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Fear is the mindkiller

Fear is a natural emotion to feel now. It is hard to keep this powerful emotion in perspective. Only if you can feel the fear, let it pass and let reason return can you do anything good, effective or important.
We only have one chance in this world. What you and others do becomes the reality you and others will have to live through tomorrow. In past times, like 9/11, people lost their minds with fear, turned on their values and allowed two wars to happen. If we aren't brave now, the same will happen from the coronavirus epidemic.

This is a critical time. Fear destroys your ability to think logically and competently. We are here from the fear of people in our past, the fear of politicians to stand up for what's right, the fear of the public who is whipped into frenzies from the corporate media and the fear in our own hearts.

It said on the grave of Jim Jones, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." The past is repeating now. What humanity didn't learn in the aftermath of 9/11 is revisiting us now.

We create the state of the world. It's our individual actions, both good and well planned ones and weak and poorly thought ones that determine our future. Nothing "just happens." Today consider your own feelings and reactions to this crisis. They aren't pleasant, but they must be dealt with. The route to a livable future depends on how respond today.


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we have nothing to fear but fear itself

Freedom from fear is just that : true freedom.