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Agenda 21 and the Coronavirus

Is The United Nations and The World Health Organization's master plan for depopulating Earth taking a deadly turn?
It's all so
It's all so "GREEN"
Agenda 21 refers to the Twenty-first Century and the plans of the Global Elite to depopulate the planet and replace civilization with a "One World" order. This isn't some crazed right-wing conspiracy theory either, though some media crazies have used it as a platform for their own apocalyptic fantasies. Hiding behind terms like "Ecological Sustainability" and "Fighting Climate Change", the U.N. and it's proxies like The World Health Organization cobbled this "Agenda" along with most of the Western World and their Third World satellites. Moving populations out of rural areas into cities is big on the list, with huge areas of nations "left to nature". Bill Gates is big on this. He wants to vaccinate everyone everywhere against everything. Chemtrails are another major program. Designed to aid the military and control weather patterns, the aerosol contamination of our very air with nano-particle poisons and the ionization of the upper atmosphere are the true cause of global warming. They want to melt the icecaps at both poles in order to mine the riches in oil and minerals beneath the ice sheets. The Northwest Passage has been a dream throughout history, and Antarctica's riches are unfathomable. How about all those prescription drugs you see advertised on TV? 99% percent of them warn you of the "side effects" and they're all deadly. Cancer, Heart Attacks, Blindness, Tuberculosis and Death. But people risk them all just for clearer skin or some other vain desire. So what's the deal on Coronavirus and Donald Trump's steadfast refusal to deal with the situation in any meaningful way. No need to go on about what a total asshole Trump has been and always will be. Every news anchor outside of FAUX has finally seen the light as Trump & Co. lie to the public every single day about how he's "taking care of business" and fighting the scourge in every way. It's all bullshit. Hospitals are turning away patients with severe symptoms because there are no masks or gowns or gloves for the medical staffs, dozens of which are becoming infected every day as they try to help victims. The idiots in charge swear "millions" of masks, respirators and ventilators are on the way. A minute later he says the "feds are not shipping clerks". In other words: "GET FUCKED!" How did this virus infect the entire planet? It's like Space Aliens attacked us on a massive scale. (That's another theory gaining popularity by the way). Yesterday The Trumpoid blamed China for causing the pandemic because they waited "too long" to react. There's a little bit of truth there. China did arrest the doctor who first sounded the alarm. (He later died of Corona), but the virulence of this bug was unknown in the early days. But how did it spread so quickly throughout every country on the planet except the Antarctic? China and Russia both claim the United States released the virus from a biological warfare lab in North Carolina. WTF? Why would the gang at Agenda 21 infect their own nations with something so deadly? To depopulate their own countries? Well, that's pretty much the agenda of Agenda 21. The virus behaves exactly as a virus designed to "thin the herd" should. Most just get a bit ill. Like the Flu. But around 20% are hospitalized and if you need to be on a ventilator to breathe your chances of survival are an even 50-50 according to the latest data. A perfectly configured virus that masks the fatal components under a guise of "just feels like a cold at first". Science Fiction writers couldn't imagine a more devious and deadly enemy of mankind. Some think the virus IS from Outer Space and slipped back in on the Shuttle somehow. Bio-war labs certainly do exist in the USA, China and Russia. The US refused to sign any treaties banning them, once again setting a great example for the rest of the world. Plus you can't rule out the fascist tendencies and makeup of Donald trump- a complete authoritarian with no true Democratic qualities at all. His almost Satanic aura and uncontrollable lying puts him in the company of history's worst leaders. He's the untainted embodiment of someone evil enough to promote this thing to it's horrible conclusion. For all we know there IS a vaccine or a cure, and the elite have it for themselves. Note how professional athletes and celebrities have somehow managed to get a Coronavirus test when Joe Blow and his seven kids can't. Soooo America! The scum that brought down the Twin Towers on 911 were just preparing the way for today's insanity: The streets and businesses of almost the whole world have become empty, lonely fields of fear. Aliens couldn't have done a better job. And all these "experts" constantly contradicting each other is no mistake either. Misinfo and Disinfo rule the day. I actually heard Sanjay Gupta, NBC's top Doc, say that "Wearing a mask can actually increase your chances of contagion". I'll leave it at that.

cnn 24.Mar.2020 09:50


Gupta is from CNN but he's quoted on MSNBC a lot lately