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Politics no longer matters.

lol, are you gonna get on here and rant / rave / organize about "running Nazis outta PDX", 'Black Lives Matter', bumper sticker latte sipping yard sign virtue signaling?

how hip you are with your TrumpHate tweets that are 'blows against the Orange empire'?

the Federal Reserve owns your hiney. OWNS it.

Nobody gives a flying ***K about your ideological parsimonies or proclivities with your little retarded AntiFa PortlandStateUniv professor 'White Nationalist' theoretical navelgazing Conspiracy Theories. ( Yeah I'm talking about SAINT DUMBASS of Portland AntiFa Brain Trust )

unlike the small percentage of Occupy 2011 participants (who called attention to fiat currency central banks like the Federal Reserve) though, you were lulled by post-1970s Identity Politics. a BLM bumper sticker was much more important to have emblazoned on your skateboard. "Smash WNs" is your banner.
Now whatcha gonna do? "racist!!!!" rant more about Trump (who is just as in-league with the Federal Reserve and its long term goals as was Obama, and Bush before him)?

--> You, black clad implement wielding helmet-goggle mask wearer, are PROPERTY OF the Federal Reserve and its U.S. dollar fiat currency.

Doesn't matter even if you're a U.S. citizen anymore because: The Fed just bailed out _all_ the global central banks.

so if you're reading this, and not a U.S. citizen congratulations because YOU HAVE BEEN ABSORBED.

when is _anyone_ going to stand up and fight against, RESIST the Financialized enemy? _ANYONE_ at all?