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Financial Expert: Central Banks Fostering Global Collapse By Design


In this powerful interview, Spiro Skouras is joined by long time financial expert Gregory Mannarino, to discuss the economic impact of the global health pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.

Who stands to benefit from this crisis? Is there more to the official story than we are being told?

Find out why both Mannarino and Spiro believe this crisis is being fostered to trigger the largest financial collapse the world has ever seen.

Financial Expert: Central Banks Fostering Global Collapse By Design.

marketreport (72)in #bitcoin 6 hours ago

video interview :
(43:56)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P33HS9D8Grs


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CBDCs: Federal Reserve To Implement Global Debt-Based Blockchain Money Unit 22.Mar.2020 14:35

author: Reuters-Finextra

CBDCs: Central Banks/Federal Reserve To Implement Global Debt-Based Blockchain Money Unit


CBDCs are traditional money, but in digital form; issued and governed by a country's central bank. By contrast, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are produced by solving complex maths puzzles, and governed by disparate online communities instead of a centralised body.

The common denominator is that both cryptocurrencies and CBDCs, to a varying degree, are based on blockchain technology, a digital ledger that allows transactions to be recorded and accessed in real time by multiple parties.

Central banks recognize digital money may be an improvement over physical money, but a central bank designed digital currency will not resemble a decentralized cryptocurrency. While some retailers accept bitcoin as a form of payment, cryptocurrencies are not recognised as legal tender - which CBDCs, by definition, would be.

And unlike central bank money, both traditional and digital, the value of cryptocurrencies is determined entirely by the market, and not influenced by factors such as monetary policy or trade surpluses.

Privately owned central banks want a single global blockchain electronic currency unit which is debt-based and under their central control. The ability to issue and control unlimited quantities of debt-based currency is what keeps the central banks (Federal Reserve) vastly more powerful than governments and entire economies.