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General strike now!

Go to the website and start organizing.

sounds good, can you explain precisely how this would play out? 08.Apr.2020 15:49


just wondering if people are also going to cash their personal Treasury checks, all while simultaneously going out on strike
(assuming they get to keep the job from which they're currenly laid off/furloughed from)

Explanation please. Details.


Not sure 08.Apr.2020 23:03

Class war soldier.

I have never lived through a general strike before I know a lot of people are excited about it. Twitter has exploded about it over the last few days I wish Bernie Sanders would support it now that he is out of the race. I think the idea is you do not go to work until you are given the demands of safe working conditions and a union ext. Each workplace will have a different demand but solidarity with all workers to get their demands.

there is also a 'rent strike' hashtag iirc (?) 09.Apr.2020 03:01


Yeah [what you said] I don't see :
" not go to work until you are given the demands of safe working conditions and a union "

happening in today's world. In the current conditions in United States, or globally.

Your statement presumes, "demands" :
meaning that somehow workers would 'demand' something _from their employers_ / businesses / corporations for whom they work.
Businesses/companies that are themselves in immediate real threat of demise, due to the shutdown (see below)>

I would maybe ? see a rent strike, given our collective situation, perhaps ?? having more of a chance of "success" at this point, than some sort of "general strike" which targets employment and wages itself. i.e. people refusing to pay landlords rent. which in turn puts pressure on landlords and real estate ownership businesses.

That might? / would have more of a chain effect on finance and the economy as currently structured, than on revenue-generating businesses of the 70+percent service-industry-reliant U.S. economy. (Without _services_ the U.S. economy simply does not even exist) Boycotting / "general striking" a primarily service-based economy, for example the one in which people are currently reliant (amid lockdown curfew) on Takeout-ordered food, is simply not going to work long term.

I'm not trying to rain on your parade. Just trying to rationally and realistically evaluate our situation.

furthermore, I have some historical knowledge of general strikes of the past around the world, what they have entailed, the historical-economic conditions that precipitated them.

First of all, this (today) is unprecedented. Simultaneously, not only the U.S. but entire western world is in virtual economic and societal shutdown-curfew. For a duration of weeks (or months in some cases). That has never happened. Ever.

Second, people are chomping at the bit to get back to work (if, as I already mentioned, they still have a job and have not been completely laid off/let go/fired) at this point.
People in the U.S. already know, that the $1,200-per-person 'bailout' payment for individual citizens, is simply not enough for individual citizens even to be able get through the next few months.

10 million claims for unemployment were filed the last 2 weeks, in the United States alone. Absolutely unprecedented, even when compared with far back in 1929.

Workers at wage jobs, and even at salaried 'white collar' / management jobs, don't have a bargaining position in this current scenario. The companies/businesses for which they work, are themselves going to disappear.

By printing more money, the privately owned central bank of the U.S. government has enslaved not only individual citizen workers but also entire businesses and corporations (<--that is, the ones that they choose to 'bail out' / have 'selected' for survival).

We are all now slaves to the global central bank, namely the Federal Reserve.