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Passenger Air Traffic Has Ground To A Halt- But Chemtrail Sprayers Are Still Hard At Work

Keep those viruses coming down!
Taken Today in So. California- Notice HAARP patterns- (cough-cough)
Taken Today in So. California- Notice HAARP patterns- (cough-cough)
It's a BIRD! It's a PLANE! It's AGENDA 21 out to KILL US ALL.

it's a Plane, and those are Contrails rAT. 22.Mar.2020 14:14



an Agenda 21-burger for rAT's consumption 22.Mar.2020 14:33

22.Mar.2020 13:51

Financial Expert: Central Banks Fostering Global Collapse By Design

^ they're talking about Agenda 21 !111!1!!!! in this vid, rAT!

one thing I've definitely noticed about rAT since 2016 timeframe : 22.Mar.2020 15:00


1. the "Mueller investigation" is dead and buried, so he no longer rants about it

2. Federal Reserve takes over the planet (this week March 2020), not a peep from rAT

3. Trump's 3-year stock market hyperbubble erased in 3 weeks (via a deliberate "virus crisis" propogated by Federal Reserve), not a peep from rAT

4. now that it REALLY AND TRULY doesn't even matter who is in the White House, rAT is no longer ranting about Trump because there is no "anti Trump"-fuel for <--that fire any more so rAT literally has nothing to backflip-drool about

5. rAT has absolutely zero relevance any more on this site. about 15-20 years ago he posted some semi-relevant items regarding 9/11; but even <---That event has now been dwarfed by the market collapses and Federal Reserve complete takeover of recent weeks.
He is reduced to Agenda 21 and "chemtrails" postings.
Get rid of rAT.

Fuck You Cointelpro 23.Mar.2020 09:42


Eat shit and die

Try reading a BOOK once in a while 23.Mar.2020 09:51


If you can read at all

lol Nice one, i'm "cointelpro" now 23.Mar.2020 12:30


rAT I kick your rodent a** in so many ways from Sunday your peanut 'mind' (? has one?? ...) is reeling

get the feeling

people don't think that atmospheric jet engine exhaust condensation trails be like they are, but they do

rAT if u _SRSLY_ think *I* am Cointelpro, just lock Yrslf up. Now.

Your Ass 23.Mar.2020 16:40


The only ass you regularly kick is your OWN!

rave on 24.Mar.2020 09:44


rave on

chemtrails, black helicopters, Agenda 21 is so '90s 28.Mar.2020 23:44

get with the times

holy **** you think

that someone who owns-operates an iPhone is going to pay attention for your 2-decade outdated Geocities-website looney bin flat earth conspiracy garbage

Let alone that rAT might think it has any actual relevance whatsoever to what the Federal Reserve is doing in March 2020

but then again rAT absolutely doesn't reside in everyday reality, but rather on Star Trek (or whatever/wherever.....)