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2020 Collapse: Greater Catastrophe Than 9/11 and October 1929 Multiplied By <--EACH OTHER

hi everyone. Hope you're doing well in the New World Order.

the Federal Reserve has now taken over Planet Earth.

They have just this week instituted plans to buy up the corporate debt of overleveraged, indebted corporations that have spent the last decade and more buying back their own indebted stock (in addition to all the Trillion-Dollar-Per-Day of debt-fiat-currency-printed-on-a-digital-screen bailouts, overnight repos for WS banks, propping up the short end of the bond market yield curve in order to make it look as though the financial markets aren't overleveraged etc. etc. ad $$Trillion-infinitum). They've also sent Trillions of dollars in liquidity / capital injections to other global central banks (BoE, ECB, BoJ).

the Fed will remain in control until the complete collapse / and-or hyperinflationary disapperance of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve.
One of the finest movement strains, to emerge during the 2011 Occupy uprising was the segment of it that called attention to the Federal Reserve (as well as other major global central banks and its chokehold not only on all of America but the entire world economy.

One of the finest things about Indymedia was its roots in the *CLASS STRUGGLE* of Seattle 1999 vs. WTO corporate slavemasters.

back to your regularly scheduled irrelevant Black Lives Matter virtue signaling / toilet paper hoarding etc.


oh and Btw ( if you're going to attempt getting Ideological / 'political' ) 20.Mar.2020 20:03


Century Of Enslavement: The History Of The Federal Reserve




Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary

Independent POV
Published on Nov 4, 2014

This is film about the power of central banks.

Economist Richard Werner's book 'Princes of the Yen' was a number one general bestseller in Japan in 2001. The book covers the monetary policy of the Bank of Japan specifically and central bank informal guidance of bank credit in general.

The Japanese version of 'Princes of the Yen' was released in 2001 and the English version in 2003. The film itself is 80% based on this book, but also contains additional research and sources, including discussion of contemporary EU monetary policy.

Richard Werner  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Werner has viewed and approved this documentary rendition of his work.

it's about CENTRAL BANKS, not latte-drinking bumper stickered 'BLM'

Princes of the Yen documentary PDX IMC link 20.Mar.2020 20:23

author: Independent POV

Princes of the Yen: Japan Central Bank Documentary