site).

free speech 14.Apr.2020 15:32


Free Speech for everyone but me?

there's a well defined chasm between 'Free Speech' and IDIOCY. 14.Apr.2020 16:41



oh and of course, ****ming Corporate Mass Media talking points verbatim on to Portland Indymedia.

( I'm not asking that you be "censored" but, when the entire content of your posts consist of 1) Idiocy + 2) Corporate Mass Media talking points already too-widely distributed elsewhere, it's rather pointless, irrelevant and even offensive to bring them here )

"Free Speech" for a PDX IMC editor/workerbee who likes rAT? 15.Apr.2020 13:29


someone around here doesn't want to delete rAT Newswire posts on sight (<-- which they ought to be)

but, they want him left around (enough, at least...) to display The Crazy here for all to see. Imagine that.

and they'll delete my comments about rAT.

Keep the mentally ill away from / prevent them from posting on to Portland Indymedia is my recommendation. But don't listen to me.

p.s. "GOP" 15.Apr.2020 13:52


why in the


would anyone on Portland Indymedia care about a headline Newswire article about the "GOP" i.e. the U.S. Republican Party, as a 'topic' of discussion or subject focus?

( furthermore FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH.................... as regards Trump himself, his own GOP, RNC paid millions of $$$, in concert with Democrat opposition, to prevent him from even being the nominee of the Republican party back in mid-2016. Trump does not "represent" the Republican party in any way, shape or form and the RNC controllers would more than gladly be rid of him. But the entire topic and this detour is IRRELEVANT anyway. TRUMP **ISN'T** a "Republican" and <--they hate him. )

corporate partisan One-Party politics DO NOT MATTER and every Activist worth their salt knows this through and through.

nobody here, cares, about "GOP" or "Trump"