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The Corporatis Demands Social Closenessing By Forcing People To Food-shop During Limited H

Back here, the Corporatis demands social closenessing by forcing people to food-shop during limited hours. In Northampton (MA), the 'Big Y' grocery stores are open as:

=/ Effective Thursday, March 19th all Big Y stores will reserve the hours of 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. for customers who are 60 and older or have compromised immune systems.

Regular store hours are now 8 AM to 8 PM until further notice. This will give our store teams time to conduct additional preventive sanitation and restock product on shelves. These are just some of the extra measures Big Y is taking across our entire operation to safeguard the health and well-being of our customers, our associates, and our communities. We appreciate your understanding. /=
This obviously brings us all physically closer together. More 'closeness'.

It is critical to understand that the 'neocons' and 'neolibs' are not like you and me.

There is this thing 'they' told us little about called sociopathy. Some call it 'psychopathy', or perhaps a more extreme form of narcissism. Save yourself the semantic anguish, and just consider 'sociopathy'. Through ignorance and faulty social engineering, we have brought ourselves to the point of having all these strangely unfortunate sociopaths in charge of our institutions.

Many people call them 'evil', but this is stupid. They are not 'evil'; they simply have a neurological birth defect. They have no ability to sense mercy, or guilt, or remorse. It is a birth defect that, in its extreme forms, manifests a strange 'flat' look to their eyes. They are not evil, and they are very often aware and even quite responsive to what most term 'moral values'. They more often than not are just as destructive to themselves as to their associates. they just lack any sense of morality, and this phenomenon operates at a neurological level. Morality is, at the end of the day, merely a tool. It keeps the serfs in their proper place very effectively.

Since sociopathy is a birth defect, it is akin to an illness. It is vastly more dangerous than any coronavirus. But it is driving all the wild forces that are disintegrating our lives in these times. Religion will not stop it. You will learn to deal with it. If you have any hope of survival.

(Soon I will explain the fraud of Ranked Choice Voting. It is disastrously insecure against sociopathic rigging due to extensive 'ballot editing' and 'high information traffic'.) See:

Ranked Choice Voting Is A Fraud

homepage: homepage: http://https://rankedchoicevotingisafraud.wordpress.com/

so you're more concerned about shopping hours + SSV, than 31.Mar.2020 00:32


the Federal Reserve private central bank global takeover?



That Will Not Happen 31.Mar.2020 09:21


=/ the Federal Reserve private central bank global takeover? /=

I'm rather sure that the U.S. dollar is about to 'die' as the so-called 'world reserve currency'. The 'Federal Reserve' will de facto die with it.

This will in no way be enjoyable, and for many of us, perhaps not even survivable. Actually, the coronavirus is rather likely to kill the dollar.

We had a good run... in some respects.

RE: "I'm rather sure that the U.S. dollar is about to 'die' " 31.Mar.2020 19:16



( some experts also agree with that assessment ... No one can agree, though, on exactly _when_ total global collapse of the dollar currency as the primary world reserve currency will occur )

When a global currency collapse DOES occur, however, voting/voting methods are going to be the least of our collective concerns.

further to Global currency collapse 31.Mar.2020 19:26


the global industrialized-world economy has had 4 decades of pseudo-"growth" fueled by Wall Street and central bank unlimited resources with zero oversight. i.e. the Derivative ($230 trillion of <--which are held by 5 biggest WS banks), futures, and non-Real Economy based Financialized assets which exist only on a computer screen/in a computer memory bank.

This illusory "economy" which has been and continues to be entirely fueled by debt-based fiat currency has solely benefited a top 1% of the global population, while the rest of the world's human beings have subsisted on the Real Economy, its GDP and stagnant wages for 4 decades.

it is about time for a true global reset. Nation states will be destroyed, however in the ensuing reset/collapse, along with many human lives.