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For how long have I warned that the Fed's final solution is to OWN IT ALL. To be the lender and buyer of last resort? Well it is in FULL SWING right now.. unfolding at unprecedented speed. Moreover, the Fed. is supplying TRILLIONS to other world central banks to buy assets.. THIS IS A GLOBAL TAKEOVER.. A completely NEW structure yes, BUT I TOLD YOU ALL THIS WAS COMING...

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The New America Will Sweep The Globe. By Gregory Mannarino

marketreport (72)in #government 1 hour ago (edited)

The New America will require the Fed. to exponentially INFLATE its balance sheet as it buys industries, corporations, and funnels cash to other world central banks. ALL BY DESIGN. Then VERY rapidly they will usher in a NEW SINGLE WORLD MODE OF TRANSACTION... be ready. The New America will sweep the globe... Centuries in the planning.

Bring the people to their knees then offer them a solution. A governments purpose IS NOT to support its people.. A governments purpose is to SURVIVE.. even at the cost of millions of the lives of whom are governed... The New America is just the beginning... GM


CRITICAL UPDATES: A New Government And Market Structure Is Well Under Way.